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The first day of school had some hiccups but we managed to get through it.  Today is the second day and it has blown up in my face.  Nothing is working out with this new curriculum.  I thought my daughter could handle a little more, and she helped pick things out, but it isn't working.  I want to just throw out everything.  I need to rework things and I don't know how.

We have:

PE - daily

Spelling - daily

Math - 3 times a week

Typing - 3 times a week

Language arts - daily

Science - 3 times a week

History - daily

Art - 3 times a week

Music - 2 times a week

Geography - daily

Phonics - 2 times a week

Health - 2 times a week

With my almost 11 mo, this is going to be a HUGE challenge.  I'm already starting to think of cutting out the "fun" classes, because it takes her so long to get done with everything else.  Read 5 pages and answer 3 questions, takes an hour, or she will complain she can't find the answer.  I really don't know what I should do.


This is our new schedule:

Week 1

Math- Work book MWRF   and Khan Academy T

Phonics- Workbook TR     

Typing- Daily

Art- Reading and art TR

Week 2

Science- Reading M   Videos TR   Exercises W   Experiments F

Story of the World- Reading MTWRF

Health- Reading  T  Workbook R 

Music- Instrument  T   Composer R



Spelling Daily - Unless not a full week

Language arts - Unless not a full week

Social Studies

(R= Thursday)

So far this has worked.  I've reworked spelling and science to make it more interesting for my daughter and added Khan Academy because she was having a few problems in Math that it has helped with.  Thank you all for ideas and helping me.

by on Aug. 23, 2011 at 2:44 PM
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by on Sep. 5, 2011 at 11:44 AM
I'm coming into this thread late but I understand completely how you feel!

I barely get the basics math, spelling, reading, phonics down. We do not do anything else. We go places and have Fun but we never get to science projects or other things. My 11yr old has a learning disability (long and short term memory retention issues) and though he has greatly improved over the years he takes a very long time to just get the minimum done. My 9 year old is on the Autism spectrum and is dyslexic as well. Nothing seems to get retained unless it's of interest to him (animal planet, myth busters, atomic bombs, military, etc) so we are barely at a 1st grade reading level. Every year I try to move up a grade with him with no success. He is doing fairly well in Math at this point thankfully. My 7yr old on the other hand breezes through things but still misses out because of the time I must put into the others. I work full time as well and most of the time feel like I am completely stuck. Public school was a disaster for the older boys, I could not get them the help they needed and still can't if I out them back in. I know with my work schedule and life's chaos I am unable to give my kids all they need but I really feel at this point I have no choice but to keep trucking along and hope things turn around. Today is our first day this school year and I'm still on child one at noon. When I see everyone posting about all these other activities they get to do with their kids I can't help but feel like a slacker. Sorry my post kind of went off topic and long winded....Just wanted to let you know I understand how frustrating it is when nothing goes as you had hoped and planned ;( ( hugs)))
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