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I went to public school, and I turned out just fine...

Posted by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 11:36 AM
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 I did!  I got mostly A's, was a model student, and a total teacher pleaser.  I did my homework, lab work, and helped my friends with their work.  I am the only reason my boyfriend at the time even graduated highschool. (And then found out he got another girl pregnant because I didn't "put out").

That being said, would I want that same experience for my kids?  N.O. 

Even at the young age of 12, I was doing things that shouldn't be done by a 12 year old.  I didn't always make good decisions.  I was just really good at not getting caught, and smart enough to get good grades so everyone thought I was an angel.  :)  Looking back at my middle and high school years, I absolutely want to DIE thinking that could be my daughter.  The teacher's didn't care about me, all they cared about was that I was where I should be, when I should be. 

I was friends with almost everyone, which gave me a good view of how MEAN people are!  There are always bullies, sex, drugs, etc in school.  And yes, I realize that my kid will face those things eventually.  The key word being EVENTUALLY.  AFTER (hopefully) I have had a chance to sit down with them and talk about those things.  When they are mature enough to understand them and why they are wrong (or in what cases they are not wrong). 

My neighbors kids are 5 and 8.  They have been "in love" with TV stars from an early age, kissing and practically humping pictures and a beach towel with their picture on it.  There is NO reason my kid needs to act that way.  The mom takes pride in the fact that her 5 year old daughter "has 8 boyfriends" and is "in love" with several movie stars, egging her on, asking her to name them.  The little girl gets a dreamy look and makes kissy faces.  My daughter has no idea about that stuff.  Heck, she has never even seen High School Musical, much less wants to kiss "Troy". 

So yes, I did go to public school.  Yes, I did turn out "just fine".  But do I want that for my kids?  Not if I can help it. 

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by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 11:36 AM
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by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 11:43 AM

I am with you!  I only went to public school for 9-12 (and 2nd)... private pre-K-1 and again for 3-7, homeschool for 8th.  I turned out great... not because of my schooling though but because of my parents.  Even when I was in "traditional" school, my parents extended it with home things and my mom homeschooled that year (extenuating circumstances prevented it more than that year)! I want better  for my kids than the incredible childhood I had... I am not sure its possible to do that with how great my experiences were but I am certainly going to try! I think that SHOULD be the goal for all parents!

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 11:56 AM

 same here boobah, but i dont want it for my kids!!! my biggest problem was how the bullies were towards other kids, i hated that! and all the peer pressure how you had to do it this way or wear this or..................................

dumb! i want my kids to think for themselves!

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 12:01 PM

 I went to ps from K-12th. I am also an older mom. I started K. in the very later 60's and yes, there were bullies here, but they were the minority. The nice/well-behaved kids were the majority. Now 40 years later, its totally flipped in the opposite direction here. Your neighbors sound like a younger (she's now around 30) mom  that we encountered about four years ago. She would let her two daughters (who were 4 & 6) watch totally inappropriate tv shows (sexually suggestive--meant for 13 and on up--which I don't think 13 year olds need to be viewing-LOL.....but that is a different post), her behavior in front of her children was inappropriate(using the F-word every other word among other things -in front of her children) and finding it amusing that her oldest DD would try to strike a "sexy" pose. And I'm in no way a prude but sheesh........ I was shocked at the way that she would act in front of them. Needless to say, we did not hang around with this family more than 2-3 times. It really sucked though because I felt bad for the kids, they were pretty nice and my DD liked playing with them. We stopped hanging out with them and she came up pregnant by some guy that she knew while still married to her husband. Totally unbelievable.

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 12:09 PM

 You know that is an argument that people have used with me the "public school was good enough for me! It is good enough for my kids!"  I don't get the good enough part, don't you want better for them than what you got?

I left the public school system at the age of 15 & unbenounced to my parents they unschooled me, only looking back now do they see what they did for me was the best thing they could have done! Now I see the world the way that all people should it, not thru the tinted glasses that the public schools force us to were.

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 3:03 PM

I'm glad I'm not alone!  I get so tired of hearing the "I turned out fine" line.  I also rode on my mom's lap in the car when I was a baby.  Is that okay because I turned out fine?  No?  LOL  

Like someone else said above, why don't you want *better* than what you had for your kids?  Why is it just good enough?  IDK why my aunt is always the one to try to knock me down, when she was the one I always looked up to when I was little.  She belittles every decision I make for my girls, because it's not what her daughters do with their kids, or what she did.  Why do I have to be like you?  Your daughters were all promiscuious when they were younger, and have a variety of emotional issues.  So YES, let me do exactly what you did!  Hooray!

Sorry, I'm feeling sarcastic today.  :)

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 3:04 PM
Very well said!
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by Bronze Member on Sep. 1, 2011 at 3:44 PM

I got a hell of an education at public school, and let me tell you, most of what I learned was not fit subject matter for the gutter to discuss. I have no intention of sheltering my kids from reality, but there are parts of humanity they can get along well without knowing intimately. The "I turned out fine" argument troubles me, generally. I usually wonder why the person tries so desperately to convince me that they did indeed turn out "fine."

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 8:21 PM

 Same here!  Don't get me wrong, I loved high school, and had a lot of fun.

But there are things about it that I don't want my kids to ever experience.  Like having to evacuate the building during a bomb threat.  Having to go on lock down because some kid brought a gun to school.  Rival gangs having an all out fight in the cafeteria...

And I went to a good school!

And yes, I turned out fine.

But I want my kids to turn out great!

by on Sep. 1, 2011 at 11:51 PM

I was the same way! I got good grades and was really good at not getting caught so everyone thought I was such an angel! I really did love my school experiences. The other day at my nephew's football game I found myself thinking of all the things i loved that my girls will miss, Friday night football games, pep rally's and being a part of a school with school colors and a mascot and the whole nine yards. And yes all those things were fun, but in nooooooo way is all that stuff worth all the other things they would be exposed to in P.S. or the lack of education I feel they would get. My girls are hyper and energertic and would hate for their school experiences to be ruined by teachers who can't handle their energy. And I agree with you, kids are wayy too "mature" in a not good way these days. I know my kids need to learn about the birds and the bees but not at 4 years old! I believe in keeping kids naive just a little bit longer.

I too hate the whole "I turned out just fine" argument. I've heard it for soo many other things too. Well hey guess what... tons of people smoke their whole life and don't get cancer, but does that mean I won't get it if I decide to start smoking?! umm no!

by on Sep. 2, 2011 at 12:17 AM

Same here.. I was doing way too much, way too soon! I had good grades so no one really thought of me as "that kind of kid" & I was sort of shy -- so even more so "oh shes so shy, she must be innocent".. I do not want my kid to go through the things I did at the same age.. At age 10 I was leading a 16yo life pretty much. But some of it has to do with the fact my parents where very relaxed, so even though school can play a big part, parents & home life play an even bigger part...

I may seem "just fine".. but dont ask me about history or science.. or spanish (took 2 yrs)..

Another thing that gets me is everything is based on grades. Parents trust the grade their kid brings home.. No one wants to think they cheated their way through it all (I dont know spanish after 2 yrs somehow!!) & I think teachers let it slip more often now than back in the day because hey! If cheating gets them the grade they want, and their good grades = I am a good teacher = better pay... Id be crazy for stopping the kid!

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