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Homeschooling with a newborn...

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Give me some tips. Baby will only be about 2-3 months before we begin next fall and I'm a little worried!
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by on Oct. 10, 2011 at 10:01 PM
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by on Oct. 11, 2011 at 9:54 AM

I will definitely be baby wearing!  I'm already planning out my carriers!  haha  I think that since it is my third, it will (HOPEFULLY) be a little easier.  *knocks on wood*  I'm not as organized as I seem!  But I do try!

Quoting mjp2707:

She has 2 girls 6 ( I believe) and 2 ! Nikki this is one of my biggest fears about homeschooling . How can I give 3 young kids the education they deserve. Will I be stretched to thin. You seem to be so orginized so I'm sure you can do it. Did you wear the other girls. It would seem like baby wearing would be a life saver

Quoting usmom3:

 I haven't done it, when I started homeschooling my youngest was 9mo & we deschooled for the first 6mo, so I didn't try to really do anything school like until I was dealing with a 15mo old.

I have a few friends that homeschool & have had babies in the past 2 years & both of them struggled to get back on track so I do know it can be hard. I don't know how much preplaning they did, I think it was hard for them because one had 3 kids before the baby & the other one had 2, if you only have one right now adding baby might not be so bad especially if your child is over 5.

by on Oct. 11, 2011 at 9:57 AM

Thank you, I knew I could count on you to make me feel better.  LOL

I know I can kind of... relax on some of the subjects so that is good.  Although in all honesty, our day only takes 2-3 hours right now, and some of that time is her doing her own work.  So, although I am scared to death, I think we will be okay if we just keep doing what we are doing.  The Charlotte Mason approach seems to be very conducive to large families.  Hooray!  We don't do much bookwork, except Math.  So that makes it easier.

Quoting oredeb:

 oh those are good ages, your 7 yr old can help with the 3 year old while your getting your bearings! she doesnt have to be doing workbooks or worksheets etc to be learning! just keeping 3 yr old busy is very educational!

i always had a baby when i homeschooled those first 4 years when my oldest was ready for phonics, i used one of those tie scarves and kept the baby in front of me, that helped a lot! also used a playpen, big help! i dont know if they make those anymore!hahahaha

and i know boobah you will be ok! your a planner!

your oldest one can do workbook stuff review etc for a month or so, and your 3 yr old can play around etc!

i did lots of reading to them, it calmed them all down when needed

you can really wait and do nothing (your children will still be learning) till baby is older even! letting them help with the baby! home ec!hahahah the older one can read to younger and even show her how to do things, teach her numbers, colors, etc!

by on Oct. 11, 2011 at 9:58 AM

Wow, that is a lot!  It makes me feel bad for worrying about mine when I have 4 and 3 year gaps!  LOL  

Quoting blackraven935:

 Oiy. My oldest is 3 and I homeschool her. My second is being potty trained and he is 19 months old. And my third I just had about 6 weeks ago. Also my husband works long hours (currently about 14 hours a day) and is sometimes deployed. I dont just sit and homeschool at the same time everyday. But right now my daughter is young. But we have no set schedule. Just henever, and hen I need to take care of the baby, I give my daughter things she can do herself. Usually about the time I put my 19 month old down for a nap. 

by on Oct. 11, 2011 at 1:31 PM

 I also make reat use of my computer like MEM does. I can breastfeed while lesson planning, activity searching, (halloween is our big subject and i use ghosts and witches and such for like countin (math) and I make alot of my on papers for my daughter to trace her letters (like happy halloween) with a picture to color and then I will take the best one and let her glue it to construction paper for a backin and mail it to grandma like a halloween card. I make counting pages so she has to count the number of ghosts or bats in a box, and there are 8 different boxes and the numbers 1-10 in little boxes on the bottom. She traces the numbers, colors the little pictures, cut out the numbers. lays them out riht side up, counts the bats, then matches the traced number up with the box of bats and glues it on.) i did the same as a farm theme a few weeks ago. My wall is still covered in different farm animal pictures she got to color to add to the all that we built a huge barn out of construction paper and taped it to the wall. So I make  lot of my own pages in word document if I cannot find exactly what I want so i can get what i want. I also make great use of youtube videos. Nursing my baby is my sit on my butt time. And thins my dauhter needs help ith i save for hen I can sit down with her. And I use a bunch of everyday life as a way of teachin. Like cookin in the kitchen countin cups of flour or eggs we need.

wow, I just rambled on, didnt i.....well, my point was that you can figure out what works for you and your family and do certain things at certain times. Its all just figuring it out.

by on Oct. 12, 2011 at 7:21 PM
To be honest I miss homeschooling with a newborn. We started when my youngest was first born and it was amazing...he slept a lot and was all around a great, easy going baby and we got so much done!! I'm sending you those awesome vibes! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
by on Oct. 12, 2011 at 8:00 PM

My son was born a month after we started school.  We took about a month off to get used to having another one in the house.  Then we would work when he was napping.  Also if you wear the baby it will keep your hands free.  It was challanging, but we made it.  Now I'm trying to teach with a 1 yo.

by on Oct. 12, 2011 at 9:20 PM
Keep sending them! :)

See, I have never done well at nursing anywhere other than upright with a boppy. And I've nursed two kids (dd1 for 10 months, dd2 for 23 months) idk why I can't! I finally figured out how to nurse laying down with dd2, but I wasn't really good at it. Lol

Praying this baby is the most awesome nurser and sleeper yet!

Quoting AbundanceMagnet:

To be honest I miss homeschooling with a newborn. We started when my youngest was first born and it was amazing...he slept a lot and was all around a great, easy going baby and we got so much done!! I'm sending you those awesome vibes! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
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by on Oct. 14, 2011 at 11:35 PM

I havent read the responses, but I prayed a lot on homeschooling my 6th grader before I began.
 We literally moved our whole household, pulled daughter out of public school, and were expecting our 7th baby all within a few months time. But I REALLY felt like God had lined everything up to provide the perfect opportunity to use me!

These would be my tips.
1.) First of all- is this your first time homeschooling?
Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not they are already in school or not. If she is 6 now and only had 1-2 yrs of school via public school (K and 1st grade) then you may or may not need to un-school (get her used to a different way of learning).
I had to un-school Abigail since she had 7 years of public school under her belt and she had a lot of changes happening within herself at that time, so we literally took a few months off to get used to the idea of homeschooling and reforming our relationship. Again LOTS of prayer there.

2.) Have you chosen what type of curriculum you are doing? We chose My Father's world only because it had a LOT of books involved we could use for most of my kids (not just Abigail), it was cheaper, and it came with a daily schedule and teacher's manual of what to do each day. I REALLY need that. I was very pregnant, and in the last month of pregnancy (last April/May) I started having complications that interrupted our schedule forcing me to basicly bring along some of our studies to my appointments twice a week. Simply have a book bag and take along their books and or workbooks for your waiting periods. If you like, you can just do a few subjects at a time and then as you get acclimated, add a few more.

3.) Remember WHY you are homeschooling! The MAIN point is to teach your child information in the best way they can absorb it! If that is laying on their belly, going to museums, playing games- then so be it!

4.) Prepare to have a lot of interuptions. Expect to take at LEAST the first 6 weeks off to concentrate on your new baby. I cannot stress this enough. If you want to follow the school year with the public school that is fine- maybe you can stretch out a few more days into the summer or do what we do- double up on activities when they are really focused and thirsty to keep learning. You are going to have great days and not-so-great days. Sometimes you might only get some reading and writing done and intro to math... that's okay. Other days might be totally shot... that's okay too. Again, just remember that school doesnt have to be an 8-2 day. Learning happens at any time! Use everything as a learning opportunity.

I had a rough recouperation time after I had Justus. I ABSOLUTELY needed those 6 weeks,especially since Im exclusively breastfeeding. You have small kids and they will need lots of stretching time and breaks, the younger ones will want you right when you are in the middle of explaining something. Even now as Justus is 5 mos old, I will just have one of my girls bring him to be and I'll nurse him as I explain the teaching subject. In the middle my 2 yr old wants to show me something or grabs a pen off the table, etc... it's definitely a day filled with a lot of interuptions. 

But you can fill your assignments with lots of interactive activities she can do on her own. practicing letters, counting things, even online games!! OMG, there are a TON!

You can do it! It's the best thing I ever did! I homeschool my 12 and 11 yr old this year and today was a teacher inservice day for my 3 who go to public school so we had a VERY full classroom at home! :D (I homeschool my middleschoolers because they have different needs than my younger ones and they are getting lots of great care at their public school at the moment).


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