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And I am trying to tell myself how this is the right choice. Actually, I know it is. But I still can't get the thought out of my head that it would be so nice to have her in private school next year while I adjust to the baby. so I keep telling myself I'll have to get up early, get me and all 3 kids ready to take her to school, and then pick her up.

I know I'm not going to do it, but I guess I'm just scared of how things are going to go when baby gets here. I'm already doing the bare minimum with how exhausted and sick I've been during this pregnancy.
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by on Dec. 19, 2011 at 9:09 AM
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by on Dec. 19, 2011 at 11:09 AM
Yes, I'm due June 4 so baby could come anytime around then. And then be about 2 months when we start back. I'm praying so hard for an easy baby. Lol

Quoting mem82:

Nikki is three months, now, and I can promise you, it does get easier! LOL You'll have the baby right before summer, right? Take that summer to let everyone get adjusted and just about the time the 'fourth trimester' is over, you'll be ready to go. Somedays, I do feel swamped, but those days get less and less as she gets older. Also, maybe you can sign up for some online things to supplement what you actually have to teach? Or look on Amazon for used DVDs/CDroms? That way you can feel like you aren't 'wasting' time while you get adjusted.


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by on Dec. 19, 2011 at 11:25 AM

 boobah, have you sat down and talked to your dh about it?

by on Dec. 19, 2011 at 11:27 AM

I'm sorry, I can sense the disappointment in your post. My heart goes out to you. You have put so much pressure on yourself...... I have been there too. Not a great feeling. :(

I think you will find that you will get more done when the baby comes than you are now. At least that is what I found to be the case.  You can have her sit with you, even now, on the sofa & do her math or whatever learning she wants to. If she wants to learn something, let her. You can guide her, but let her soar in her way. you may be 'holding her back' from book learning, but she can learn so much more from daily life that no book can teach. I think its a mentality that we homeschool moms get into -- if the books didn't get opened, they didn't learn. That's not true. She has been learning since birth -- how to talk, dress herself, brush her to care for her pets, how to run a home and be a mom, how to decide between healthy and unhealthy food choices, how to build a fort in her bedroom -- that is all learning and all things she has learned on her own, with your guidance. How did you learn to cook? From a book? ( well maybe a cookbook! HA! ) No book can teach you how, you may have watched your mom or she may have shown you a few things. How did you learn how to budget for your groceries and make a menu & grocery list? No book, but trial and error and maybe a few suggestions from others. Does that make sense? She is learning so much more than you realize -- we put learning in a box and then we end up feeling 'we hold them back.' If we let them show us what they want to learn, what they are interested and how they want to learn it, they will.

In the meantime, while you are working through those first few weeks and months of a new baby, do what you can. sitting with her and just reading to her, and her to you, will be a HUGE blessing to her. You can add in math & language as you can and maybe just do science and history once a week for now. ( we like to read real books about history and science as oppose to a textbook ) It doesnt all need to get done every day. You are guiding her, it doesnt need to be sitting at a table with books and pencils for 5 hours a day -- again, that is the school system.

 You said she is a bright child, let her learn then -- on her own, at her own pace. If she wants to run ahead of the game, she will. She will indeed come to you, as you are nursing or resting on the couch, and ask -- hey, mom, can you show me how to do this -- and you will show her. We as moms don't have to hover over them for them to learn something. We are the works so much better that way and less pressure on us.

Hugs to you!!

Quoting Boobah:

It's not that I have anyone else telling me what I should do. It is me. I have this huge guilt when I don't get things done or we are behind, it is really hard to let go of it. I just feel like she is SUCH a smart kid and has such potential, she could be way further than we are, but I've had to "hold her back" because of my issues.

Hubby is so supportive, and I know he understands how I feel right now, but I can see the disappointment in his face when dd says we didn't do math or whatever that day. I'm disappointed too. And she wants to learn so bad.

I am frustrated because we were really rockin it before I got pregnant. We were way ahead, and doing all subjects every day. Now we might get reading, math, and spelling done on a good day. Some days just reading. Occasionally I'll hit science and history. I don't want this to sound bad, because I'm happy we are having a new little one, but it wasn't planned. And I'm not sure we would have chosen HS if we would have known.

Quoting CoffeeMamaOf5:

((((( Hugs ))))))

Remember, you are not bound to what the public or private school system is doing in your area.You can start, stop & start, stop again, anytime you feel like it.

This is going to be a precious time for you to sit on the couch and nurse your baby while the other children gather round you for a read aloud. Or you can rest on the couch while they are learning through play time right in front of you -- you can ask questions to encourage certain learning and they can enjoy learning through life. ( which we believe is the way to learn, rather than here's 10 books, go fill in the blanks and answer questions )

Maybe you decide to school only a couple days week, instead of 5, there are so many options. It doesnt have to be the way the world does it -- otherwise we'd send them to school, right? We ( us homeschoolers )do it our way----and that changes with the seasons of life. A move, a new baby, a job change, all of those things will prompt you to re-evaluate some things and make the necessary changes.

I have 5 children, homeschooling them all, since birth -- I took the time off I needed with each birth; some was a month, some 3 weeks, others, 2 months...we have gone from 5 days a week to 3..whatever worked for our season of life.

Don't get caught up with what everyone says you need to find out what you and children can do and go with it.

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