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Drama at school wanting to homeschool

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My son has ADHD. Well, that is what the teachers wwnt to label him as. He does have some listening issues but I do not see these problems at all at home. There are some behavior issues but this is not caused by ADHD. He has some anger problems which he is seeing a therapist about.

I work at the same school he attends. I teach grades k-3rd. There is A LOT of bullying amongst the teachers in this school. His librarian has yelled at him on multiple occasions when he was just asking to exchange books or reset his password. I have spoken to the principal about this and he has done nothing but told me to confront her. I know that will not end well. I honestly hate the woman and feel like she does not value her job. I have tried to talk to her before and she yelled at me and made it seem like it was my fault.

I got into an argument last year with my boss who was my son's kindergarten teacher.  She was keeping him out of major school events because he wasn't finishing his table work in time. Then she expected him to finish it while his entire class was having fun IN THE SAME room!! I was ticked and approached her on it. She started yelling at me telling me I "overstepped her" and then she attempted to mix my job into me being a parent.

Now they want me to drug him and have been keeping him inside for recess. His behaviors have gotten worse since the drugs started.

I am very serious about homeschooling him. Where do I start? What do I do?


by on Dec. 27, 2011 at 11:47 PM
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by on Dec. 30, 2011 at 12:59 PM

how horrible!! just wanted to give you a *hug* the other ladies have already given you some great tips to get started!!

by on Dec. 30, 2011 at 5:22 PM

Definitely hit up the home school legal defense website (HSLDA), it can direct you to your state laws.  Once you know what steps you have to take, and complete them, you can pull your son out.  I'd also reccomend taking a few weeks, at the very least, to let your son adjust to the new life of home education.  I
 And while many states don't require it, and some disagree with it, look up some local umbrella schools.  Basically, you can be your own home private school.  They can basically help guide you through the coming years of home education, but also offer chances at support from other parents in the group, as well as social events and co op classes.  A lot of them also have bands and athletic teams. And in some states both private and public schools will allow home educated students to join school teams.  

   As to what curriculum, there is no easy or right answer.  You can design your own, follow a pre made one (there are hundreds out there), do an online program like k-12 (but it offers very little freedom), or make your own.  

But still...start with the HSLDA website and go from there. 

by on Jan. 6, 2012 at 12:59 PM

Thank you all for replying. The legality stuff doesn't seem hard for Minnesota. I have a BA and I'm a mom so I qualify without the extra work that simply being mom would require me to do... I am a little worried about the work thing. I like my job and I love working out of the home but I am sooo worried about Aiden. I have been wanting to start up a tutoring service, however. Maybe a work at home option would be best for me and my family? Sigh. I've been thinking none stop about this for weeks and I am worried about things like phy Ed and music. He likes both of these courses in school and it won't be the same at home. I know nothing about music and I cannot put on a music concert... Can he attend these courses at the public school???

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