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So I am thinking we are the other................ (no bashing please).

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 Part of homeschooling, you know the not every parent/child can homeschool.  I have been trying to homeschool my DS this year, I have let him have 4 months of deschooling, where we basically did nothing but math, some reading and science, his request.  In January he knew he had to buckle down, I signed him up for time 4 learning, and while he likes it, he still sits here and whines about having to do the work, I have to read all lessons to him or they don't get done because he says he doesn't understand it, but can sit there and answer all questions, etc.  When we were de-schooling he would do the same thing whine about everything or just flat out refuse to do anything. 

He is in 5th grade this year and he just hasn't done much of anything to show me he is learining, all he wants to do is sit around watching tv and playing with his toys all day. I know he can do the work and he was never like this in school except  with writing, even when he had homework I would help him and he did it without too many problelms or whining.  There are days more often than not lately where I just want to hit my head against the wall because we can spend two hours doing one lesosn that should take 30 minutes to complete.  Then when it's time for the PS sutdents bus to come around he gets mad because he still has several lessons to do and he wont' get to go out to play.  I have tried grounding him, taking away things/privleges, rewards, bribery, etc, and nothing seems to work with him. 

We will be moving the end of next month and so I am thinking about putting him back on the wait list for this really good charter school that he had been approved for just before we moved last year.  I just don't know what else to do with him, he refuses to do the work, won't listen and seriously I think he misses being around the other kids.  He is an only child, even tho he does sports, goes to church, plays with the neighbors etc, it's just like he wants to go back to school, without saying that is what he wants.  I don't what else to do/try with him and this school while it would still be PS is not at all like the PS system. 

by on Jan. 27, 2012 at 8:34 PM
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by on Jan. 28, 2012 at 4:21 PM
The school says he isn't autistic anymore? That is a seriously ignorant statement. U can get him therapies outside of the school system and it might really give u insight ino his struggles. My ds has autistic like characteristics and just being consistent and clear in my expectations at least gets us through the lessons. It is a learning challenge for me though. I have learned after a ridiculously long time that my ds cant answer when, why,who questions about things, but if I ask the question on his level then he can. He has these delays and I am constantly learning that I have to teach him where he is not where the school expects kids at his age to be.
by Platinum Member on Jan. 28, 2012 at 8:12 PM

I don't have any advice for you. 8( Not seeing the situation IRL, I don't know if you should be firmer, more fun or what. Is it a self esteem, issue? If the school said he wasn't autistic in his hearing, or if they even insinuated that he could do the work, if he REALLY wanted, maybe he has decided he's just 'dumb'. He might have given up on himself. 8(

by on Jan. 29, 2012 at 8:36 AM
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I could've written this post about my oldest son and not had to change a single fact except that he has four siblings; right down to his likes, dislikes, interests, and struggles.  Wow.  Well, All I can say is I struggled to the point of wanting to send him to private school as well.  I even priced it out..  This is going to sound ridiculous but, it worked wonders for me..  I let him draw all over the page once he has done the actual work.  For example, in 3rd grade, he put the charactors in his hand-writinng book "in jail" for giving him hard work by drawing cages around him.  This yr (5th), he draws star wars troopers shooting the work, etc.  This gave him something to look forward to right after the assignment.  Simple enough,but he started doing his work twice as fast.  Another thing is, I read this book (and still flip through almost everyday while in the bathroom lol-can't believe I'm sharing this!) on how to encourage others.  It's called Bringing out the Best in People by Alan Loy McGinnis.  This book has helped me to find the good in his work and focus on that, which in turn encourages him to do more good work and feel successful.  I've been doing these two things, as well as rewarding "good" school days with a piece of candy from the candy jar, for the last three years, and i will say that I still have days where I don't think he will ever finish, but he is MUCH happier, and confident, and on grade level in every subject.  When I put it all down like this, it sound to me like I am WAY over-simlifying our struggle, but giving my son this combo of freedom and encouragement did change his attitude about school and helped us tremendously.  Anyway, I hope some of this is helpful to you if you decide to keep at the hs'ing.  Good Luck Momma!!!

by on Jan. 29, 2012 at 4:46 PM
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I do home school conventions, and one of the things I remind parents is that home school is not the class room.

The following video describes the Rational child's style of learning:

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The hands on learner described below:

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How To Home School gives you some various methods used by home educators to encourage a love of learning which the public school never does anymore.

by Platinum Member on Jan. 29, 2012 at 6:22 PM

How are you feeling, today?

by Bronze Member on Jan. 29, 2012 at 7:23 PM


Quoting mem82:

How are you feeling, today?

 I'm doing fine, I think we are just going to ditch everything until after we move with the exception of reading, and math, and whatever he may want to do, then once we get moved I will re-evaluate everything and see what happens.  My mom will be moving in with us and my son will mind a little better when grandma is around which I think is a given for most kids. 

by on Jan. 30, 2012 at 11:52 AM

 great ideas everyone!

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