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Has anyone used... (Updated in replies)

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 any of the The Everything Learning__________Book before? (The blank spot being w/e language). My daughter wants to learn a foreign language, and I've tried teaching her German since I can speak it, however she has no interest and really wants to learn French.  I cannot get her motivated enough to use the computer to do really any electronic type learning and I don't thinkhaving anything entirely audio would help her since she doesn't learn that way.
I looked at our library online and found some books I'm going to skim through but the one I was most impressed with is overdue (since Nov which means its most likely not coming back anytime soon)., and it was the The Everything Learning French Book. So I looked on Barnes and Noble and found the The Everything Learning Kids French Book and of course the "original" and the practice book...each to me seems to get a little more indepth.
I was just wondering if anyone has used them before and if they like them or is there a better book out there that isn't overly dry that I would be able to teach her with.  In order to help her with it I'm going to have to learn it to, so it'd be awesome if its not overly simplified so I'm not getting bored with it.

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by on Jan. 29, 2012 at 10:55 PM
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by Silver Member on Feb. 3, 2012 at 7:33 PM

 I just got the books :)  Looking at them right in front of me, I'm very happy I got all 3 if this is for sure what we're using (which at this point it seems to be lol). The kid one is basically introduction to everything, and I wouldn't recommend it unless kids already know what a noun, verb, etc already is since they break down words that way.  It does do a really good job in explaining concepts kids most likely wouldn't know yet. For example, here's what they have right away with Verbs:
"The Conjugation Map - La carte de conjugaison
Do you know what "conjugation" means? It means to change the form of hte verb. In English, we conjugate a little bit. We say 'she walks' but 'we walk.' The difference is the "s" for the singular, 'she' who 'walks,' and no 's' for the plural 'we' who 'walk.' French conjugation is fussier, but once you get the hang of it, itt's fun to figure out which ending goes on the verb. There are a lot to choose from!"
I like that it doesn't seem to talk down, but speak to the one learning. I think to an extent it moves a little quickly, but that may just be because I never learned a second language as a kid, and they're only trying to teach the basics in this book... The "original" book does go more in depth especially with pronunciations and all the accent marks. I hate that the kids book doens't come with a disc, so I'm so happy the other one does, so we can at least hear how we should pronounce everything. The kids one has printed the phoenetic pronunciations, but I think it's far easier to hear it when learning. The other book also goes a little more in depth with numbers, however it goes in depth with everything really and would probably be waaay too overwhelming for younger kids. For instance, there's a section for French Vowels and Semi-Vowels, and it starts out "French voewls are pronounced with none of hte diphthong sound of their English counterparts (in other words, the gliding sound between two vowels). "  Then it gives an audio example between the French /a/ andteh English "a" in the name Ann(e) and there is an entire chart of examples.
The Kids book is also more geared to what kids would be saying in their everyday and school settings where the other book is more for being out, traveling, and on your own.

Now...the practice book... I haven't looked too too much into yet. It does go well with the Everything French book, however it does not coincide with it really.  To use it as extra practice with the chapters in the book, you'd be skipping around - a lot. The practice book also comes with a cd, but it is merely for more practice with what is already in there. For instance, listen to the following sentences and repeat what you here. Another section has, listen to the sentences and write what you hear, so at this point you already need to know most if not all of the words, and absolutely need to know how to write

Sooo....that is my review from just looking them over lol. I'll update again after we've used them....probably in about a month or so to give it time to see how well its working lol

by on Feb. 4, 2012 at 9:49 AM
Wow! It sounds in depth for sure! I'm interested to see how it goes :)
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