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How is you'r typical day/week layed out with Bible study?

Posted by on Feb. 5, 2012 at 11:52 PM
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I am wanting to have our daily schedules to include Bible study, and if possible the work that we do to include Biblical stories etc. I don't know how to do it, I spend countless hours trying to find examples of how other Christian homeschoolers do it and the things that they study and I can't find anything that really answers my questions.

What is a typical day like when you homeschool with Bible study so I can have the help to make one for us. Example would be you start out doing chores, then Bible study, then whatever assignment....

Also what is the setup for your weekly subjects like math, reading, writing, Monday thru Friday, Social studies 2x a week etc.

Lastly, are there assignments that are Christian based in Christian homeschooling? Like for reading, writing, or math we use this because it's Christian based.

I'm just feeling like I'm not doing it all right. I print out 5 sheets of math off a site that has 5th grade math. I have her read a book about an important person like Rosa Parks etc then write me a paragraph on what she learned. I found a site that has 5th grade spelling words and I have her write the word in cursive on Mon, look up and write the definition on Tues, and then put them into sentences on Wed. Geography is pretty much the map games online. Science I've had her do stuff with me like last week we made homemade oatmeal dog shampoo for our new dog. ;) Next I want us to make homemade oatmeal soap for us. Reading I figure is in the bibliography/history books on people I'm having her do. Writing is in the spelling words and paragraph I have her write with the biography reading. Language arts? whats that anyway? A combination of the reading and writing? Ugh! It just seems like it goes so fast even tho it sounds like a lot that I feel like I'm missing something. Then we have been doing a daily devotional out of the One Bread One Body booklet we get, and then following the reading the Bible in a year thing in the evening but I'm finding that we have missed days as we get tired or lazy at night.

Please give me an example of your schedule and when you have your child do  certain subjects on what days. I just want to know I'm not going to make her dumb ;D

Thank you for all your insight! This site has helped me soooo very much.

P.S. What does Bump mean? lol

by on Feb. 5, 2012 at 11:52 PM
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by on Feb. 6, 2012 at 1:29 AM
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I know there are religious currics out there. It is far easier to find religious based homeschool things even down to the lesson plans than non religious. Check out the local school requirements for 5th grade and see how she fairs. We do not apply religion to our studies but our 5 year old does all four subjects every day and then he has computer games that compliment what he is learning. He has extra curricular activities multiple days a week as well as he helps around the house every morning.

by on Feb. 6, 2012 at 3:06 AM
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Hi Sherry,

I don't use a bible based cirriculum but here's what we do.  I'm pretty new to homeschooling, and I did start out with A Beka which is Christian based, but I switched to a website which personally works better for us.  Anyways,  here's what we do...   First thing in the morning we start out with bible study.  We were just randomly picking verses we like, but now we follow the verses the kids get from church.  I have them write down the verse we are working on and we try to come up with a clever way to memorize it.  Then we talk about it and I ask them to tell me what it means to them, and I tell them what it means to me.  To close Bible study we pray for the day and people.  After bible study they start on their school work.  I use because I would have NO idea what they would need to be working on besides math and reading. (mine are 4th grade and 2nd grade).  I have popsicle sticks...4 labeled math, 2 Language Arts, 1 Language Extension, 1 science, 1 social studies, 2 workbook(writing), 2 independent reading, and 2 reading outloud(15min each stick).  You made me giggle when you said.."language arts? What is that?"  I didn't know either until I started homeschooling.  LA for my 4th grader teaches her things like synonyms, antonyms, idioms...I would of had no clue to teach her things like that.  As for the books my kids read, at this point they have just started to like reading.  It's been a real struggle over reading for us, so I'm not pushing any certain books yet.  My son is into magic treehouse and my daughter likes Bill Wallace.  Once my joy that they are reading without fighting with me wears off I'll start pushing the books I feel they need to read. LOL!!!  We go to church Weds and Sundays and take a lot of field trips so they get gym in.  I doubt I have helped, but wanted to respond because I related to your comment at the end.. "I just want to know I'm not going to make her dumb".  I have felt like that too.  Also, you can get a LA workbook at Barnes and Noble that is grade specific for under $10, and it has a lot of work pages for that grade just to get an idea of what to go with. (:  Good luck!

by on Feb. 6, 2012 at 10:18 AM
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Life Pac, Sonlight, Alpha Omega, Abeka are all Christian curriculum that have Bible incoroporated into them and those are the few I can think off the top of my head.  I suppose you could do Bible Studies once or twice a week or make it all five days if you think that is best.  I'm not Christian so I hope I helped a little.  Language Arts is reading, writing, spelling, I suppose one could throw book reports into Language Arts along with grammar and sentence structure. 

I plan on using Exploring Science and Intro Science for Pre-K (and possbily Kindergarten, haven't decided yet if I will pursue homeschool past Pre-K) but it is set up to use either on a 2-day a week schedule or 5 day a week schedule (36 week lesson plans).  I plan on doing the 2-day a week schedule for that.  Arabic, their father's language most likely will be 3 days a week with Islamic Studies (we're Muslims) will be 5 days a week.  Language Arts, and Social Studies probably five days a week as well. 

As for how to start your day... well I suppose you can do that in whatever suits you the best.  Some people may read the Bible (or whatever holy book depending on their religion) in the morning before studies, some may do it at other times throughout the day.   There is always an opportunity to learn throughout the day.  If we think about it, every second of our lives is about learning new things and experiencing different things and comprehending (or trying to) what is in the world around us. 

Some homeschoolers do chores in the morning and then start studies in the afternoon.  Some may do the opposite of that.  There may also be co-ops for you to do, field trips, possibly classes or sports you can do (sports for example could count as PE).  Throw in errands in between there (such as with grocery shopping, you can throw in health and nutrition into that, as well as math) and make that an educational experience.  It just depends on what works with you and your kids.  Homeschoolers may get everything done in 2-3 hours leaving the rest of the day for chores and play.  Since they can work faster (or slower) than PS kids they can learn according to their intelligence (visual, kinetic, auditory). 

Since we are Muslims we have to pray five times a day so a total of 25 minutes out of our day for prayer (at set times throughout the day).  Throw in say half an hour to an hour for lunch and breaks as needed which is a plus of homeschool whereas PS kids are restricted in the amount of breaktime they can get throughout the day.  In the early years children learn best through play so their day should be composed of fun activities and sensory centers (water and sand play).  With a 5th grader.... allow your child to choose the order in which she wishes to do things.  Give her some freedom over what she wants to learns, it will help her be involved in the process and make homeschooling easier for her if she knows she has a say in learning what interests her.  The trick is to find out what how best she learns and then when you find that out try to incorporate learning in that style so it easier for her to retain information. 

Sorry I went off topic.  Most likely I will be homeschooling at night while trying to do my own college studies (that should be interesting) for Pre-K since I'll still be in college (plan on starting Fall 2013) but Science will be 2 days a week, Arabic will be 3 days a week, Language Arts and Islamic Studies five days a week for Pre-K. 

If you wanted to one could also throw in a foreign language (which won't be a requirement until middle and high school) but one could also start earlier with a foreign language.  Rosetta Stone I hear is good (though expensive).  You could use Schoolhouse Rock for Language Arts/History (How I love and miss that show, you can get it on Netflix I think as well as watch some on Youtube).  For History.... hmmm perhaps make a time capsule and bury it in your yard for future people who may live in your home.  What I plan on doing is covering all 50 states history with my kids as well as covering history of all the countries in the world (though I need to figure out how to arrange this).  If you are learning about friendship or other cultures, perhaps consider doing a pen pal for a semester or the entire year.  This way your daughter learns about another person's beliefs, culture, customs, etc.  Geography... in 5th grade I was learning about reading maps and latitude/longitude (which I'm still no good at), perhaps learn about the directions on a compass or how to use the stars to find your way if you're ever lost, the Green Meredian/equator.  5th grade you could also start learning about Plate Tectonics. 

BUMP means just to push the post  up to the top so more people can see it and (hopefully) respond to a post.

by on Feb. 6, 2012 at 11:03 AM
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 hi sherry,

What is a typical day like when you homeschool with Bible study so I can have the help to make one for us. Example would be you start out doing chores, then Bible study, then whatever assignment....

we start our mornings after chores and breakfast with a bible study, which includes singing, some praying, reading of scripture, talking about what we heard in church sunday, bringing it into our lives in a real way that it would have to do with our lives, some times we read a story and talk about what we think its telling us, or what it would mean right now in our lives, that could take from 15 to 30 mins a day for us

then we go to our next school subject which is math  for 45 min or so

then language arts for about 45 min

then we do our unit study which is about 1-3 hours depending on what we do, that includes history, more bible, science, nature studies, writing, reading, art, etc

they also have music every other day

we generally always try to start at 9 in the morning, and this is with 5 kids.

Also what is the setup for your weekly subjects like math, reading, writing, Monday thru Friday, Social studies 2x a week etc.

we do all these subjects everyday begiining at or around 9am

language arts is considered things , like grammar, reading, spelling, literature, and composition

here might be a site for some more language arts stuff

heres some nice christian science stuff  , they have some neat stuff look around and some of its free

heres a site that will give you an idea of what a 5th grade could be learning

heres a site for some good reading books, older but lots of them are christian based  clean reading,

heres a neat site that has lots of free school stuff, some christian based

also heres another place for math, its free and a pretty good site, you gotta look around and get the feel of it

robin has a lot of christian based stuff on here also lapbooks, scrapbookings, etc

heres a neat way of homeschooling , she has some great ideas to add while schooling your children or child!

im not sure if anyone told you what bump means , it just sends the post someone wrote to the top of the page! number 1


by Jinx on Feb. 6, 2012 at 11:10 AM
I haven't been doing actual bible lessons. I really want to this yeaar. Our church has only 3 families with kids (like 2 kids per class) so Sunday school is boring and my kids don't want to go.

We do have a daily devotional book that we read and discuss. Takes all of 5-10 minutes.
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by on Feb. 6, 2012 at 12:36 PM

We use Heart of Dakota curriculum--it schedules everything.

by on Feb. 6, 2012 at 10:14 PM
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 I just went to a used homeschool bookstore. Almost everything there was Christian based. Math, science, social studies, reading. You can search for christian curriculum and find SO many things that connect to every subject if that is what you want.

I am considering adding little quick lessons with a connection to writing by doing copy work. (first grade). But here is a typical day for us:

  • eat, few chores, computer work (spanish, random related games to subject topics)
  • Reading-she is in mini level 1 readers, then write about 4 sentence on same topic
  • English-reading, grammer pages
  • Math- i have 3 storebought workbooks, i use each and stay on same topic.
  • Science-this is short, like today we just rediscussed the 3 types of clouds. Friday we will do a big project.
  • Social Studies-another short one, 1-2days a week is something in depth
  • Art-1 big day a week, 2-3 little things a week related to another subject
  • Chores
  • Extras-scouts, cheer, dance, church
by on Feb. 7, 2012 at 4:00 PM
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So I haven't started homeschooling yet but when my commitment as a preschool teacher is up next fall I'm going to start. I've been researching Christian based curriculums & found very helpful & reasonably priced. I love actual books as opposed to online. I guess I'm old school & I just love books period. (you should see the 3 book cases full in my house!) I've been looking at the apologia line for science & the story of the world for history. They were suggested by two friends, one a former ps teacher turned homeschooled & the other a christian private school teacher. I'm no help with an actual bible study because I've been looking for one too. I know there are free websites to help with handwriting that have printable scripture verses.
by on Feb. 9, 2012 at 7:49 PM

Thank you so much for the links! They have helped soooo much!!!! :)

by on Feb. 9, 2012 at 7:55 PM

So off of one of these Mom's posts was a listing of what a 5th grader learns during the year!! I'm such a list person that this has been awesome to help me get a guidline!! I'm starting at the top even though were half through the school year to see what she knows and what she doesn't.

My question now is.....

under science it says to study:

fish, reptiles, bacteria, molds, trees, plants and their foods.

Does anyone know where to find sites for these? And do we just read about them or take a quiz too? I have liked the sites that I find with little quizes or crossword puzzles to do after them, it helps me make sure that she is actually paying attention even though shes at home.

Thanks for anymore links you can send me!!! ;) One more thing, as for SS is has exploration and discovery. Although she has obviously started here and researched a few people, I got a print out of like 2 pages of historical people during this time, do you study all of them?


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