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Okay, so all the ps's around started back today...we are starting after Labor Day....but the panic has set in....seriously, what am I thinking? I am starting to question my decision to homeschool, I know we can do it...but I am freaking out a little...ok maybe alot...advice?

by on Aug. 27, 2012 at 1:10 PM
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by on Aug. 27, 2012 at 8:05 PM

Quoting kajira:

It's a little overwhelming isn't it? I remember the first time I tried to home school my son (before I knew he was autistic for sure) in kindergarten and he wasn't cooperative on ANYTHING I gave up after about 6 months and stuck him in regular school. They managed to get the basics into him, and now that he's in third grade, were winging it and everything's working much better on homeschool front.

I also tried using the k12 program, which was SO overwhelming and just way too much stuff for a kindergartner. Seriously, one of his science projects was about owls and how they are called a parlement.. I mean it's interesting and all, but it was much better suited for an older child, especially one who could undrestand and imagine where the term came from.

Now that we can customize our son's interests and just make sure we do enough math and basic stuff so he makes progress, winging it works a heck of a lot better.

Almost everything can be a learning experience, from cooking, to how to pay bills and how to do things when you take your animals in for their shots.... 

We learn more doing hands-on stuff on a daily basis, then he did sitting at a desk.

I probably only give about 20 minutes of book work per day, math/writing. the rest is art, legos, and around the house stuff... and the writing can be about science stuff, or history, or movies, or whatever, so it can all be applied.

"fun" doesn't mean you don't learn. Fun means my son's more interested IN learning!

Yes it is a bit overwhelming,people have been so supportive, I am just trying to find my homeschooling legs I suppose...thanks again

by on Aug. 27, 2012 at 8:26 PM
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 I question myself every day.  Every Day.  I even drove by the elementary school the other day.  My oldest two went there.  They loved it there.  They had lots of good and some nightmares along with that good.  I had butterflies.  I wanted to register my daughter.  Then I remembered how much I love her.  She has ADHD. She gets distracted SO easily.  She's bright.  I don't want her light snuffed out by 25 other kids in her class. 

I would much rather be napping,though.  I do NOT love homeschooling.  I love my daughter.  And...God called me to do this, so I'm just trying to be obedient. 

You CAN do this.  Believe in yourself.  :)

by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 3:08 PM

That is normal, and it only tells me how much you care.  With that (care), you can learn the rest.  Go girl, and remember to be patient with yourself...the first year is the hardest.

by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 4:57 PM
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The most important thing to remember is that your homeschooling experience does not (and should not, IMO) look like "school at home". Because you only have one (?) person to educate you only need to spend a very small fraction of the time on structured school work, if that is the hs method you choose. As a homeschooler you are blessed with freedom to educate your kids in the way that suits them best. Who is better qualified to determine that than you? Who is better qualified to teach, protect, nurture, discipline if necessary, guide, counsel, and meet the needs of your child/ren than you? Absolutely no one!
The point of my soap box is this: when you start to panic remember that you are the most qualified person to raise your child...not the teachers at the school down the street. ..that is the bottom line. Academic knowledge can be attained anywhere but what your child needs can best (I would say only) be provided by you.
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by Sonja on Aug. 28, 2012 at 5:53 PM
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Aww sweetpea! Hugs coming your way!  :)  

 Nope. you are most definitely normal!  Even us veteran's feel panicky on occasion. The best way to remember why you are doing something is to write it down.   So, ask yourself why you are homeschooling and write it down. That way, you can pull it out and look at it when you feel panicky again. :)  

I feel compelled to tell you this....

 I never had self-confidence in myself while growing up or as an adult. But, between my husband and his faith in me to educate our children, I have become self-confident in myself enough to know that I am capable of doing this and doing this well!  Especially after having my first homeschool graduate. :)   I am so proud of her that it shines on me in every way, but I am also proud of myself because I had a hand in her education as well and all her efforts she put into her schoolwork. She didn't just do this by herself. :)  So what I am trying to say, hopefully not too poorly, is if I can do this with poor self confidence, anyone can do this too.    :)  



by on Aug. 29, 2012 at 11:20 AM

We started on Monday for our first OFFICIAL year of HS. We withdrew DS from private school in February and started then, but this is our first FULL year. I am very blessed enough to work full-time for a man who lets me bring my son & all his school work to my office and teach him here. Nervous - YES. But the main thing I'm learning is that "schedules are made to be broken." LOL. DS is accomplishing MUCH (doing 2-3 days worth of work in 1 morning.) So I am having to wing throwing in some extra stuff to keep him entertained until I get off work @ 6. LOL My best piece of advice is to relax and "go with the flow." Some days will be more productive than others. Don't freak out on the non-productive days. We do "catch up" from time to time.

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