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New here and never home schooled before :)

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Hi ladies my name is Carrie and my DD Erin is just 3. I have been home with her her whole life.  We have explored all kinds of things and she is smart as a whip.  I KNOW everyone thinks that but at 2 1/2 she was already writing her name.  

We have never used a certain place...certain time...or certain curriculum as we were just hanging out.  I feel as though I stalled not knowing really what to do next.  She is already sounding out words and spelling easy 3 letter words.  So hubby and I decided we would get a bit more formal and home school her ( well I would).  So I am taking our spare room and going to make a classroom for us.  I think a specific place for us will be nice and I have been googling like a mad woman.  My issues are that being new of course I am nervous and wish I could just have a book to follow BUT when I read the goals for pre-K...well she already does that stuff.  

So after lots of worrying and stressing I am trying to breathe....realize that because she is so young I have more room for a learning curve than most.  I am here to feed off your guys energy...experience and probably cry for help .  :)

If anyone has suggestions for K type lessons and what resources you all prefer I would appreciate you sharing your knowledge.  Any suggestions will be welcomed for sure .  I am so excited we are starting tomorrow.

by on Sep. 6, 2012 at 12:35 AM
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by Silver Member on Sep. 6, 2012 at 3:07 PM

 Thank you :)
Riley got his name because we didn't know personally any other Riley and we had so many stipulations like 5 letters, gender neutral, no nicknames LOL. We're weird...I know... :)
My best friend's name is Erin so I love her name and much of what your Erin does (from what you post) reminds me so much of my friend Erin's kids. I love it lol.
I will help in anyway I can, although I will admit, 90% of the time I feel clueless LOL which is why I joined this group originally too! This is probably the first year that I am really satisfied with what I got for both of my kids and we did spend a little more than I would have actually liked, but whenever I go through everything we're doing again I think it is totally worth it. I'm sure you'll see on FB everything we're doing for History lol. I can't wait! By the end of the "school year" our house will be a castle if all goes well :) And the majority of what we're doing is for Jamie, but I have a ton of projects Riley geared too!

If you're on pinterest at all, I have a homeschooling board where I put up TONS of stuff for both kiddos...I'm hoping ot organize it more at some point... (hopefully the link works)

I'm waiting for the harddrive with all my links to get fixed, and then I'll be able to let you know all the numerous links and sites and my "guides" lol

Quoting erinsmom1964:

Your so friggin awesome and you have no idea how close we were to having our April 2009 babies with the SAME NAME.  I wanted to name Erin Riley but here there were so many :(

You get it I need some structure too or I just kinda stall worried I will do something wrong or think she can't understand when she does or vice versa.  Her brothers at this age were so long ago and I worked constantly so while I helped I was never in charge like I am with her.  I appreciate all your help!!!

Quoting No_Difference:

 Riley usually leads me what he wants too which is why we do the "Thing of the day". He likes to focus one thing at a time so usually he picks it out, and he knows his colors and shapes and numbers and all that stuff, so we are truly just focusing on getting his writing down this year. I figured we'd actually start K stuff next year with him at this rate, but he really needs to get his writing down....

How cool with the cocketiel eggs! We were so excited to watch praying mantis hatch in the back yard last year. We have so many by us.

I'll see if I can find this one link where it gave general objectives for preschool, K, and so on...I have it somewhere. I know it varies by state too, but the one I happened upon was pretty realistic in their objectives lol. Some I've found seemed waaaaay too easy and others seemed more towards the extreme gifted and talented lol. I use it as a guideline and nothing more since Riley is kind of all over. Something he already falls into K level, other things he's still in pre K.

If she's spelling, I'd look into the All About Learning Press Level 1 spelling and reading programs A great thing about them, you advance in the lessons as they need to and can easily modify it to your  needs. I honestly think they're worth the money. Otherwise I know when my daughter was in K her public school used Starfall and she excelled on it...the WV school messed her up tho which is why we struggled horribly with reading since :/. We're even using some of the starfall stuff with Riley

I honestly think if they're asking to learn, its the best time to teach 'em and to teach them at their level, not "what is expected" :). I know for me, I need something that is at least loosly structured otherwise we won't get much of anywhere OR we tend to take things a little too far. For instance, when we were doing 1st grade with Jamie, we were learning about the solar system and we found some fun songs and one of them explained "Why stars shine." Somewhere in it, it described hydrogen being built into helium "at temperatures of billions of degrees" and she wanted to know more about nuclear fusion. Kinda hard to teach a first grader LOL. I was able to kinda explain it using tennis balls and super glue, but I found something that was a little more structured so we didn't get to things that I couldn't yet explain LOL

Quoting erinsmom1964:

Hi sweetie THANKS.  Yeah you guys are the reason I thought to maybe get some help and add some more formal teaching.  We have always done the cooking, field trips, trying different things like piano, hip hop, swimming ETC Heck one day we spent 30 minutes following a butterfly around just waiting for it to tire enough so we could observe it up close.   I "plan" one activity a day out of the house even if its just a hike. She also does animal rescue with me and just this AM we found one of our cockatiels eggs had hatched. So instead of what I thought we would do this am which was paint pics of A objects we instead did birds.  Finding a program was as much for me to guide me how to help this voracious learner.  She was so excited and we don't even have the room done that she got up at 6 am to start "school"

I guess I should of just stuck with asking you guys by some of the responses I got here but I was just doing my research and definitely wanted to get ideas from others who have older kids as we are seriously thinking about homeschooling in the long run. Also when I go to pre-school programs they are things she already knows and has been doing quite awhile so I LOVE the idea of something more flexible.

I thought of a shape and color or letter of the day BUT really we have been doing that already just by following her lead.  She tends to focus on something and runs with it all day.  Yesterday was telling me what everything we came in contact with what letter it started with and if she couldn't figure it she asked me and then later as we saw it again she then would tell me she remembered.

This morning she decided to try and spell everything in my etc.  LOL all this before my morning coffee. I don't ask her she asks me.

I will definatley look into your suggestions THANKS AGAIN for not treating me like I am some wicked school marm who is attempting to force her child to do things way over her head and suck the fun out of her life.  :) Which is actually funny seeing how I am against formal pre-school away from parent

Quoting No_Difference:

 Hey Carrie :)
With Riley we're using All About Reading by All About Learning Press the pre-reading level. He is LOVING it and although he already knows all of his letters and sounds, we're still doing a letter a day and focusing on writing since he still hasn't decided if he's a lefty or righty, and it also focuses on rhyming and a ton of other things. And maybe Erin is ready for the level 1 stuff already...always worth a look :). The program is designed for all types of learners too which is why I think we're loving it so much. The pre-level is more like play than anything else. - I think in our facebook group with the April babies I mentioned how we altered the  program to include a shape and color of the day and we learn about a few animals that start with that letter, and we go for shape and color walks and make a journal of all the things we see that start with the letter of the day, the color, or shape :).  
That way its not exactly formal, and its not exactly unstructured either.
We're also using the Math U See primer with Ry-guy.



AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers
by Sonja on Sep. 6, 2012 at 4:05 PM
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Hi Carrie. Welcome!  :)  So glad you joined us. :)  

 Here are some links that you might find useful....

 I know that you have done quite a bit with your daughter and are looking for something that clicks. If she is leading the way, then continue to let her lead the way. Even if that means you start introducing some first rade work. Do not limit her to just her gade level.  If she is capable of learning higher thinking processes, let her. I know that with my kids, they were never satified with their grade level school work. They wanted to do more. For instance, my 6 yr old is just starting school formally and he has been exhibiting math skills off the cjharts. So what I have done is introduced first grade math to him while doing his regualr work. Holy cow, but he is soaking it up!  Maybe that is what you should do with your daughter. Sounds like to me she is soooo ready for higher thinking. Were I in your place, this is what I would do. And as long as you are excited by what she is doing, so will she be excited by what she is learning.  :)  



by on Sep. 10, 2012 at 9:52 PM

Just have fun at this age. Teach her through play. I did this with my daughter when she was that age. I would pick up "workboks" at the dollare store for her to have fun with. Nothing structured. I did start going throught "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" and quickly learned she hated it. Too many words and not enough pictures and I was trying too hard. So, with that said, you could purchase the basic LA/Phonics and Math program from K12, Inc. and start using that a year early. Then if she needs an extra year, well, you have not lost anything. We actually did this with our son and he did very well so we moved right on to 1st grade the next year. He is a year ahead which has been fine but sometimes I think it would have been bettter towait for more maturity. So I suggest not jumping too far ahead. It can cause problems down the road if your child enrolls in a VA or when reading certain books which might be too mature for her at the younger age in an upper grade. However, all those things can be worked with. Just don't stress and make learning stressful for her. It's more important that she have fun learning!

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