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by on Feb. 26, 2013 at 9:58 PM
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 Hi, My name is Tish.  I have joined Home Schooling moms when I had a burst of super power thoughts and not that I didn't think I could do it, it just slide to the back burner for a month or so.  Well I'm back to make it offical I have a 4th grade son in the CMS public school system and he needs to come out ASAP, although we will probably finish out the remaining school year.  I will also have a new beginner, my 5 year old son will start Kindergarten this coming school year.  I need lots of advise and afraid I am not good at asking for support very often, but think I will be coming to y'all seasoned pros a bit for information and help.  Does anyone live or have experience in the NC home schooling requirements (would prefer some experiences and helpful information from you 1st but welcome any websites on what process I need to take to get started for this coming year).  Look forward to chatting with you all often.
Thanks, Tish

by on Feb. 27, 2013 at 10:24 AM

 welcome nicole!! come on in and join us!!

Quoting nicole20910:

Good morning,

My name is Nicole. I have been divorce for five years and currently in school full time, and I am in the process of going to medical school. I am interested in removing my daughter from public school and placing her in homeschooling. I am not familiar with the transformation and would like your advise. In addition, do you know any programs or someone in the Fort Lauderdale areas who offers assistance to students who are homeschooling?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



by on Feb. 27, 2013 at 10:26 AM

 welcome bryrymom!! its great to have you here!! come on in and join us!!

Quoting bry-rymom:

Im new to the website, but I'm falling in love with it really fast. I am a busy mother of two, and i found it much practical, easy, and fun to home school. I get to spend most of my time educating. My children are so creative and full of life. I am so grateful for programs like cafe mom.


by on Feb. 27, 2013 at 10:28 AM

 hi joann!!! are you a hs mom? come on in and join us!!

Quoting Joann.HS:



by on Feb. 27, 2013 at 10:31 AM

 welcome tammy, kathy, jennifer, dat, maria and tish!!! great to meet you all! come on in and join the rest of us hs moms! we love to talk, and have fun!!

by on Feb. 28, 2013 at 8:40 PM
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Hi, all I am a mother of 3 trying to get started homeschooling my 2nd grader, 5th grader and prek. WOW it is something trying to get all the material together lol. Nice to meet everyone.. If anyone has any sites or suggestions for me I would be very thankful. You can message me or write on here. I have had this account forever but never really explored cafe moms so I will be a little slow to responding :) Have a wonderful day!

by on Mar. 1, 2013 at 12:56 AM
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Hello all! I am pretty new to Cafe Mom. I have had this account forever but never had time to check it out. I am a mother of 3 and I am now trying to home school them for the first time. I have a 5th grader, 2nd grader and pre k. I am needing some help finding some good websites to help me homeschool. I can't wait to read all the posts on here to see what ideas I can borrow heee hee. Have a great day!

by on Mar. 1, 2013 at 2:55 AM
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Hi, My name is Serenity. I have been married for 11 years, and I have 5 children. Khurt (10), Ehric (6), Whynter (will be 5 in April), Ehlijah (will be 3 in May), and Ehvanjaleen (will be 1 on the 16th ). I have been homeschooling for 4 years now, I have finally learned my problem areas and we are currently addressing them. I did let my oldest boy go to our local Christian Acadamy as he is behind in Math and that is my bad subject, But I did just purchase Math-U-See for the younger children so that I may be able to teach the rest without needing outside assistance.

by on Mar. 1, 2013 at 10:23 AM
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Hi, My name is Amy, and I am homeschooling my 10 year old grandson (husband and I have custody), we have only been homeschooling for about 2 weeks, and it is quite overwelming ! We have his books from his previous school, so we are using those for a basis to get started. Trying to figure out what he likes and doesn't . Like trying to pull teeth at this point. Anyway he does like math, and bible. I have also figured out that spelling books and lists are not necessary, so we just look words up in the dictionary as we need to.

With that being said, I have read so much that at this point it is starting to confuse me. I and my husband both work, but I am able to be home with him from at least noon on every day. So i am the major leader of learning.

I would love any suggestions, tips etc.. especially concerning tools used in teaching, and  maybe brief examples of what you guys days are like.


by on Mar. 1, 2013 at 10:31 AM

 welcome chandra, serenity and amy!!! come on in and join us!

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