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I am trying to create a coop I'm very new and me all the advice and help you can give

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What kinda things do you guys doing your coops? What kind of things that works for you or have you seen you liked? Activities? Outings?

I'm very very new at all of this but the current coop in my area want almost 300 dollars for people toto participate and that's just for 6 months and they only meet together 1 time a month and frankly that's just too much as far as I'm concerned I'm planning on creating a new 1 so that people don't have to spend an arm a leg just for the children to socialize and have a chance to learn jointly on some things..
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by on Feb. 14, 2013 at 10:20 AM
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by on Feb. 15, 2013 at 10:39 PM

$300 for 6 months and only once a month, wow that's a rip-off.  My co-op is $8 for a year and they do all kinds of meet-ups, classes, and events.

The co-op we're in started off small and will turn two years old this March.  When it first started out it started with one mom posting the outings she was planning to do with her children.  When she went to the park, she posted, when she made a trip to a certain museum, she posted and so people joined her and the group grew to know each other

As our group grew the founder handed over some of the planning for certain age brackets or things to a few set members that were very active in the group.  Not only that but anybody can set up a meet-up in the group and plan it, so that we tend to have a full schedule in any given month.  Some members are very active and at nearly all the events, some are less active.

The group rules are basic commonsense rules like respect everybody, don't push your agenda, idea's or views onto others (that goes with respecting).  No violence, or swearing (again I think that goes with respect).  Needless to say the groups been a positive experience because so far everybody has respected each member and their differences.  I enjoy the different types of homeschoolers and parents in our group, and the various different things that people plan.

I suggest going into creating your co-op with an idea of what you want, but also to make it less stressful for yourself try to start small by planning things for your children and try to include others.  Some members prefer to teach classes and do things with the group, while others prefer to plan meet-ups at parks, or museums.  When you get good few trusted and active members it's a good idea to see what kinds of ideas they can bring to the table.  I remember during a group meeting the founder of our group mentioned how her picture of the group started in her mind one way, but has changed and spiraled all over the place and grown into something she could never imagine but is even more happier with.

*Good Luck BTW

by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 7:35 AM
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I helped create one where I live. We have about 15 families that participate. It is not a drop-off situation. Everyone stays and participates. We meet in a community center once a week for 2 hrs. The fee ends up being only $40/family/semester.  That is just to cover the cost of the building and a few basic supplies (cleaning supplies, tablecloths, name tags...).

We have a theme each week and there is a committee of moms over each one of the weeks. We have science/art, Friday fun (teachers pick the topics related to their knowledge & skills) field trips, and book club/events (holiday parties, spelling bee, educational fair), and Seniors are their own committee. I head up the friday fun committee with 3 other moms. We teach once/month. One of us does the Littles class the other 2 each teach another class.

Each week there are 5 different classes running at one time. The Littles, which are the babies through age 4.  The Middles are ages 5-10, and the Seniors are 11 and up.  The Middles & Seniors split into 2 age groups and rotate between 2 classes. 

We start out all together to open. We are a religious group so we do a prayer, song, pledge, spiritual tought& announcements. Then break for classes.

In the summer we just have park days and field trips. We still meet to keep the friendships going.

It sounds kinda complicated when I try to write it all out, but it works really well.  We have been doing it for 3 years now!  hope this helps you a little.

Good luck!

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