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What mistakes did you make when first starting to homeschool?

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 what mistakes have you done while starting to homeschool? or are doing?

what did you do to make it better?


by on Feb. 22, 2013 at 10:41 AM
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by on Feb. 24, 2013 at 9:18 PM
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I'm sorry, I didn't see this! Waldorf is a method of education. Like there is classical, Charlotte mason, traditional, unschooling, etc. it's a bit much to explain it all here, but mainly Waldorf is based on a philosophy created by a man named Rudolph Steiner a long time ago. It believes on teaching the child based on their developmental stages, and that forcing a child to learn academically too soon causes problems in other areas. It is letting a child stay a child instead of making them grow up too quickly, so academics are started around age 6/7. Then it uses life as a teaching tool instead of texts. Learning through living, through stories, having a rhythm to your day, week, month, year. It's very nature inspired as well.
I get my curric through, they have good info there if you want o know more.

Quoting IntlMom12:

What is Waldorf? I haven't heard of that.

Quoting Boobah:

I will say I wish I knew then about Waldorf, but I'm glad I found out early. It is working well for us.

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by on Feb. 24, 2013 at 9:19 PM
Or feel free to ask questions also! :)
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by on Feb. 24, 2013 at 9:35 PM
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Made a schedule lol. It didn't work for us! We are happier with go-with-the-flow!
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by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 6:35 AM

I just bought a used curriculum and went with it....most is going well but I should have really looked at the math more closely....was doing Saxon K and she was so bored....I never made her do all the problems...but it was all skills she already knew (or could pick up in 2 min).  I now have her doing Horizon math ...but at the 1st grade level....I didn't think she would be ahead of the grade since I didn't do anything formally with preschool...but they do pick up a lot in everyday life if you make everything fun and add some math in.  I also have been very relaxed with time (we don't use alarms...and don't start at the same time everyday) but I think I got to "laid back" and began starting later and later (if she was busy playing nicely with her younger siblings....we would start later...and later)...... if we don't start by 9....her attention span is not after breakfast now it's teeth, hair, dressed, and then we start...not much time to play first.   I also tried "rushing off" to library meetings and homeschool gym at the y we do those things occasionally but not every week......we were getting too busy and it was messing with our relaxed family life...meal prep.....and some of the reasons I was staying home and homeschooling in the first place

by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 4:35 PM

 My mistake the first year was not recording every little thing we learned. So when it came to portfolio time, I got lectured by the evaluator on not covering enough information. Now we have everything written down.

by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 4:39 PM
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Honestly I tried to be like everyone else. That was a huge mistake for us. I tried the already made curriculums that I could borrow from our homeschooling group and did the hours like the public schools. It did not work. I finally tried researching unschooling and found how broad that term is. I built what worked for us, used our library heavily, embraced my artisticside (and the autistic one)., and relaxed. I actually made it a goal to enjoy the studies with my kids. Now we love our life and the educational process.
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by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 9:39 PM
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Didnt count our daily blessings. Didnt live in the moment.
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by New Member on Feb. 26, 2013 at 6:22 PM
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This is my first year but I've learned a lot already from my mistakes. My middle son is more of a hands on or visual learner as they say. I chose an online school because my oldest needs to keep up with where she was in private school and this school was accredited. I'm still trying to get more organized but not exhausting myself with thinking because I'm home everything can be organized & put into place. Ha ha right. Well I'm really taking the time to look into things for my youngest for next year & the bonus is he's potty trained now! Honestly I can say sometimes we have a few bad days & sometimes we have hardly any but I'm glad I chose to do this. My kids have a bond with not only me but each other and I'm just taking it day by day.

by on Feb. 26, 2013 at 10:35 PM
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I tried to make it too much like "school at home"! It took a while to learn that learning and education at home does not always look like school. I learned to allow the kids more time to learn and explore on their own and give fewer "assignments".

by on Feb. 26, 2013 at 10:38 PM
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Quoting IntlMom12:

Reading these is giving me hope. This is my first year HSing and I don't feel like it's gone very well. Knowing that you all have  had tough times and gotten through them helps.

My boys were adopted from Ethiopia when they were 3 and 4. They have been home almost 2 years and we wanted to give them a full year at home before starting school to adjust to us, their new home, etc. So DS1 (DOB 9-15-06) started K last fall. He LOVES learning but I'm having a hard time with the curriculum I chose and we have gone more to an unschooling approach, making sure I cover the 3 Rs each day. DS2 (DOB 11-25-07) I tried starting in preschool with DS1 but he was NOT ready. He could only focus for about 15 minutes and we were both getting very frustrated so I stopped forcing the learning. He sits with DS1 and me while we are doing his school and is learning that way, but he doesn't have to participate. He is getting better about sticking with things and this fall I'll have him in a "formal" preschool program where I'm working with him 1 on 1 at times. I know that means he'll be almost 7 when he enters K, but that's OK with us. :-)

Take a look at this info, it may work well with your little guys! No sitting at a desk doing worksheets:

Growing Readers

Are you Growing a Reader? Homeschooling your early reader? No need to buy an expensive curriculum to get your child off to a great start at reading. Do you want to avoid tedious, boring worksheets and instead learn through engaging hands on activities and play? Here are a collection of links on teaching your child to read and write for free:

Sight Words or Phonics? How about a balanced approach?

Some background on using a balanced literacy approach to teaching your child to read.

Early Alphabet Learning and the Name Game

How to begin teaching the alphabet and other early literacy skills to your preschooler or Kindergartner.

Kindergarten Sight Words and Early Reading Skills

What you need to know to get started teaching your Kindergartner to read including a look at some of the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten reading.

Kindergarten Sight Word Sentences

After you know about teaching sight words to your Kindergartner you are ready to move on to sentences.

Kindergarten Sight Words Reading Books

Once you start introducing your child to the sight words he is ready for his first emergent-reader book.

Beginning Phonics for Emergent Readers

Once your child knows most of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds he is ready to learn to "sound out" simple words. This post shows you lots of hands on multi-sensory ways to practice early phonics.
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