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What is an appropriate age to introduce this?

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When did you discuss sex and reproductive things with your child? Or when do you plan to? What do you plan on using to do this? Books? Would books have pics? Biblical references?
Is the age different between boy and girl?
I just read somewhere that a 6 year old was learning about sex! To me this was nuts. Not sure if they are a homeschooler or not but they are christian and were using a Christian book to teach it.
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by on Mar. 3, 2013 at 7:36 AM
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by on Mar. 4, 2013 at 3:43 PM

If our kids had not asked us by age 10/11 we would talk to them . We did not use a book or pictures. It is also something you need to leave open for dialogue as they get older and have more questions. If possible have Dad talk to boys and Mom to girls.  If they ask questions younger then we give an age appropriate answer and sometimes say that we we tell them more when they are older, that's all they need to know for now.  Also make sure you talk to girls about periods earlier. You do not want them caught off guard.

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by on Mar. 4, 2013 at 4:32 PM

The first time they ask where babies come from. My oldest was 2 when she asked where babies come from. I just told her that a daddy plants a seed in the mommy's tummy and it grows into a baby. 'The talk' has progressed naturally from there. Now she's six and knows more. She asked about my feminine hygeine items a few months ago and learned about menstruation. She's been begging for another sibling and asked a few weeks ago if we'd make another baby. I said we were trying and she asked for more info. She's always been into biology and I figured if she was capable of understand and talking about the digestive/endocrine/circulatory systems then she could handle the reproductive system. She knows all the details and she's seen those black and white sketch drawings of the internal workings. She's seen body parts her whole life because nudity isn't a huge taboo in our house. We cover up when there's company, but if we're running from the shower to the dryer or changing in the van at the beach, it's not a huge deal.

She also has a single aunt who has a baby and is pregnant with another. She knows you don't have to be married to make babies, but she also knows that it's better to wait until you have a job, a home of your own and a commited partner.

My youngeset is a younger two than she was and doesn't understand/ask about any of it. My middle one is 4 and knows the basics, but that's all she's been interested in.

by on Mar. 4, 2013 at 7:23 PM

We adopted our kids 3 years ago at ages 7 (girl) and 9 (boy).
With that being said, we did not get the opportunity to slowly give them bits and pieces as they grew. We were beginning to talk with our son about a year ago, who just turned 12, but we were late on the conversation. A few months back we found a website that a neighborhood kid had given him...the site made me blush! Our son had been looking at it. So, we had to explain that those situations were set up and not reality. He was never on the internet alone, so we had to figure out how he got through.
Just this past December, I began talking with our daughter. She was given the information about her body changing when she was 8.5-9 yrs old, since we were not sure when she would begin her cycles (genetically, we just don't have any info). Three weeks ago, we found were she had been visiting a website with neighboring once again, we had to go through the talk with her and explain, redirect and make sure our child had the right information.

I share this because I don't want anyone to have to go through what we did. It was NOT pleasant at all! Be PROACTIVE. Talk with your kids openly, honestly, and never make them feel like they are asking an embarrassing question.

These are the rules we go by when they feel they need to talk about sex:
1. I will always tell them the truth.
2. I will always use proper names.
3. If I am unsure what they are asking me, it is okay for me to ask them to explain their question.
4. No question will ever be avoided and will always be answered.

Hope this is helpful. =)
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