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If homeschooling became illegal....

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...what would you do?
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by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 2:15 PM
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by on Mar. 30, 2013 at 12:12 PM
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 It is almost getting hilarious reading what this lady writes like she knows what she is talking about!! rolling on floorsidesplittinglaughter

by Sonja on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:33 PM
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Either prove what you are saying or stand off.  I find it difficult to give anything you say any creedance since you have had NOTHING concrete--black and white proof, to back up your claim that TX students have to have testing done. 

Quoting specialwingz:

Even YOU can't provide proof that homeschooled kids have less sex and better morals.  Just because you can't find a case study on it doesn't prove your point.  It simply means you don't have a case study at hand.

I know plenty of high school girls who are homeschooled who have sexual relationships with their homeschooled boyfriends.  And, many of the homeschooled kids in our advocate group have admitted to have had sex before college.

So, while in your circle of homeschooling and friends, there may not be much of that kind of thing going on, it doesn't mean that is true nationwide.

Quoting kirbymom:

What is really sad is the fact the public schools are telling young girls that it is okay to go out and have sex as long as they have a condom or a birth control pill. You do not see a homeschooling family with that thinking process. In fact that is so rare that you can barely even find a case study on it. BUT, there are case studies after case studies that show the public school kids as having more of a wide open view on such moral issues. And just as that is sad, it is also sad that you are trying to have an arguement where you refuse to post any legal links that prove your point.  

Either put your money where your mouth is and "prove" your side or leave the conversation altogether if you can not "prove" your side. . 

Quoting specialwingz:

Your mistake for assuming.  I know these kids.  And, they were homeschooled.  But, it does show the mentality of this line of defense.  When kids don't know something, blame it on the public school system.  I am not blaming the entire homeschooling system.  I only speak of people I know.  I know some amazing homeschooled kids.  And, sadly, some not so great ones.  I do realize that public schools can pump out kids that don't know a lot.  But, to assume the ones who don'tknow as much are from public schools is simply wrong.

I truly wish I could have homeschooled my kids.  But, it was not as accepted when they were in school as it is now.  Although it is finally coming into fruition in MN where my 2 older kids went to school, it is highly regulated.  But, education is priority #1 in that state.

In Texas, where my 2 younger kids went to school, footbal is priority #1.  So, trying to get a decent education is a definite challenge.

So, at this point, with de-regulated homeschooling, it will be interesting to see the next generation and how their skill sets will benefit their local community.

Again, I'm not saying this is ALL homeschooled kids.  I'm saying there are an awful lot of parents homeschooling their kids who shouldn't be.  And, nobody is keeping them in check.  Now THAT is a scary situation to look forward to.

Quoting OFIH:

You are right, not all homeschooling parents are great at what they do. Just like not all public school teachers are great at what they do. There are stinky examples in each type of educational model. The change issue you keep brining up really brings home the point that many should homeschool who aren't because you are seeing mostly publicly schooled children giving you that change that they can't figure out without help, and sometimes even then they can't get it right. Seems you need to quit worrying about us and need to really work on helping your state better their public school standards. You might see a lot of improvement in that area if you did. Someone has to start the ball rolling, why not you? Take that frustration and use it for good. How is that what happens when education is left to parents? You are making no sense at all. Most are publicly educated kids, not homeschooled, so explain your line of thinking there since it doesn't make sense.
Quoting specialwingz:

I'm not attacking.  That is merely your perception of something you simply don't agree with.

You know, it's really annoying to go to a store and see kids from your area who can't even count back change.  That's not an attack.  THAT is fact.  But, that's what happens when education is left up to parents who don't have the knowledge themselves.  At least other states require regular assessment tests.  This way they know the kids are actually being taught.

I find it funny how people will bash on how the "wrong people have kids".  Yet, will defend without discretion, the self-teaching of children.  Not ALL parents teaching their kids REALLY knows what they are doing.  Hello.

Quoting OFIH:

Attacking is not an intellectually honest way of having a discussion and it makes people think you don't have an actual leg to stand on with facts. Most people counting your change back come from public schools. So that's not even a good point to bring into your discussion. That's not an attack on public schools, that's just a plain fact. And that's across the nation, not just in Texas. There seems to be a BIG issue in our nation with simple math needed for those types of transactions. Again, most of those people are not homeschooled kids/adults. Facts have been stated to you. You talk back with opinions and general statements based on your limited experience with a few homeschoolers in one small area of the state. If you have facts to counter the law of the state, please feel free to post them. Otherwise, thank you for this discussion and it's very clear that the homeschoolers that posted the actual laws of the state are correct and you are either misinformed or mistaken. It's OK to be one of those things, just let it go. You aren't helping yourself at all and it is starting to look like you are just baiting instead of having an honest discussion. It's easy to prove your side, share the educational code, laws, or guidelines that show homeschoolers must have testing for their diplomas. You haven't. Guess there isn't any.
Quoting specialwingz:

I love how people blindly believe.  One would think government was a religion.  But, none the less, I now know why so many kids in this state can't even count back change without a register telling them what to give back, along with many other things considered basic skills.  Apparently ANY parent (with or without any recognizable knowledge) can "teach" their kids at home.  Without anyone assessing these kids...they don't have to learn a damn thing!

Quoting OFIH:

Respectfully, your information is not correct about diplomas in Texas. Maybe those students parents THOUGHT they had to have that testing, many parents don't know all their rights. Or, maybe they wanted to have that testing for their kids. Or, maybe you are thinking of college entrance exams. But, the law states nothing like you are stating below. You issue your child's diploma in Texas and no testing like you describe is needed at all. Please check the state laws as Texas is one of a few states that's very homeschool friendly and really leaves it in the parents hands completely with very few guidelines.
Quoting specialwingz:

They DO TO have to be tested in Texas.  I know over 100 homeschool grads that had to take a state test before their diploma was official!

Quoting usmom3:

 It wouldn't happen over night so as soon as I knew it was going to happen I would order my kids diplomas because the way the law is written in my state (Texas) it is up to the parent to decide when a child is ready to graduate (no age restriction or testing required) & I am pretty sure they would have to grandfather clause all past homeschool graduates, so as long as they have diplomas that are dated before it becomes illegal they would be safe. If for some reason that plan doesn't work we would go off grid.

by Sonja on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:43 PM

I'm not sure exactly. I used to be afraid that someone would come along and take my kids from me but as the days, weeks and years have passed and I have been challenged and then told that what we do is by far better than any darned public school can do and would I be willing to teach their kids, I have become less afraid and gone on the charge myself. I am the one who sings the 'CHALLNGE ME', song.  I push for it. I advocate for it. I want people to come and observe me in all of my glories and my mistakes. I want them to see how we do it. I want them to walk away in total and complete shock. This way, they will know beyond any doubt who is better educated and why. :)  I have been trying to become a voice for homeschooling for awhile now. I think that there are enough of us who believe in  homeschooling , that could change the opinions of the public if we would just take a stand.  

Quoting OFIH:

There is no way to like this comment enough, especially the last part. The government should work FOR us, not boss us. We hire them. We pay them. We fire them. We should tell them to leave our kids alone. If we did, they would have to do what we said. What are we all so afraid of?
Quoting kirbymom:

If homeschooling became illegal, there would not be a person on this planet that would be able to find me and mine. Ever. And I would not have to fake anything to do it either.  I have never reported nor will I start now. If anyone wants to come and take me on and try to prove that I am not doing a good job nor doing right by my kids, I say to anyone......BRING IT ON!  Because then I will show you who is smarter and more educated and I am NOT college educated either. My husband is, but you know what? It has been me who has made sure that my kids are well educated and extrememly intelligent. My husband has been there for me of course to help when we got stuck on something or to suggest doing things differently but it has been me for the most part educating my children. And I am just your everyday run of the mill female, wife and mother to 7 awesome kids. And just that that this info is out there, I am not trying to run away from anything. I just do not believe that there is a person other than myself or my husband who is more responsible for me and my family.  

by on Apr. 1, 2013 at 10:19 AM

 i think all the arguing and disagreeing is making this a very popular post!!!

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