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The Misunderstood Face of Giftedness

by on Apr. 16, 2013 at 7:10 AM
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by on Apr. 16, 2013 at 3:51 PM
My children are still in ps for now but trying to convince my husband that I can homeschool them . But I have talked to my sons 3rd grade teacher about a gifted and talented class and she told me he's doing great Academically he shines especially in math but he isn't focused and sometimes can be a class clown and they do frown at that. I couldn't believe it . I told her her he's 9! Really ? All thr school cares about it test scores no field trips and study study study!
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by on Apr. 16, 2013 at 3:51 PM

I was a gifted kid (in all of the GATE programs and stuff). I also skipped a grade, so the emotional immaturity issue was amplified. I started out with perfect grades, all 95% and above. Then it tanked in middle school to mediocre grades because I hated school. Hated my teachers, was incredibly bored and bullied, etc. I'm learning more now through my autodidacticism than I ever did in public schooling.


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by on Apr. 17, 2013 at 7:57 AM
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Quoting bluerooffarm:


Quoting serendipitykdk:

This is a great article...and should be read by all those the the educational and health fields (if they are willing enough to a) spend the time to read it and b) open their minds to it). Thanks so much for sharing it!! 

And bluerooffarm, not only are the children expected to show a sense of 'maturity' but the criteria for gifted programs in the public schools where we are?  Simply high grades.  No consideration for gifted variations whatsoever; extraordinarilly narrow-minded and that 'wonderful' concept of training sheep and fitting all into the same square box.

 It's really no better where they give an IQ test.  We were given an IQ test ad I scored in the "gifted range" but because I was "constantly acting out" I was too immature to be placed.  When I would finish my math lessons, I would call all the kids from their desks to do something else.  Because the teacher lost control of her classroom, I was labeled immature, a troublemaker, an all around bad kid.  It followed me for YEARS until the middle school gifted teacher realized what was going on. 

I swore that my kids would not go through what I had.  I fought the ps, then realized it wasn't worth the fight.  I brought them home and we are so blessed to learn together.

 Your experiences are extremely similar to what my daughter was going through and why we pulled her out at Christmas.  I've just started to do more research on giftedness to see how I can best serve her...but reading the article, your reply and those of others help solidify for me something I was already strongly feeling and I again thank you profusely for sharing!!!

by Group Admin on Apr. 17, 2013 at 11:13 AM

 My kids have not been tested yet.  I dont know if they fall into the gifted or advanced catagory.  But my 7 year old, late Dec. birthday, last year for kindergarden was made a teachers helper.  They told her she could go to first grade reading, but she had to remind the teacher at 9:20 or she could not go.  I also had the teacher approve me sending in harder work for my dd for when she got bored, but the teacher vary rarely allowed her to do the work.  They refused to allow her have a pull out for math, when she was more advance in that, than reading at the time.  They also pretty much refused to test her. 

She was so bored that she was always in trouble.  One time they told me they had to place her in thier lap and hold her down because she would not sit down and quit running around the classroom, I did not recieve a call. 

When we moved I put her in k12 and asked her at the end of the school year which she wanted to do and why.  She wanted to go to public school because that is where Mommies and Daddies send thier kids for a break.  I cried.  I do not believe she will ever go back into a public school classroom but if she does she will not be going back till probably highschool. She is now reading at a 4 grade level, atleast.  She was doing one of my friends 13 year olds math homework, after the girl showed her how to do it.   (Fractions, and no I have not went over more than what fraction is for what, but she was turning them into whole numbers and adding and subtracting them.)

My other dd6 is the opposite.  She is the quite kid who makes friends easily and shows what you ask her but vary little more.  She is advanced but I could not tell you by how much.

They both started out like my almost 3 year old.  They new thier alphabet by 2, could count to 5 in English and Spanish, and knew all thier shapes and colors. Thank you babysitter.  They talked early and my oldest gave up her bottle at 6 months and chose a sippy cup.  Babysitter said she threw her bottle everytime it was given to her and she kept reaching for the other kids cups.  So she gave her one to try and that was it.  We never had another bottle with her. 

Schools do not understand my oldest and do not challenge my 2nd.  I dont know my 4 year olds level, he works at his own pace and only shows what he wants to show.  My almost 3 year old is going to be like her sisters in her own way. 

I really wish someone would listen to the article.  It would help children like mine who's parents can not bring them home.

by on Apr. 17, 2013 at 11:30 AM

What a great article.  I was gifted yet didn't do too well in class because I was horribly bullied in school.  Not once did I ever do homework or crack open a textbook.  I kept low key and didn't like to call attention to myself.  I'm very musically inclined.  I still can sing anything I put my mind to - and that includes every TV / Radio jingle out there.  Drove my family nuts that I would (and do) sing everything.  LOL  I should have been advanced in school - moved up a grade - or even two - but my mom didn't feel that was the right thing to do.  So I nearly failed out of school.  Hated it.  

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