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ruining the economy UPDATE

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 MY husband and I where talking and he out of the blue says homeschooling ruins the economy! what I did a double take and was like no its not. I was wondering what you guys think do you think its slowly ruining the economy ?

I had him read the reply's that you lady's posted and he did say he understands everything you guys have said. His reasoning on the whole economy is that enough people start homeschooling where there is no need for as many teachers so they lose their job and we lose schools because there is not enough students to keep the schools alive so in return ruining the economy that way. I responded there will always be a need for ps because your  always gonna run into people whose choice is the ps system. I say tho if anything we make the classes smaller so the kids who have to stay in ps get more one on one attention from the teacher where I think that just benefits the other children. what are your thoughts on that?

by on Apr. 25, 2013 at 9:51 AM
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by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 7:07 PM
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 I very much agree.

Quoting bluerooffarm:

 But in that argument one would be supposing that a strong economy is based upon buying a plethora of cheap junk.  A truly strong and resiliant economy is created through an informed consumer.  Since we teach our children critical thinking skills one would suppose that those skills would help create an informed consumer who would use his/her capital to purchase quality items.  IMO that would create a stronger and more resiliant economy in the  long run.

Quoting celticdragon77:

There is a valid arguement there, just not one worth supporting, in my opinion.

I am NOT raising a consumer literate child, raising them with brand loyalty values, in a socially immature shallow cultured environment, with poor math skills to foolishly make bad decisions with their finances, zero social studies or science skills to understand the larger impact of ones decisions. Where value of STUFF and SELF trumps solid education, character,environment, social causes, etc.

PS Why is Cafemom now highlighting random words in my comments (on my ipad it doesnt show up, but it does on my laptop)? This website is a perfect example of branding going too far. I would rather pay a membership fee to use this site than be bombarded with their ridiculous advertising. Can you tell that I have issues with this topic?!  


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by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 8:05 PM
My only thought is most of the time the mom stays home to homeschool and a lot of us SAHMs are saving money as much as possible. When a mom is working full time they may spend more on clothing, food, sometimes they may pay someone to clean their house, spend more money on kids, salon visits, etc. Of course this isn't always true with all moms but the ones who spend more because of the lack of time put back in the economy.
by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 9:37 PM

It really depends on how your state/town allocates funds. Some are set-up differently.

Quoting tinkerspell:

me and my naighbor where talking about this and she says that the public school is supplied thru property taxes so anybody who owns a house pays it but they dont use any of the taxes from reguler sales at all how much is that true ?

by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 10:51 PM

Lol, thanks I needed a good laugh, lol, no it's not.  The fact remains you still pay taxes which go to the public schools that your children do not attend.

Here's the main reasons why it's not ruining the economy.  It's help create a whole market to cater to from curriculum, to supplies and books specifically catered towards homeschoolers.  Online programs that cost, that they tend to market towards homeschoolers.

Then you have the whole group of people near us that teach classes in the middle of the day to homeschoolers so they can run whatever else they want to on the side.  I know a baker for instance that teaches homeschoolers how to decorate cakes professionally, that helps pay for her bakery business she also runs.  I know many teachers that choose to tutor or teach classes in the middle of the school day to homeschoolers so they can work for themselves instead of the school district, or because there aren't enough full-time teaching positions for them in the area they wish to live.

The museums, art galleries, shops, stores and so many other businesses that homeschoolers visit and spend money in the middle of the work/school day help them stay in business.

I can't picture any way in which Homeschooling can ruin the economy, but I'd really be interested in knowing what ways he thinks it is.

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