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 I have 3 issues this year with VBS.

1.  Today is my birthday.  I did not want to teach on my birthday, so I asked for someone else to take my class today (the first day of our 3 day Bible School).  Now I feel guilty because I don't have big plans or anything, I just wanted to relax on my birthday.  What do you think?  Selfish?  No?

2.  We have 4 public school teachers in our congregation, we have 6 homeschooling moms in our congregation.  None of the ps teachers were asked to teach but all of the hs moms were asked (repeatedly!).  This bothered me and so I asked why.  The answer was that the ps teachers are burned out and tired of teaching by the end of the year.  WHAT?!?!!  So I'm not burned out and tired of teaching?  We only take a month off and I really wanted to REST for the month.  We go on a vacation week to family camp and I really wanted to bum around and let the kids get bored.  As it turns out we have Bible school this week, next week we have a vet appointment/our school district meeting/3 drs appointments/dentist appointment/ and eye doctor appointment, the following weeek is family camp and the last week of our break is finally blank.  How is it that we hs moms are getting guilted into teaching, but the ps teachers are not even asked?

and finally 3.  It's only 3 days?  We always had a full week and a program.  I know I was just complaining that I didn't want to do it to begin with, but seriously it just seems like if it's only going to be 3 days what is the point? 

I guess I just have to learn how to say no.  I just feel guilty because I'm a board member and I have 3 little boys that go to it.  So I feel like I *should* teach.  But I am tired of coming up with activities, I'm tired of teaching, I'm tired of being surrounded by kids all day.  I just want a break.

Okay, whine fest is over.  For those of you who made it this far, thank you!


by on Jun. 19, 2013 at 8:31 AM
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by Group Admin on Jun. 19, 2013 at 4:29 PM
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HGoly Mother Juggs! You just don't worry any more! There is no need to feel guilty for anything. Not even for choosing what is being watched by everyone. No More Guilty Feelings!!!!!!! I am there with you in spirit even tho' I'd like it to be in the flesh. :)

 :-)  Thanks!

by on Jun. 19, 2013 at 10:18 PM

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Our church does 5 day club through Child Evangelism Fellowship.  They provide the teachers. We (our church) does snack and craft to go along with each day but no other one does craft. I think they are free. The missionaries (my DD is one) get supported through family and friends like all missionaries.     This year I am in charge of getting snack ready. Another lady and my MIL are in charge of crafts.  CEF sends out the teachers Usually 2 sometimes 3. It lasts about an hr anad a half for the teaching part we add on another half or so. PM me if you have questions.

 I think that would be awesome, but I doubt the admins at our church would go for it.  They really believe it's the parents' place to "train up you child in the way he should go..."  They are very adamant that parents do everything.  In my old church the older teens "babysat" the newborn-2yos so that more parents would volunteer, but this church believes that those teens should be included in the classes.  Most of the older teens just don't go because they don't want to do the little kid stories, so I personally think they are losing them. 

Yes it sounds like they losing them. Our church likes when parents help out but we feel like we are already doing a lot with children's church, nursery and saunday school classes for every age.  Our church makes a contribution for the teeens that teach but they do not have to, I don't think.  There are plenty of parents that bring and stay with them and help out but the actual teaching we have let this nonprofit come do it. they do all the planning and training. 

by on Jun. 19, 2013 at 10:37 PM
Next year I have them in school every 38th day they have a break off cause I felt that way. Then on our we get get a day off of school as well. So I understand. This year I made a note of that as well. That is my favorite cable Netflix lol

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happy birthday

I agree. Don't do anything and don't feel guilty. It's your day! relax, be lazy...

 Thanks!  I am being VERY lazy.  I'm just sittin here watchin Netflix!  LOL

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