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The concept of time (special needs kiddos)....

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My son is 10 and has NO concept of time.  He understands it just fine on a worksheet.  He clearly understands there are 7 days/ week, 24 hours in a day, and can tell time just fine on a clock.  But he has NO idea how those numbers relate to his life.  Lets say we have a play date Friday at 3, he dosen't understand what that really means.  He honestly thinks he can change time.  So if he wants the play day to come quickly he will just change the calendar and time.  We've tried counting down the days on a calendar.  I've tried making "appointments" ( we're going to take a walk at 2 pm) but nothing seems to work.  

This is our conversation this morning

Collin:  When is Anne going to get here?!!

Me:  Anne isn't coming today, she's coming next week.

Collin:  (Screaming/yelling)  She IS coming today.

Me: No she's coming next week, today is Wednesday, we can see her in 7 days.  

Collin: kicking and screaming, (now sitting on his quiet chair) 

Not sure if its an autism/maturity thing.  It just seems like he will  NEVER get the concept.  It's very frustrating.  Anyone else deal with this?  Any ideas or suggestions?  

by on Jun. 26, 2013 at 11:35 AM
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by on Jun. 28, 2013 at 1:46 AM
Great question! I have this issue with my 14yr old and 7yr old 'sigh' calendars seem useless because they both go cross off days or rearrange it and end up confusing each other even more. 'sigh' it seems like I'm forever saying"no, today is..... The month is..... The year is..... There are ..amount of days until..... No, its summer not winter is not next...... Tomorrow is..... You have to wait an hour (that is sixty minutes.... No not the count of sixty....) I feel like I'm going insane sometimes lol
by Gold Member on Jul. 2, 2013 at 3:06 PM

With my now 5 yo for days I would say "when the sun comes up".  That worked until recently when we started having very dreary weather for several days in a row.....the sun comes up, but we can't see it.  We set the timer for things that are going to happen in a few hours to a few minutes.  We have used a paper chain to count down days.  Let me tell you that the chain from mid November until the start of school for her was nearly 60 pieces long.  That was work for me.  I put it up high enough and she had to remind me to take a link off everyday.  We did this until school started and now we have a great understanding of days.  I another thing I do (may not work for you as your son is autistic), I don't tell them when they have playdates or appointments.  I keep that all hush-hush s o they don't drive me insane about when it it going to happen.

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