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OT & Just for Fun: 20 Things Every Mom Misses Now That She Has Kids

20 Things Every Mom Misses Desperately Now That She Has Kids

by Jeanne Sager

say whatI was standing in the shower, face in the stream of water, when my daughter poked her head 'round the curtain. "I can't get my bathing suit on!" she cried. Silly her for expecting me to manage the bathing suit while I was bathing? Au contraire, mon frere! Silly me for expecting to complete a shower with a child in the house.

I never knew I'd consider a shower a luxury. And then I had a child.

You've been there, haven't you? You became a parent and presto, change-o, things you took for granted for so long in your child-free days became parental luxuries.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Maybe this will help:

1. Pooping alone.

2. Peeing alone.

3. Drinking a cup of coffee while it's still hot. 

4. Eating a chocolate bar that you don't have to share.

5. Your own music on the radio.

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6. Sleeping in.

7. Water bottles that don't have backwash in them.

8. Quiet.

9. Grocery shopping without an argument about popsicles (or sugary cereals or gum).

20 things moms miss10. Restaurants that don't have chicken fingers or hot dogs on the menu.

11. Vacations that don't include amusement parks.

12. A clean backseat.

13. Catching up on your favorite show (before 10 p.m. and without demands for water or another tuck-in). 

14. Books with more than a few hundred words (none of which rhyme).

15. Breakable home decor.

16. Your own room.

17. Your own bed.

18. Letting off a stream of curse words when you stub your toe.

19. Light switches in the off position.

20. A complete thought.

Is this you?

What do you consider a luxury now that you have kids?

by on Jul. 17, 2013 at 10:12 AM
Replies (11-11):
by Gold Member on Jul. 18, 2013 at 8:52 AM

I  have honestly NEVER had to deal with any of that.  I don't know if that is b/c of the choices we made as parents and what are expectations are of our children.

1. I get to do that alone unless you count pets wandering in.

2. I get to do that alone unless you count pets wandering in.

3. When I drank coffee it was always never got cold unless I was busy with something other than the kids.

4. I don't share food with my kids...just something that we don't do.

5. I listen to my own music and occasionally my kids make requests for songs, but again they are not "children's" songs, but songs that their Dad and I listen to as well.

6. My kids generally sleep later than most kids and anything past 8 is sleeping in....and well that occurs on a regular basis around here

7. I don't share drinks with my kids for this very reason.

8. I can say that I do miss this one and I dream about bedtime every day so that the quiet will start.

9. We don't argue while grocery shopping.  My kids WILL NOT ask for things at the store.  If we offer that is different.

20 things moms miss10. We do go out and have taken the kids to nice places, including those that don't have those on the menu.

11. My kids have been on a few vacations that don't include amusement parks, but I think that is because we live in a tourist area where amusement parks are a dime a dozen and we have already done most of them.

12. My backseat stays generally clean unless you count books that are left in the car to read while we are driving.

13. Once my kids are in bed that is it.  They don't generally get back up.

14. My kids read on their own now....this part never really bothered me.

15. Never had to change my home decor...just taught them not to touch.

16. I only shared my room when my DD was an infant and that was 3 weeks.

17. I don't share my bed with my kids unless I have one that is sick and keeping the rest of the house awake.

18. This one I do miss....had to change my language drastically.

19. My light switches stay in the off position until they are needed when the sun goes down.  They are not toys to be played with.

20. I get to make complete thoughts all the time.  This is something that has never been interupted.

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