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hi my name is Amanda

Posted by on Jul. 30, 2013 at 2:35 PM
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and I am 27years old and i have a 2 year old, am pregnant with my second child due jan 24, i am wanting to start homeschooling my son when he's ready but hubby doesn't think he wants to i would love some info and stuff on homeschool, the pros of homeschooling!

thanks Amanda

by on Jul. 30, 2013 at 2:35 PM
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by Sonja on Jul. 30, 2013 at 4:10 PM
Here is an article that may help......

Benefits Of Homeschooling – Education Should Begin At Home

The very base of a child’s character is built at his home by his parents. Apparently he gets his education at school but the grooming part is played at home by his family. Now if the whole responsibility of educating the kids along with bringing them up is taken by the family members, then it results in the best plan of schooling a child at home with no negative influence of external environment. Homeschooling these days, is playing an important role in modern societies. It reinvigorates the parents’ control over educating their children. They can keep a check on each and every activity of their kids and protect them from the evils of outside.

A public school doesn’t promise the element of attention. Is there any guarantee that if your child is a bit shy and doesn’t participate in the class conversations then the teacher would completely ignore the rest of the pupils and pay attention on your child? Certainly not! At public schools, the staff is taught to cover the majority and prefer them over the minority. But actually, you are not concerned with that majority or minority, what you are concerned about is your child, who is lagging behind other students and his precious years of constructing his intellect are going in vain at a place where is not fully attended by the teacher. Ergo, a home school makes your child feel special, he feels that whatever the environment is being set up by his parents is for him and this strengthens his interests towards studies and other instructions because he doesn’t want to spoil the efforts of his own family.

Another very prominent advantage of homeschooling is that children get to see a more informal environment. The times of formalities have diminished now. These days even the business firms and offices are encompassed by informal surroundings. They have overtaken the formal organizations. So, the kids are able to socialize and attain the element of “confidence” which is immensely needed at all stages of life. The school is usually designed to educate the children of neighborhood and other relatives as well, which makes a child positively intermingle with his fellows. They get a chance to go for different activities and arts; like karate, painting, gymnastics, swimming, skating etc. This way a more entertaining environment can be provided to the kids where they can get all benefits which the public schools don’t emphasize upon.

Apart from this, homeschooling has proven to be more economical than the random schools outside. This helps the parents cut the cost of the kids’ lunch, their transportation fees, picnic expenses etc. This in addition gives satisfaction to the parents that their children are having all hygienic food in their diet and they are safe at home. Secondly, at home the education is quality wise more standardized. The weaker subjects of the child are highlighted and are compensated with the stronger ones. In other words, ultimately the benefits of homeschooling leave no weak points in the child’s education.

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by Sonja on Jul. 30, 2013 at 4:12 PM

Hello, my name is Sonja and a great big hearty Welcome! :)
by on Jul. 30, 2013 at 6:45 PM
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Welcome  Hoevergirl1986.  Men usually like the logical approach.  The following article has some statistics for him:   Why Home School

by on Jul. 31, 2013 at 11:03 AM

 welcome amanda, congratulations on 2nd child!!

well its always better to homeschool when both of you agree on it, save a lot of stress for you and child and dh,

heres some of my pros for homeschooling

you get to put in your child what you want, as far as morals etc

the joy of teaching them, its great to be able to teach your child to read for the first time!

you can adjust everything to how he/she learns, (we all learn different ways)

doesnt have to deal with all the peer pressure, bullies everyday

no bombs, killings, kidnappings, guarded schools

you can let him explore his/her favorite things (good for learning)

they dont have to sit in a classroom and try to learn, they are free to move around , run out side, lay on the floor, or couch and learn!

it just brings the family together more

you can set your time when you want to teach or do lessons during the day

no school bus problems, or trying not to be late to catch the bus

teaching one on one, so it doesnt take as long for schooling during the day

you can show your children that learning is exciting and fun! not boring!

take school with you on vacation or visits or ?

if the child is good at something you can feed that

they will grow up and tell you that they loved their growing up years

they will thank you when they are older for homeschooling them

by on Jul. 31, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Welcome! I'm Shannon and I've been HS'ing for over a decade. One thing that is true a lot of the time? Many husbands are a bit leary of HS, they think their kids will not get to be in sports, or they will be strange. THey often have the mis-interpretation that all HS families are like Stepford Wives or something. But the good news is that you have time. I started HS'ing a bit when my kids were toddlers. My DH was amazed by how advanced they were, with so little work at home. When my kids got to be kindergarten ages, I said I'd HS for 1 year, then we'd re-assess. THen the next year I said the same, by the 3rd grade, my DH proudly told everyone we were HS'ers. 

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