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Homeschooling: The Public Schools’ Invasive Species

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 I found this to be an interesting read & thought some of you might too! CLICK TO READ  What do you think?

by on Aug. 1, 2013 at 2:59 PM
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by Sonja on Aug. 5, 2013 at 7:21 PM

Quoting AmaliaD:

I have read it, seems to be very slanted journalism, Who villainizes the NEA? I am a teacher(title I, reading k-3, charter school, non union). The home schooled children I have taught range from very bright and educated kids, to kids that have never retained anything academically (most at least 2-3 yrs behind).

Most ps kids are NOT brilliant either and can barely retain what little they are actually taught.

So I feel there should be some checks by the state for the welfare of the children, based on the huge variation I have witnessed. I have had to be observed by the state (like all Ohio teachers who did the praxis 2) I figured that I do a good job and have nothing to hide. Good homeschoolers shouldn't feel threatened either. We do have to accept that some people aren't good and would keep their kids home without teaching them. But those kids still have a right to education, so it then falls on the state to protect them from their parents like any other neglect.

So, we need monitored because children have the right to be educted????? AND because the children are neglected???? How many children have been failed by the ps system and neglected by the ps system and are not being taken to task over it but are allowed to pass those children on to graduate from all grades through high school????

Well you are not being monitored very well now. The failure rate is much higher from the ps system than it is from the homeschooling system. Go fact checking, please.

Homeschooling saves the gov a ton of money.
And yet the government keeps whining about it!

I know an online k teacher who has a huge amount of "ghost students" who enroll, get the free computer, scanner, wifi and printer and never speak to the academy again. Some are long time homeschoolers who know their rights and use the state funds (why not?). And some just never make the kid turn on the computer, let alone teach him something. And right now, they can't do anything unless they can prove it (which isn't easy).

Can't prove the kids are not being taught?
Well, there are tons of proof that the public schools ARE passing kids that CAN NOT read, write or even think for themselves.

So, where are the checks and balances you said you have from the stance of the public schools?

IF you do have them, they are detestable to say the least. To pass even 1 child when they can not read, write or think for themselves is so horrible and you , the system, want to monitor what we parents do? That is laughable on every level imaginable.



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