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I think I get to breathe now

I feel like I might finally have a handle on getting this year started.

Trig - She finally finished Algebra 2 and made a B- in the class. Woohoo!! We also settled on using THINKWELL for Trig this year. Now the question is - how will this year and next year fit together, since she wants to go back to the public school? We can double up lessons to do Trig this semester and Pre-Calc next semester so that she can do AP Calc as a senior, along with AP Physics. Or, she can do Trig this year and Pre-Calc next year and only do Honors Physics. I want to sit down with the registrar at the high school and ask her to help me hammer this out.

Economics - We'll start with the book NAKED ECONOMICS: UNDRESSING THE DISMAL SCIENCE by Charles Wheelan. I found an 8-wk lesson plan that we'll go through, plus do a stock market game. We'll finish up the semester with some Dave Ramsey style personal finance lessons.

Science - Finally got the community college thing sorted out, and her textbook for Astronomy, DISCOVERING THE ESSENTIAL UNIVERSE by Neil Comins arrived today. We rented it from Amazon for about $40. It was selling used for almost $80. Classes twice a week and they start next week.

Spanish - We were supposed to do Spanish last year, but it got dropped by the wayside. So we'll pick it up this year. Right now, she's using Mango Online through our local library website as a review. We'll probaby keep working through that for a week or two, then jump into the new stuff with BREAKING THE BARRIER, SPANISH 2. I'm never fully happy with any foreign language text, so I'm kind of crossing my fingers on this one.

Latin - We're learning this together! We'll share the textbook, but we each have our own workbooks. So far, so good.

English Composition - I have Composition worked out, I hope. We're trying out the new Time4Writing high school level class for writing SAT essays. The 8 week course takes us through Sept and Oct. In Oct, we'll start NaNo prep and she'll use their workbook to do the NaNo Young Writers Program in November.

English Lit: Shakespeare - This is really the only class where I feel behind still. We're supposed to start an Intro to Shakespeare next week and I don't have anything really concrete worked out, just a hodgepodge of sources and books. I do have THE ESSENTIAL SHAKESPEARE, as well as SHAKESPEARE MADE EASY: HAMLET, as well as the play text from Folgers. I just have to put it all in some useful order.

Co-Op: There are 3 kids registered for my Jungle to Graveyard class, so I'm not sure if we'll even bother with it. Plenty of kids registered for Drama, though! And I haven't even looked at a plan for that. Better get on that next week after I figure out Shakespeare.

Next semester: If Time4Writing isn't a total washout, we'll use them again in the spring for their course on writing a research paper. Lit will be Fairytales, Folklore and Mythology. We'll substitute US and World Geography for Economics in the spring. And I have no clue what we'll do for Science. It's my understanding that 1 semester of a college course = 1 high school credit, which means that she'll have earned sufficient science credits for the year, but taking another class might be useful.

Am I missing anything? Do I sound like Tiger Mom? Anyone have experience with any of these books or curricula and want to warn me away now?

I'm tired.

SusanTheWriter ~ Wife, Mom, Author

by on Aug. 21, 2013 at 5:30 PM
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by on Aug. 23, 2013 at 8:35 PM

My oldest LOVED Thinkwell for math. He used it for Alg 2 and learned a ton from it. He even tested out of the Algebra class at his community college for dual enrollment after that, so I felt like it was a really good choice for him.  We adore ALL the Time4Writing courses. Both my sons have made significant jumps in their writing skills after each course. 

by on Aug. 23, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Same here!

Quoting Boobah:

Holy nuts. I don't even want to think about upper grades yet. *leaves post*

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