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How do you go about "punishing" for not doing school work right??? Im talking about a teen responsible enough to this stuff..but he just isnt applying himself. I have told him countless times that just because he is "homeschooled" doesnt mean he can slack off and get away with things. 

I have tried many methods with him, he is learning...somewhat but just not applying 100%. I set up the entire week. Tell him there will be a quiz today on certain stuff...he has 7 days to study for it, I tell him what pags it will be on....i give him everything I can think of help him...and come quiz day today he just goofs off because he "doesnt feel like doing anything today". One of the questions was for his history and it was What was the rosetta stone...his answer "a website that helps you learn languages" I ask him how that pertains to history and he says..oh i didnt know u meant the history rosetta like REALLY this entire quiz has history vocab words matching things etc..and that is your answer...

How do you go about dealing with laziness? He also has an essay topic due next week.that HE ASKED me if he could do.....every thursday is "research day" where he works on his essay etc. And I remind him next week its due....He isnt going to have it done because he doesnt even have a draft written up yet and its 4 pages long on 2 greek gods of his choosing. (I orginally said 1, but he wanted to choose 2 so he got 2 gods, and 4 pages instead of 1 god 2 pages) I am so tired of explaining things. If i be mean about things he is going to goof right through it....

HELP im at my wits end. I need suggestions. Please.

EDITED *** he has had 4 weeks to complete this 4 page essay. He is just pure lazy..was lazy in public school and hateful and always got into trouble, so thats why i pulled him out he wasnt going anywhere period, he had done failed so many times. He is suppose to be in the 10th, but he is in the 8th according to the school district. Everything I tell him goes in one ear and out the other. Im trying to teach him responsiblity but he is being a teenager......URG 

by on Sep. 19, 2013 at 11:24 AM
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by on Sep. 22, 2013 at 9:28 AM
What about a carrot instead of a stick??? Starting little he will get his favorite meal or you or dad will do one of his chores that he picks or a day where you and he play video games something fun and creative but you set the rules for how he earns it
by on Sep. 22, 2013 at 10:28 AM

He will be 15 in a few months. I dont think I will medicate him because i dont think he needs it, i dont even medicate myself for depression etc, mind of matter i believe. Its good to know that you come from the same perspective as I do, helps alot, and thank you for the reassurance. Yes the license thing is a great idea, since I have such a good driving record, i will be teaching him how to drive, and so i think i will hold off on that aspect until he does improve...PERFECT idea. 

Thanks again. 

Quoting TJandKarasMom:

I just went back and looked for this post after reading your "thank you" post.  And I read all the responses.

My first point is, please think very carefully before medicating him with any of those SSRI reuptake inhibitors (prozac, zoloft, etc).  Especially in teenagers, they can do way more harm than good.  So PLEASE do your reseacrh before choosing that route.  Not saying not to, just to really really research all of it before giving checmicals like that to a child (or to anyone for that matter).

Next...I want to tell you I know all to well where you are coming from as the Stepmom part...I am a custodial SM to my DD10, her mom chose not to be around and hasn't spoken to her in over a year :(  It definitely plays it's part in our lives and in my relationship with DD and hers with me (and everyone else...she will never fully get over the trust and abandonment issues).

Since you have only had him since Feb, think of HOW MUCH progress he has already made!  That is only 7 months and he is already improving so much!  My advice goes with a lot of others, take privileges away until schoolwork is complete.  My kids know absolutely no electronics until their daily list is checked.  Maybe daily could work better than weekly for him? He will need to work up to weekly I think because not everything will be laid out each day for him forever, but you can start with daily.  And if he doesn't get work done to your specifications, then he doesn't get to do any of his fun stuff.  You said he likes to socialize at the bus stop?-no bus stop if he's not doing his work.

I'm guessing he is 15?  I don't think you said...but that is close to getting his license until he shows he is mature enough to handle it-you show that by getting all your schoolwork done on time and taking some initiative.

The only other thing I can say is to keep going!  You have invested a lot in him, and that has done more for him than you can even imagine.  He knows how much you care about him and someday he will appreciate it sooo much (that day can take a while, but it will come). 

And keep coming here for support and advice, this is the best group to be in, it's my favorite place to spend a few free minutes :)

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