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What do you use?

I have been told about A Beka, Tapestry of Grace, Apologia, MathUSee... My head is spinning! We were loaned some books to get started. (I pulled her out of public school while she was in 6th, but she is doing 7th grade work) They are all A Beka. She doesn't have math yet, so we are doing MathUSee worksheets and finding other things that are grade appropriate for her. I want to know what you use and why you like it! And also some cons if you have them!

I am going to be homeschooling all 4 of my children. 12, 3 (almost 4), 2 and 5 months. So, I am going to have several grades going at once in a few years.

Thanks in advance ladies!

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by on Oct. 23, 2013 at 11:35 AM
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by on Oct. 24, 2013 at 10:41 AM

Thank you so much for both replies! I love all the different sites you gave so I can look them up!! Amazing! We are going to cover astronomy next year and I didn't even think about buying space foods for them to try! I looked it up and it is quite affordable! That is going to be so much fun! Not sure I can wait so long to cover it now! lol

Thank you for the extra ideas on how to get the little ones involved as well. Right now when she is working on her handwriting, I have the 3 year old practice writing her name. When my oldest is working on literature, I have story time with the younger ones. When my oldest is doing math, I have the 3 year old writing her numbers and the 2 year old works on colors.

I really appreciate the time you took to help me out!! Thank you!!

Quoting KrissyKC:


I like Math U See, but if you are only doing some worksheets from it, then you are only getting the practice.   My kids watch a short video, then go do the worksheets until they understand it, then they assess to see if they get it... then watch the next video.   It's terrific because it's a very painless process and it's that one subject I'm pretty hands off on (for my older kids)...     we tried Saxon, but it takes so much effort to teach and to get them to DO it...  it didn't work for us.  However, my older daughter really needs to consider some Saxon in high school because she wants to get into a math/science field.  

Science:   My kids are DEVOURING Apologia.   They are really digging into the Anatomy book we are using.  My kindergartener is very ADHD/ODD.   She is even picking up a little of it just by sitting in on it with her siblings and having the Junior Journal Notebook to go with it.   If I had known science would be this much fun, we would have started Apologia three years ago.

History:   Well, this year we wanted to hit on American History with the two older ones.  ((11 and 9)) because we have done geography and some ancient history.   So, we looked at Rod & Staff and found that their 5th grade history is about North American history.   We are enjoying it so far.  The last few times I had the kids "put it away" to get out the next subject, they groaned because they wanted to keep doing history.  I only do it in small bites and we do some crafting to go with it.   Making a diorama (3D picture in a shoe box) this next week of different native tribes.

Language Arts:   We use a few fun things, like bananagrams, scrabble, finish lines (finish the story stuff), reading with skits and plays, madlibs, story cards, journaling, writing to friends,.... etc.    

English/Grammar:    My current primary english curriculum, though, is Rod & Staff.  It's just so simple and to the point about teaching English (diagramming and memorizing and really LEARNING the concepts)...  However, after three years and being VERY happy with it, we decided to take a break and switch to a literature unit.   If we feel we need it we will return to Rod & Staff later.  I found some actual Middle School text books and teacher at a cheap sale and picked them up.  I later found some supplemental work on Amazon.   I can't wait to start this after January.   We will still hit and miss our Rod & Staff until this year is done.    

Bible:   Currently, .there is so much bible in their curriculum and they attend church twice a week plus participate in Junior Bible Quizzing, that we don't really teach it except quiet time which the kids usually read their bibles a bit.  Sometimes, we pick up a study, or work on a unit they do in church or just read together... The last two years we taught out of the Gospels and James.

I have a ton of other extra stuff for when we need to change things up.   Like, I have several small math booklets, today we did a page on problem solving and worked on magic squares.  (all the numbers have to equal the same in each row, column, and diagnol)... then, we did some pre-algebra warm ups (neither kid is in pre-algebra yet, but it's a challenge thing.)... then we discussed analogies and did 10 minutes of analogies.

I really like the curriculum, but I cannot by any means finish it all.   I also can't seem to stick with a plan.  We take what we have in front of us and kinda stir it all up and see what pops out.   Some of it is led by me, some of it is at the request of the kids.

by on Oct. 24, 2013 at 1:11 PM

When you home school, the whole world becomes your classroom.

Whole Brain Teaching

How To Improve Your Skills As An Educator

Quoting summerbear:

Quoting usmom3:

 We don't use any curriculum but here is a bump for you!

How does that work?! *genuinely interested*

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