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homeschool regulations seem to have a bad rap here

There are a lot of comments in that state regulations post. I haven't been able to find time to read through them all yet. However I am really surprised by the views expressed in the post so far.  

I feel like homeschool regulations / state laws are getting a bad rap amongst homeschoolers. 

I live in a highly regulated state. So I know and deal with what that means - and it isn't what many of you seem to fear. 

It gives and protects my rights to educate my children - as much as it gives and protects my childrens right to an education. 

I still have the right to parent my children how I see fit, I still have religious rights regarding their educations, I still have the right to teach with the methods and styles that I prefer. 

The school district is not allowed to bully me because I have well established laws. I personally feel like my state formally took a stand to support homeschooling by creating laws that allow it and regulate it in a reasonable manner. 

Schools in general need a reform. However, I am thankful that I live in a country that offers my family a formal education and the freedom to learn beyond just that. I also am thankful that I have homeschool as another option. Just because the schools themselves need a reform, does NOT excuse resistance to reasonable regulations over homeschoolers.  

Many times in that post, I heard fears that seemed unfounded. I have yet to see any state adopt homeschool laws that banned it or that seemed unreasonable. The states that adopted laws, made a formal stand to support and protect homeschoolers. That is what laws are for! If your state has NO homeschooling laws, it has NOT officially protected your rights. To me, that just seems irresponsible.

by on Nov. 26, 2013 at 11:47 AM
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by on Nov. 26, 2013 at 9:50 PM
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I think it's very unrealistic to think that the government protects your right to homeschool or really to do anything. I am a libertarian and I believe in people rights. I believe in the United States Constitution and all of forefathers who faught for our liberty and freedoms. I'm not prepared to roll over and allow this "government" to take away my right to raise my kids the way that I see fit. Government regulations protect very few but hurt millions. I love living in Alaska and before Alaska, we lived in Indiana. Both of these states have very lax rules. I do what is right with my kids because I want to not because I fear any government action against me. Most parents have their kids best interests in mind when they choose to homeschool or any choice they make and the parents who don't are often overlooked by our government. Basically the gov. Does very little to help us but a lot to harm us. I'm a product of the governments inability to protect children. My brothers were taken from my mom and so was I. Somehow she was able to get me back and my brothers were adopted by different families. I was abused verbally, physically, emotionally and sexually. Where was the government when I needed them? The public school teachers also abused me verbally, mentally and a few of them physically abused me. Where was the government then? Anything the government puts its hands in eventually fails. I don't want them to make my homeschool fail.
by on Nov. 26, 2013 at 11:06 PM
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The constitution protects our rights to homeschool not state regulations. State regulation is a hindrance in most cases. It is my job to see that my child is educated. It is no business of the government. I live in medium state and my hoops affect my kids education in no way whatsoever. I am sorry but as a homeschooler I have learned to trust in my abilities. The ─čovernment is not my parent. I don't need them to check up on me. They really have no clue the best way to educate my child.
by on Nov. 27, 2013 at 3:39 PM
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If anyone has not yet  become involved with other home educators in protecting your children's right to be home-schooled, I highly recommend it.  It is an excellent way to teach children about government, and the experienced mothers explain  what they do to influence political leaders.Today's lack of education in government leads many to believe government will take care of their every need without strings attached, and without their involvement. They do not realize how easily a stupid harmful law is passed because the lawmakers have never home-schooled, and have many misconceptions about it.  If we do not inform our  lawmakers, profiteers will.

You can take your children to the meetings at the State Capital and city council.  Let them see the process, and if they are old enough, let them participate.  . It is much easier on a local level (city and State), because you get to personally know the politicians writing the laws, and they are less likely to mistreat someone they know.  However, as the control moves to the Federal level, it gets harder, because they don't personally know you and your children. You are just a face in a crowd, or a name on a petition, and you can't donate as much to their campaign as a profiteer might.

KirbyMom (a very brilliant lady)   is right about government interference. that is the very reason the Constitution was written to limit government, and to leave people free as long as they did not harm another person.  That  form of government produced the most prosperous middle class in all of history.  Throughout history less then one percent of people have ever experienced the freedom Americans once had. 

  Governments are like guard dogs, they are an asset if the master is in control (the people).  But if the guard dog is in control of the master it becomes dangerous to everyone.  All governments are potentially dangerous because they have a tendency to grow themselves unless the people stay involved, and keep it in check.  As governments  grow in power they attract bullies who like to control others,.  The more power a bully gets, the more tyrannical he becomes. 

It was in 1913 that our government gained increased power over the people through unlimited access to our income (The 16th amendment), and unlimited access to our debt (the federal Reserve)....a blank check to grow as they so pleased giving unlimited  money and power to lawmakers.  The 17Th amendment also had a profound effect on the growth of government.  

The best way to become involved with other home educators in the government process is to contact your State Home School Association.

by on Nov. 28, 2013 at 6:59 AM
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a good and delicious one.

I could not resist sharing this true and funny story with you.  My family were small farmers and Ranchers.  We did not raise our cows in cramped quarters as do the conglomerates.  Our cattle roamed a desolate 300,000 acre mountainous area in Arizona. Some of it was very rugged with steep cliffs, and few roads. 

Well,one day a lawmaker decided that it was polluting for ranchers to relieve themselves while herding cattle in the desolate wilderness .  So he announced that he was proposing a law that Ranchers could no longer make a dump on their land.  They would have to have portalets.  There were meetings, and the lawmakers just could not understand why this was impossible for the family ranchers to achieve. 

So one day  a very quiet and reserved rancher created a political cartoon, and had it published in the local newspaper. It depicted a cowboy climbing a steep  rocky  hill on his horse, dragging an outhouse up the hill with his rope. The horse had the funniest look on his face is he is trying to pull the outhouse up a cliff full of rocks and boulders. People all over town were laughing and   talking about the  cartoon. The proposal was withdrawn.  :-)

by on Nov. 28, 2013 at 3:14 PM
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I also think goverment should stay out of homeschooling.  My state is not as strict as PA, but it is second.  I live in NY where I have to do quarterlies, assesments, tests starting in 4th grade.  When I first started to homeschool, I was terrified.  I knew nothing!  I did not know I needed to do a letter of intent.  I just told them I wanted to homeschool and was mailed a sheet and laws of homeschooling for the state.  Boy, was it hard to understand the laws!  I read it over and over.  I asked the person in the school who handles the paperwork and she was  no help.  She admitted to being a paper pusher.  That was a bad idea to ask anyone in school i later found out.  The only ones who helped were other homeschoolers.  I figured that out slowly.  I screwed up on my paperwork so many times in the beginning!  The elementary school had no problem but the middle school did.  The principal sent back my paperwork and said it was unacceptable. I live in fear everytime I do my paperwork and send it in that I will be rejected!  

What I am trying to say by my example is that by all this goverment red tape, it is hurting instead of helping.  The schools have the power and they know it!  If one does not know the laws of the state inside and out, the school could take advantage and has!  I feel these are my children to raise and school as my husband and I see fit, not the states.  I thought this was America, not Germany! 

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