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The 15 minutes made a HUGE difference! There wasn't one stupid driver to deal with and ALL of the kids were inside.

I don't like that it gets me home 15 minutes later because I like to get school started as early as possible but I think that minor inconvenience will be worth it. I really prefer our 8am walk time, but with the freezes in winter it's too dangerous. Talk about sidewalk slip-n-slides! LOL

Thanks all for the input and listening :)  

Not sure why, but I need to get this out ...This is mostly a vent, but maybe you can help me let go...

Some background ...I LOVED the private elementary school I went to as a kid but BOTH of my boys had serious issues in PS before I pulled them out. One was beat up, another was mentally abussed by the teacher. (this is way mild of an explaination) It was awful....DS2 was so traumatized it took me 6 years for him to even to consider any class outside the home, like a parks and rec art class.

We live just down the street from a public school that is one of the worst in our city/district. I walk past there almost daily since my part-time job is across from it. (walking dogs).

I just get so angry even walking past it. I see all the trash along the sidewalk and think, "Dirty PS kids..."  The other day I was walking past and one of the kids faked throwing a rock at my dog.. and I thought "Dang, if the parents only taught their kids insead of shipping them off."  I saw one class, all in a line like zombies and the teacher yelling for them to "straighten up I wil ltake this off your lunch!" and ..UGGG! It bugs me!

It doesn't help that many of the parents are just plain ignorant. Like stopping in the middle of the street and letting the kids out. Not pulling over. VERY few kids are in any kind of car seat, let alone the correct one for their age/size. The ones that DO park across the street, just walk into traffic, without looking when there are THREE crossing guards (one on each corner and one in the middle of the block) each afternoon.

I just can't seem to get past the anger from when the boys were in PS. Some days, like today, I get so annoyed I want to quit walking just so I don't have to see the stupid things going on.

Jinx - Homeschooling, Scouting & Karate butt-kicking  Mom to Life Scout Ian 1/982nd Class Sean 9/00, Junior GS Heidi 4/03. Wife to Joe & Alpha to German Shepherd Spazz.

by on Dec. 4, 2013 at 9:56 PM
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by on Dec. 5, 2013 at 2:29 PM
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 I hate going by any public school! I just feel so sorry for all the kids that are there against their will or don't know there are other options!

by on Dec. 5, 2013 at 4:10 PM
That's great on the 15 minutes Jinx! I'm glad you & the pups will have a better, less stressful walk.
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