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Transition into public when the child is already behind? This is our 3rd year homeschooling. (2nd grade) and dd is considerably behind and it isn't getting better. I've tried 2 extra years to please dh but this is NOT for me and dd isn't getting anywhere. I fight daily with her, she puts forth little to no effort, have changed curriculum numerous times, fight with her pre-k brother (both school and as an interuption), have a 5month old who breastfeeds constantly and refuses to be put down most of the day. I just can't take it anymore.

She is desperately behind in reading (at least a year) and fairly behind in math. I'll finish out this school year at home. How can I finish out the next 5 months without her sliding even further backwards? Next year would be testing stuff and if she can't read she's out of luck.

Help me get her caught up in reading please! I have very little time to school her between her brothers and her attitude. I just need a game plan or advice on how to finish this school year so we can try public next year.
by on Dec. 18, 2013 at 1:47 PM
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by Sonja on Dec. 20, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Okay. If I may, my opinion is...
it sounds like you are in need of backing off of what you perceive as any type of a strict schedule as well as any thoughts on what You N Hubby think is actual school work. Learning happens in soo many different ways and on soo many different levels. So, when you think there isn't any learning going on, think again. Your children are in the process of coming up with plans and ways to get around the thumbs they don't like or agree with. lol That right there shows how much they are really paying attention to you and daddy. Now, for some different kind of thinking here. When you all wake up, maybe the two kids can help each other get dressed by seeing who can get dressed first. Maybe play some of their favorite music while they get dressed. Then, maybe you can interest them into playing a round of ring around the rosy game while they count to ten or whatever number they want. Maybe have them help with coming up with a dinner or a breakfast or snack time. See, you have to change Your thinking. Homeschool isn't about performing or doing PS at home. Homeschool is doing what ever works for Your family. If that means slowing down and just learning to enjoy each other, then that is what it means. Learning to have fun is as important as anything else. I'm sure you are in a place where you feel lonely, depressed, overwhelmed and desire giving up. With everything. How do I know, you ask. Well, I know because I have been right where you are. I struggled for several years trying to find my path and my footing. I eventually found both and my kids and I are able to work together.Now, that doesn't mean that the everyday living isn't going to interfere but guess what? It's SUPPOSED to. :) That is how we teach our kids to learn how to roll with the punches. That is also how we demonstrate how we are stronger than we think, feel or look. Take a deep breath and hold it a second or two, then let it out slowly. Now pat yourself on the back. You deserve some recognition. It isn't going to be easy but, I was always told that nothing worth having never is. But the underlying thought in that sentence is... It IS worth it.
I also feel that if you feel/think you need to put your daughter into public school, then that is what you should do. Do what you think is the best thing for your family. You and hubby are the only ones who can or should make this decision.
Whatever decision you do make, we here back and support you and your family.
Quoting ballerina.2006: Our days revolve around the baby (no schedule still). I attempt school in the mornings for less fight but it doesn't work out very well some days.

Initially, I started homeschooling be because I wanted to. I was over zealous and I took a huge ego hit when she wasn't learning as "fast" as I anticipated. Since then it's been harder for me plus we have a LOT of issues with our almost 5yo (behavioral) which helps nothing. At this point I think I'm doing it more dh but at the same time I really don't want her in PS (the education here sucks). :(

Quoting kirbymom: Ah sweety. I think you need a *hug*. Next, I'd like to ask, if I may, what is your schedule like for an ordinary day? Also, are you homeschooling your daughter because you want to or are you homeschooling because of someone else's desire to homeschool? The reason I ask is it does matter if you are homeschooling and really don't want to be homeschooling. Our children pick up on the slightest nuances of our thoughts and feelings without too much effort.
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