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What Do You Do For Your Child's Food Health And Food Safety.

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Question: How Important Is Organic Food?


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What are you doing to make sure your children are eating healthy food? 

by on Dec. 28, 2013 at 11:31 AM
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by on Dec. 31, 2013 at 12:34 PM

This is our situation, too. We know which farmers at the farmer's market grow organically, even though they can't legally state such. And the farmer we used to buy raw milk from, never treats her animals or their feed with chemicals (unless a cow has mastitis or something, but then she would discard the milk until the antibiotics were done), but she could  never ber certified organic because she has 13 acres smack dab in the middle of hundreds of Monsanto acres. The farmers nearby would at least warn her on the days they'd be spraying and she'd try to keep her animals indoors but she could never be certified because of it.

We were part of a CSA once that was 'certified naturally grown,' which is a newer idea than organic. It's cheaper for farms to get the certification and actually is MORE stringent than the organic requirements. The organic requirements are all about what you do NOT do or use, where the certified naturally grown requirements also include things that you DO - like cover crops, composting, vermicomposting, etc.

Quoting redhead-bedhead:

We have been buying from local farmers. They grow their crops organically but can't afford the label.

Quoting hipmomto3:

Most corn grown in the US is not eaten as corn. It is either processed into corn syrup, fuel, or used as animal feed. 

There are plenty of valid reasons to buy organic. We made a commitment a few years ago to not buy any new items that are cotton, unless they are organic cotton. Cotton accounts for something like 25% of the world's pesticide usage, and the effects these chemicals have on the people in developing nations who are forced to work the fields - seriously, if you want to be disturbed, google images of THAT. It's horrendous what we are willing to choose to "just not think about" because it's so convenient to go buy cotton sheets at Target for $15. 

Another good reason is that often, organic farms are small and family-operated (now, small may mean only a few HUNDRED acres, but compared to a typical commercial farm, they are small) whereas farmers who are working for big-ag companies are barely scraping by because the companies only allow the farmers to buy THEIR seed. The monopolize on seeds! When for thousands of years, farmers have been saving their own seeds year to year. But now, the crops are so modified that you can not grow new plants from last year's seeds, and even if you could, the seed company will sue you if you do. 

There are issues of pesticide runoff killing fish and amphibious wildlife. Cattle who are mistreated and never step foot on a blade of grass in their whole miserable lives. 

I'm not saying everyone should eat all organic. It's cost prohibitive for most people. And most Americans eat way too much junk anyway - just eating more healthy food, regardless of how it's produced - would be a huge step in the right direction (and maybe shift our government to stop subsidizing corn and wheat and instead encourage farmers to grow more than corn and soy every year).

(Sorry about my tangent... I'm kind of a food source nerd.)

by on Dec. 31, 2013 at 3:27 PM

I work on a csa farm every friday (during the farming seasons) and the owner was telling me that one day they hope to become a certified organic farm. They are organic in how they do things now. However, it costs an enormous amount of money for the process to get yourself certified. Someone comes out to evaluate not only your farm but the land in a certain radius around your farm. They don't think they will pass because the farm next to them is not organic. 

So I would think that if it is labeled certified organic, than it likely is. However, in some cases, some foods not labeled as certified MIGHT also be organic.

I personally think buying from a local farms is the best bet for buying cheaper and healthy foods. However, when I lived in Texas, I realized that this is not an option for everyone. In those cases, I wouldn't buy organic either... I would wash it.

Now days, I am just impressed if kids like and eat fruits and veggies on a regular basis.

Quoting AutymsMommy:

I'm sorry. I should have clarified - unless things have changed in the last couple of year, there is no real process these foods go through to verify if they are really organic or not. It is a FAD, imo, that people are buying tons of things organic, that can't really be verified as such, just to have that label; it is a FAD, imo, that people are buying things that may sincerely BE organic, but that do NOT NEED TO BE BOUGHT organic, and paying a ridiculous amount more for those products... corn, onions, avocado, asparagus, etc.

Quoting redhead-bedhead:

I don't know if you can count it as a fad since growing crops without chemicals has been done since the dawn of time.

I would say that using chemicals to fight off pests or to make your plants grow larger is a fad.

Quoting AutymsMommy:

Organic is a fad. A fad that we take no part in.

I cook from scratch. I do not go out of my way to "cook healthfully" in the sense that I count the calories, fat intake, etc - it just isn't on my radar. I keep a ready, steady supply of fresh fruits and vegetables (fruits on the counter, vegetables in the fridge), all of which the children have access to at all times (they also have access to "junk").

by on Dec. 31, 2013 at 3:29 PM

 Organic is not a big issue for us. I try and buy organic when posible, but we are on a very tight budget. We also do not buy many processed foods. So I buy natural foods, and fresh foods. If organic is on sale, I will get it, if not then we don't.

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