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I just don't seem to have it in me to get things started at all again.  The kids are wanting 6yo asks when we are going to start school again.  

I had a baby 7 weeks ago and am still having a hard time getting basic stuff done around the house.  Not to mention that we have had 3 power outages in those 7 weeks (2 of which we had to leave the house because it was freezing).

I am just frustrated seeing as this was the fourth, I thought we would be out for a little while but this is just silly.My house is a wreck, the kids aren't getting done what they need to, and I can't seem to get it all done.  We don't have a schedule yet (with the baby I mean).

by on Jan. 7, 2014 at 4:45 PM
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by on Jan. 8, 2014 at 9:39 AM

Ok that's good! 

I still might go to the doc to get you something temporary for the nerves. Just think about it :)

Quoting jwhit8791:

Thank you for the concern, but I don't think that it is PPD.  I think that we have just gone through a lot in the last 7 weeks.  Natalie came 2 weeks late and I had to deliver by c-sec after 20 hours of labor (and she was my first non-natural delivery) so that took it's toll on me mentally and physically.  Then about 2 weeks ago we had a really bad ice storm (along with about half the country, it seems) and we went without power for 6 days.  We ended up having to leave the house after 1 day........and after coming back, a week later it went out again for almost 24 hours.  Both those times we ended up living in a hotel for a short period of time because with 4 kids.......we just couldn't rough it.

That is part of the reason my house is a wreck.  It seems like we haven't been here in forever.  Hoping to get my groove back soon though, or at least some kind of order.

Quoting PurpleCupcake:

Good advice above. 

But, I would like to add, is there any possibility you are depressed?

Post partum depression? 

If so, please see your doc! 

by Silver Member on Jan. 8, 2014 at 10:44 AM

My biggest suggestion is to set a timer and do something for 15 mins....anything.  You can start with a subject of schoolwork for 15 mins....then make a game of the kids helping to clean an area of the house for 15 mins.  Then find something else educational for 15 mins.  This has helped me regain control of school and housework in just 15min increments.

Congratulations on the baby....I also know how you feel and understand the toll that it takes to have an emergency c-section.  We don't plan on that when we think everything else is going like it should.  I'm sorry that you are dealing with that emotionally.  I was rushed into one because my dr didnt' want to come back at midnight to deliver a baby.

Take a deep breath and things will start to fall back into place.

by Group Admin on Jan. 8, 2014 at 10:58 AM
At 7 he should be able to understand you want to do this, then you have to do that. I explained to all my kids when I really need help there is a reward for helping me. You may get candy or a toy or extra tv time. You just never know when I am going to give it.

My oldest is the best at helping. When my husband had his accident she took over cleaning the house. She just turned 8 2 weeks ago. No it was not as clean as I wanted and she could not do dishes. But she did laundry, picked up around the house and helped with anything I asked. She got a huge art set and is allowed to keep it in her room, huge for us since all art supplies stay down stairs.

I was so proud of her. It has been hard but we got things back under control after a few weeks and now she is doing only her regular chores. But by already following through with prizes she knew to help.

I know it will not work with all kids as my 7 year old (as of Saturday) did not help and refuses to work for prizes sometimes but it is worth a shot.

by on Jan. 8, 2014 at 3:15 PM


I have seen some great advice here from the ladies!

I just wanted to add, that you SHOULD NEVER let yourself get down about the house and the chaos.  I had triplets, and then a newborn 21 months after that, and learned the hard way about how to just LET IT GO. 

Right now, it is all about you and the children, each day, step by step.  If you don't have time to just sit down, nurse your baby quietly, and rest your mind, everyone else in the household will suffer.  YOU are the hub.  Therefore you must take care of yourself first. 

You could try a school subject- worksheet, story, activity, whatever works best for your children-  EARLY in the day so that you feel as if you have incorporated some learning time in for the older children.  If nothing else gets done (cleaning, laundry etc,) who cares.  You have taken care of yourself, your newborn, and put a little educational thought into your children's upbringing.

Remember, that in the future you will look back on this chaotic time and laugh.  I do, I really do!!! 

If you are scratching your head for ideas for youngsters that will keep them active, laughing, AND learning without having to have an organized lesson plan (even when it's freezing), here are some quick ideas:


Prayers and warmth,


by Member on Jan. 11, 2014 at 12:42 AM
Take it slow. Pick one subject a day or start read-alouds. Congrats on the baby, I'm sure it's hard to be enjoying the newness with all the other stuff going on. Don't underestimate the learning that goes on from just reading to your kids, if they aren't used to this it can get easy to be frustrated when they don't want to sit and listen but if you start slow (10 min.) and slowly increase the time it will get easier. I'm sure the house being messy gets to you too but focus on just 1 room for short periods or 1 room a day. This is working great for me and I just started it this week (but I don't have such young ones as you (mine are 9,6,4).
by on Jan. 11, 2014 at 10:38 AM

How many kids do you have? Was this your 4th power outage or child? 

I remember when I had my 3rd child, it took me longer to get back into the swing of things (and that was prior to homeschooling). I couldn't have homeschooled back then.

I have no advice. Sorry. Just a big *hug* 

Don't be afraid to use the public school system if you need to for awhile.  =)  I had to do it a few years ago (for different reasons).

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