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We love Real Life Learning! Today my kids learned how to disassemble & reassemble a laptop!

My poor DH has no idea what we do for school. We have several laptops and an old desk top computer. Today's lesson? Re flowing a motherboard. The kids main laptop, the one they mostly use for school, had the motherboard die on us a week ago. Today I taught them how to completely dis-assemble the laptop, what each part of the mother board was for, etc. With many HP laptops they get really hot under the bottom. This can cause the soldering to get a microscopic honeycomb shape to it, essentially introducing microscopic air bubbles. This prevents the computer from booting up. Since it's over 5 years old we can't find a new/replacement motherboard anywhere, even eBay. So the last resort is 'reflowing' - essentially you bake the motherboard at 385 degrees for between 7-10 minutes. This re melts the solder. The concept is to melt then re-harden the solder without the air bubbles. 

Poor DH got home from work to find our futon, which we use a a second couch, pulled out covered in all the pieces of the computer. He was slightly horrified to learn how I was fixing the

by on Mar. 28, 2014 at 5:04 PM
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by on Mar. 30, 2014 at 2:31 PM
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I know what you mean. My sons have many teachers other than myself. My son is taking a class in Chess and teaching me how to play. My oldest wants to start teaching me what he learned in computer science. We have learned so much from each other. One of the things I love about homeschooling is I am more their learning coach than their teacher. They are learning how to get info they need. Last year I signed my son up for an online physics course for middle school. We are learning a lot of info from it. It is very well done. We are currently reading a book called the 4th phase of water. We are both enjoying it. One of things I love is benefiting from other homeschoolers that are willing to share their expertise.

Quoting KickButtMama:

Sometimes our greatest strength is in learning when we have to take a step back as their 'teacher' and find someone more qualified. I'm no good when it comes to art, so my kids are taking a painting class, based in the master artisans, at our local co-op. My hubby is an HVAC guy, so he's constantly showing the kids how to build/rebuild furnaces and such. When we started our homeschool adventure I had no idea my kids would get such a varied education! Lol

Quoting jen2150: Sometimes I wish I was mechanically and electronically inclined. My son is better than I am. When we go to the children's museum he always helps me put the circuits together. Sadly I was the one who taught him how a circuit works. Go figure. This summer my husband is going to be making a fuelless generator. It works by using magnets to generate electricity. I had to talk my husband in to having our sons help him build it. Thankfully my husband is good in that area. The Wright brothers would have been in trouble if I was their mother. LOL Reading is more where my talent lies. I am also very creative.

I always love hearing what projects you guys are doing. They always sound so amazing.

by on Mar. 30, 2014 at 4:39 PM
Wow thats great! I was lost in you just describing the mother board. What fun!
by on Mar. 30, 2014 at 5:01 PM

We build our own desktops and fix any issues on our own with our laptops/desktops.  It's not only educational, but also economical, and you can be pickier on what components you use.

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