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How many hours do you put in daily?

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My 5 yr old is only working for about 30-45 mins. Depending on how my 8 yr old works he normally finishes his work under 2 hrs. Should I be expecting them to work longer?? Or as long as we are covering the work should I not worry? Also how many subjects do you do? And how many pages of each subject?

Today for example I did Science, History, and Heath with the boys. I read a section (which is normally 2 or 3 pages) and read the review questions. We discussed it! Then my youngest homeschooler practiced at and an word on starfall and read Zac the Rat book! Then he did 1 math page and 1 Letter and Sounds page from his abeka books. I normally have him practice writing something as well but I didn't today. My oldest read 1 story from his Read & Think which is what I have him using right now for reading (He has struggled in reading but really has improved this year. I am planning to finish the Read & Think this year and then add addition reading next year) Then he did one page of Math and one page of English. We have given up on spelling this year. I will introduce it again next year in hope that with his reading improving his spelling will to. 

But that is practically our days work. Occasionally we throw in an art. But we really dont have extra subjects not sure if I should throw it in or not!

by on Apr. 30, 2014 at 11:57 AM
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by Group Admin on Apr. 30, 2014 at 10:06 PM

 We work  give or take from about 8-12.  My kids can usually finish early, but that is up to them if they want to work and not lolligag. 

by Gold Member on Apr. 30, 2014 at 10:19 PM

2-3?hours depending on the day. Then we have 30 mins of mommy assigned reading. 

by on Apr. 30, 2014 at 11:05 PM

I have two 5 years old and they have 30 to 45 minutes.

I have a 6th grader and she only do school for 3-4 hours

I have a 9th grader and he only do school for between 3-5 hours depend on questions and what we are doing

by on Apr. 30, 2014 at 11:37 PM
My 5yo does anywhere from 45 min to 90ish.

We do two pages of her writing workbook or copy work. 5-10 minutes

She reads me a book or a chapter. 15 minutes

We do a practical lesson in math then she starts her workbook pages but I often have her finish them later. 20-30 minutes

When we do science we spend 20-30 minutes. Right now we're on dinosaurs.

Sometimes we do geography or critical thinking.

Then read alouds which I don't really count toward our school time. That varies greatly day to day.
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by Kim on May. 1, 2014 at 11:37 PM
My son just turned 3 & I'm trying to organize and do some 'practice days' now. We do about 30 minutes total of structures things - circle time (5-10 min), read 1-2 stories, then an art project or activity. That's 30 minutes. Sometimes we do it in 2 different sessions (circle time & book in one 10-15 min session then a project or activity later). We do it about 3 times a week now.

We also do a lot of 'other' stuff that could go under the category of 'preschool' but we do for fun - play doh, searching for things on a theme on a walk, Legos, water play, etc.
by on May. 2, 2014 at 12:36 AM
I have two school aged boys. My Kinder just turned six and we do probably about an our or so of work. It was a bit longer but we're running out of curriculum to work on. He does Math U See (one exercise a day), writing practice, a reading workbook that goes over long vowels and short vowels, he reads a few paragraphs out of his McGuffey Primer, he does Life of Fred 3x a week, we read about 4 or 5 poems a day, a story; right now, we're reading Beatrix Potter books, and we usually do a reading of History 3 x a week. I'm trying to increase the history readings and add some more of Amblesideonline curriculum to our school week. Right now, this works for us.

My 8 year old has curriculum for writing, spelling, math, reading comprehension, grammar, and he practices cursive writing daily. He has 3-4 pages of silent reading everyday; in which he is instructed to tell me back what he read, he has 4 -6 pages of reading out loud to do a day, and on Friday he gets with a fellow homeschooled friend and they read a chapter of a book, right now they are reading, "The Adventures Of Doctor Dolittle. He does Life Of Fred 3x a week, health 3x a week, we have daily poems we read (usually 3 a day), we read history tales 3x a week, and nightly I read a classic book to the children for bed. I ask questions after I read a section. Right now I am currently reading Treasure Island to them. My 8 yr old will often times set in and listen to the readings that I read to my 6 year old.

Next year a few things will change as far as curriculum but most things will stay the same. I'm assuming with the changes we'll be spending about 3 hours a day on school.
by on May. 3, 2014 at 12:17 AM
It changes daily.

Mondays and fridays we are home without a car, so we usually do 5-8 hours of schooling. *of some sort, not all book work*

Tuesdays and wednesdays we have a music class for the two eldest respectively and probably do 2-5 hours.

Thursdays we have special fun classes in the afternoon. If we don't do errands in the am, we will do 1-2 hrs of bookwork. Classes are 4 hours approximately of robotics, drama, art, etc.

We have some school related events on saturdays and then bible classes I count on sundays.

Otherwise, we are flexible and have been known to blow off school and just read books and go on long walks.
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