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Posted by on Feb. 23, 2015 at 2:07 AM
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I will begin homeschooling my dd and ds in the fall!! Woohoo! Having absolutely no experience in this I'm actually a little worried about our routine.. I want it to be comfortable but not TOO comfortable so we slack off.

So what do your homeschool routines look like or do you even have one?!

by on Feb. 23, 2015 at 2:07 AM
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by Mel on Feb. 23, 2015 at 7:32 AM

We had a general guidline that we will be returning to when our house guests leave. 

Wake up/clean up (teeth, make bed etc)



some school and some free play

snack some school and some free play


finish up whatever we didn't do

free play


"homework" (aka just stuff i want them to do twice spelling/math/reading)

free play

bedtime routine (teeth, book (which usually goes along with our unit study) bed)

So for us its a general direction of the day. There are lots of days that look NOTHING like that! If we have places to go i may do reading in the car or we have books on cd's. They have apps they can "play" when we're at appointments or bring paperwork/busywork for longer outings. And of course field trip days :)

by Member on Feb. 23, 2015 at 7:59 AM

We have school from 9-1...after that, it is time for lunch, and then off to ECA... I'm more rigid than most because our ECA are set in stone since all 4 of us take Karate. My youngest's class is the earliest ( 4 pm most days)and mine and DH's class is late ( 8-9 pm), so there are days that we are there for hours. My oldest dd is a Black belt so she wants to go all the time...since it is a very expensive sport, we go as much as we can go..

There are days that we take school with us to my doctor appts since I have to go to the allergist every few weeks for shots, there are also days that we have field days. In 2 weeks, my girls will take a week off and go to FL while I work a consignment sale. Then, we will do school for 2 weeks and then state testing for a week...then, we'll have 3-4 more weeks and we will finish for the year..most likely by May 1st, no later than May 8th as Dh and I are going on a cruise and we will be leaving on the 12th. 


" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 

by Bronze Member on Feb. 23, 2015 at 8:50 AM
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Since my ds was 5 we've pretty much had the same routine:  Sleep til you wake up, have breakfast together, do a couple hours of formal academics (math, reading, history, geography, science), and then spend the afternoon following interests - this includes goint out somewhere and/or doing extensive research on topics of interest (mostly something to do with computer programming, film-making, or fitness).  

We do a LOT of field trips and homeschool group classes (we're doing a seal necropsy today and a teen CPR certification class tomorrow, for example) and ds hangs out with his friends often, too. 

Congratulations on your decision to homeschool!  You'll love it!

by on Feb. 23, 2015 at 8:59 AM
7-they wake up on there own get cleaned up and dressed. Then they have free time and eat breakfast .
8- Start school. they both start at the table talk about our calander what we want to or have to do that day. Then we dive in.
930-break outside or something active inside. Small snack
10- back to work
1130-break free choice and I make lunch
1230-I read story's
1- quiet time dd 8 silent reading
Dd4 nap time
3- snack and chores
usally after 3 is different on different days
monday- they go to art lessons
Tuesdays-are our big clean days
Wednesday- we do awanas
Thursdays- library play date day
friday- gymnastics

This is just a idea of our days but we are not super rigid. Things change or come up and we are pretty easy going. If we do a field trip or our group as a meet up we just roll with it.
by Sonja on Feb. 23, 2015 at 10:36 AM
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We start at 7 am and have breakfast and do chores. At 10 we start school. At noon, we take a break and start back at 12:30 to 1. We school until 3 and sometimes we stop sooner and sometimes we go longer. It just depends on how our day is progressing. As for the school work, I write a list up for the week. Sometimes we do a day to day list as well, depending on the mood and how much assisstance they need going over their work or if they need extra time to get through something they aren't quite connecting with.

by Bronze Member on Feb. 23, 2015 at 11:09 AM

Things have been off since we pcs-ed and have been in temp lodging and are not in our house yet. However once we get moved in I want to try to get back to what we were doing which was still pretty relaxed. I always tried to start school by 9am since that gave my kids time to wake, dress, eat, and get a little play time in. They do better in the mornings than the afternoons as well so didn't want to wait too long. Then we start with calendar and I want to add in prayer time. On the white board before school I wrote a checklist for each child so they could see how much was being covered. Then they got to choose what they did. Some are combined (i.e., science is mostly my 1st grader but my 4 year old enjoys participating as well) and some are separate (i.e., my 4 year old asked to learn how to read so she has reading lessons but my 1st grader already knows how to read so she gets to either have free time, works on her math, or reads to herself during that time-before we moved she most enjoyed reading her Bible to herself while I worked with her sister). If we aren't finised by lunch then we break for lunch, have some free play time, and then get back to school. That is usually on days when my 1st grader needs a lot of breaks to help her focus. Otherwise we are usually done with school by 11.

by Silver Member on Feb. 23, 2015 at 11:11 AM

We don't really have much of a routine... Once we get one going, something abruptly halts it and we start from scratch again. 
The most consistant semi schedule we have:
I get up at 6 to get an hr to myself.
My little guy gets up around 7 and we eat breakfast together
We work on his school stuff in which ever order he chooses
My daughter gets up around 10, she begrudingly comes down and eats breakfast.
I give her her list of assignments and go over any new teaching that needs to be done
She works on her work while I finish up with my little guy
At noon we have lunch (my daughter usually waits til 1 to eat lunch) & I am done with school for the day

I go crazy if I go past then especially since I do need to get other stuff done too.... If my daughter has any questions on her work, she can ask, but if she needs it retaught, she either has to hunt down Dad or wait til the next day to redo it.  

On Friday's we have 4H or Co-op at 2, so we usually hurry through our school stuff where I wake both kids up no later than 8 and we try to get everything done. If it doesn't get done we finish on Saturdays.
Otherwise we have theater where we leave the house at 4:30, and we don't get home til about 9 since my oldest has swim practice right after theater.  

by Member on Feb. 23, 2015 at 12:13 PM

I just started homeschooling about 3 months ago.  I'm still trying to find a schedule that works for us.  Right now we are doing several online programs because 1. it really is easier for me. 2. the girls learn better that way 3. I havent mastered the art of patience... We also do base supplemental work like flashcards or worksheets for math, reading books together (right now we're reading the chronicles of narnia series), our art, science/social studies, and journals (paragraphs only since we do have a writing program online now) are grouped together.  This week we are learning about pyramids and the Egyptian culture.  We will be watching documentaries and drawing/sculpting pyramids... which will probably turn into a discussion on 3d shapes.  We use time4learning, time4writing, and reading eggs right now.  Like I said... I'm new at this... but right now this works for us.   I also get my speling lists from but sometimes I add in a couple of words that may relate to subjects where the girls are having issues understanding the material.  We also have play times throughout the day and Jiujitsu practice 5x a week.


So today for example, our schedule looks something like this:

woke up at 8, breakfast and morning chores are to be done by 9 at the very latest.

Spelling 5x each (15 min)

Math: (3rd grader did multiplication and addition review flashcards; four 4-digit multiplied by 2-digit multiplication) (1st grader did a couple of review sheets with like 3 problems each on them which she breezed through in 3 minutes; addition and subtraction flash cards)  All of this was done within 15-20 minutes as well

Computer work: Math (15-30 min); Phonics/Comprehension breakdowns (15-30 min); Language Arts (15 min); Writing (30 min)

Lunch around 1130-12

We will watch a documentary, spend 5 minutes writing about that documentary in our journals, then discuss our major art project for the week which will be sculpting a pyramid from clay.   

Then 30 minutes of reading eggs and a bedtime story tonight.

They will help cook with dinner which measuring is part of our science assignment this week. 

Sounds like a lot... but it really isnt.  The computer is the longest part of our day but it is self directed and with my 3rd grader can take some time when she doesnt want to do something.  We have a lot of discussions and if they're interested in a particular culture or really anything in general... I fit it into our curriculum.   Oh I have found this to be very important.  My kids do NOT like to sit still while they do work... they LEARN BETTER when they're in motion.  So while doing flashcards this am, my first grader was dancing and singing out the answers.  My oldest talks to herself and fidgets, etc.  I let them stand up while they do their work... anything to help them.  I also tend to talk myself through math though. 

Schedule varies for appointments and illness (mine and the 4 month old as well) but overall we get most of this stuff done every day. 

by on Feb. 23, 2015 at 1:19 PM

We have somewhat of a routine.  It is not something that is set and stone but more or less a guideline.

We sleep until about 8:00 8:30

The kids eat breakfast and I walk the dog.

We try to start by 9. From 9-10/10:30 We do math, english and sometimes language arts or writing depending on the day.  With the little one it is a letter, the sound it makes, how to write it and a color and activity.

We break when that is done and I either clean or do a 30 minute workout.

We come back by 10:30/11 and do Phonics, spelling, vocabulary and either cursive or geography again depending on how much time we have.

We break again for lunch by noon.  When we come back it is finish up geography if it wasn't finished before lunch, history or science depending on the day, reading, karate, spanish and typing (which gets alternated with cursive). We are normally done between 1-2.  Mind you I am tending to the little one during all of this and walking the dog. lol

When the older one is done I get back to the little one and do shapes, puzzles, animals, blocks, read books,....etc. 

Dinner is between 5-6

They are in bed between 7-8 and lights out by 9.

by on Feb. 23, 2015 at 1:31 PM

We try to do most of our school in the morning, sometimes I will read Bible while they are eating breakfast. We all like to read while eating (I know, bad habit) but sometimes that works to my advantage.  We have different subjects on different days and co-op, nature day so we work our subjects around this. Afternoons are free for active play indoors or outdoors, chores, library, errands. Sometimes TV if they get chores done and haven't been fighting.

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