3-month-old killed In an absolutely heart-wrenching story out of Maine, a 3-month-old baby girl is dead and a 10-year-old is being charged with manslaughter in connection with her death. The 10-year-old's mother was supposed to be watching the baby overnight, but instead she was in the little girl's room and somehow ended up battered, bruised, and suffocated after ingesting some medication.

It's unimaginably awful and tragic. But, as horrendously sick this 10-year-old had to be to be accused of such crimes, it's ultimately her mother who is at fault. Who leaves her 3-month-old babysitting charge alone in a room overnight with her own minor daughter? It's insane.

Even more sad is that Brooklyn Foss-Greenway is dead and her mother Nicole "Nicki" Greenaway will probably take some flak for leaving her baby overnight. But it's not her fault. 

She left her with a trusted babysitter. And although she knew the 10-year-old had changed diapers and helped her mother care for Brooklyn, she also claims she told the sitter that her baby was only to be cared for by adults.

As moms, our mission is to protect our children at all costs. In this tragedy, one mom did and the other didn't. A good mother wouldn't make her elementary school age daughter responsible for the life of an infant. It's just negligence and so very wrong.

When I was 8, I had my first sibling and I acted out. I even hit her. Because of that, my mother never left me alone with my sister even once I was 15 and there was no danger of me hitting my baby sister. She always left another adult or babysitter in charge. This was to protect my sister as much as it was to protect me. At 10, I wasn't ready to be left alone with my sister and I wasn't mature enough to treat her well. My mother knew this and didn't want me filled with guilt because I did something I would later realize was wrong.

There is no way a 10-year-old is solely responsible for this tragedy. Sure, she deserves to be charged with something; after all, she is accused of a massive crime. But her mother ought to share some blame.

Maybe someday, not that long from now, this 10-year-old will mature and she will have to face the horrific crime she committed, all because her mother didn't protect her from herself.

It's a horrible waste and a tragedy none of us should ever face.

Do you think the mom of the accused girl is at fault, too?