carThere are certain things that some drivers never really master. For me, it has always been parallel parking. It's one of the most pressure-packed things one has to do on the road. So I sympathize with the driver caught in a video desperately trying to get her car in a parking spot -- and failing like a first-time driver. It's pretty bad. Take a look.

Even I have to admit, it's surprising that this was so difficult given the size of the car. It's not like it's a huge SUV. And that space is pretty massive. The cameraman certainly doesn't take pity on this poor driver - mocking how many futile attempts were taken. 

Still, it's a hard thing to do -- no matter what the circumstances. It's only made worse by failing each time. Can't imagine how she would cope trying to cram that car into a tight New York City space.

What do you think of her parking skills?