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OT small update, outlook changed a little but i am staying!! because i love you guy s! long

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i know a lot of you have shown me mass amounts of support! some know more of what is going on in my life than others. just a very quick background for those who don't know me. i was a sm up till Friday when my life crashed around me. i had the worst kind of bm to deal with possible. she is a drug addict,very angry,and violent but she has custody. i went through hell was attacked stalked, accused  you name it it has happened. i was detached from sm. haven't spoke to her in years. i was stbxh support system, i was there when he cried,was mad, and happy. i had to deal with a ss that was rude and obnoxiousness till i disengaged. life changed this were good. bm still played games.

well on Friday i found out that stbxdh was cheating! we split up and he went to live with her,(kiki)he called me every nasty name he could. told me i was never there for him treated his son like crap yadda yadda bla bla. well it has gone down hill for him since he left. karma is good!!!!! i haven't really been alone for long periods of time since all of this happened. i have wonderful friends and family. (after i was told i had no friends) Friday night i was getting harassing text msgs from him, and then the odd one from her (kiki) telling me she was pregnant. then the house phone was calls  and hang up for a while. i did nothing  wrong, i never even called him nor responded to the texts. a really good friend of mine  is trying to be the voice of reason  for me and stbxh.  called him and told him to make it stop , that it wasn't needed and harassment. stbxh called him back sat night and told him he was sorry for texting me but wasn't aware that kiki was doing it. friend then said  something about kiki and the pregnancy well she isn't pregnant and she has said to xh that i was harassing her. i don't know anything about her  but her name,and haven't been alone. xh then goes on to tell friend that he has realized kiki is a little crazy!

hmmmm someone is realizing he done fucked up in a big way! now i found out he already left kiki and was living at the firehouse last night. he was told he could not stay there and is moving into a boarding house today! its in a nasty drug infested part of town. and lets face it the scum of the earth are the ones that live in them. he is getting his hours cut at work(a little insider told me) his life is now hell!

as for me im doing good  every time i get more info i get a little i still love him yes, i always will. will i give up and cry over him , i have moments but i wont be a hermit. will i miss his son yeas and no. i wont miss the drama,but i will miss his smile!

i am no longer a sm. but you guys are right i have the in site of what it takes to deal with the ultimate in crazy. there are some bms i will side with,there are some sm i will side with. so i will be lurking  and reading, you may never know when i will pop up!

by on Sep. 10, 2012 at 9:16 AM
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by Silver Member on Sep. 10, 2012 at 4:19 PM

hopeing and praying it works  thank you soooooooo much lol

Quoting GlockMom:

Quoting saywhat2102:

LMAO!!!  Where should I send my poke list????!!!!  I kid I kid lol!  Remind me not to piss you off Glock ;)

Quoting GlockMom:

Quoting saywhat2102:

I was gonna make some voodoo dolls but I cant sew :( sewing

Quoting sandeeyo:

Quoting angelmommy2806:

Glad you're staying! He's getting what he dished out and then some!

That's what happens when you mess with on of the ladies of SM Central!  He probably had 50+ women wishing evil karma on him over the weekend!  That probably warranted the Karma Bus to make him their first stop! LMAO!

I just poked a pin into my DS voodoo doll in honor of Rose's ex.  I poked it in the groin.

Don't ask why my son has one, it was at a dollar store here in our area and I had told him no when he wanted to buy it and when DH took him back a couple days later DH let him get the creepy little fucker.  It has been sitting on my computer desk for months.  It has a new use.  You ladies let me know when I should poke someone in the eye for you.

You can piss me off, I am quite harmless. My bark is much worse than my bite.  I just wanted to see if this nasty looking little thing works.  Rose will have to let me know if his penis falls off.  Hopefully it transfers to Miss Skankypants too.

I seriously do have this voodoo doll here though.  its a little black figure made of string and has red eyes andlooks like it has bandages made of white string like a mummy.  It is full of those long pins with those colored beads on the ends of them. 

The shit my husband lets my kid buy.  I really don't like it.  I told him not to buy it.  I think if I destroy or dispose of it the bad karma from it is supposed to come back to my house. it sits on the desk.  Unmoved.  Except to poke a pin into Rose's ex's dick.  May his pecker rot and fall off.

You can send me a list of voodoo victims here, in an IM or maybe I should start post so you's guys can make a request list.

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