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Question: Should children get time with both parents on major holidays, like Christmas?




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I really need to vent right now.  My DSD's BM informed us today that she is keeping DSD all Thanksgiving day, and the day after, which is no huge deal, but still a bit sad.  THEN she informed us that Christmas is out too.  Apparently, after they open their presents, they have to go to BM's boyfriend's parents, which supposedly takes up every single minute of the whole day of Christmas.  My kids and my DSD are very close, so this makes it extra sad for me, because they don't get any time to open presents together (and we've spent a lot to give them the best Christmas possible, because it's our first Christmas as a new family).  I'm so pissed, because why the hell can't she even fit an hour into her precious schedule to allow DF time with his daughter on Christmas day?  This is an ongoing thing anyway.  Most of the time, DSD is with us or her grandparents, but when holidays/birthdays roll around, it's time to pretend to be mother of the year all of the sudden.  Even when she has DSD, she is told to go play in her room and stay out of Mommy's hair.  Am I wrong to feel like it's sick to keep a child away from her father on a day like Christmas?  I can't quit crying about how unfair this is, and there really isn't anything we can do.  My ex-DH and I have had our differences, but one thing we've always agreed on is that the kids need time with both parents on these special days.  There is so much more backstory here, but I just needed to vent, so that I don't keep bitching to my DF.  He can't do anything about it, and this is hurting him far worse.  Just feels good to get it all out sometimes, or else I think I'd pull my hair out.  Thanks for listening, if you made it this far!

by on Nov. 16, 2012 at 10:22 AM
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by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 10:13 AM
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