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new baby reaction | update

I've got some exciting news - DH and I are expecting!

I'm roughly four weeks along (I have an appointment in two weeks). DH and I are bursting to tell SS!

I just wanted to ask everyone - How did your kids react about the news they were going to have a sibling? How old were they when you told them? How far along were you?


UPDATE: haha. There is no keeping this in; we’ve already told everyone!


We had an easy time bringing up babies; we asked SS if he’d heard about the royal baby. SS said that he had, and we asked him what he thought about it. We just talked about how excited the Royal Family was. We brought up a few other babies SS knows; his friend has a baby brother, and my SIL is three months pregnant. We talked about cool it was to hear the heartbeat of SIL’s baby. We finally told him we were also going to add to our family and have a baby.  


SS is … on the fence. He didn’t seem very excited, but he has already suggested names and nursery colors. In a later conversation I asked him if, when I have ultra sound pictures or a recording of the heartbeat, he would like to see/hear them. He said yes. He’s brought up the baby on his own, and asked some of my family if they heard the news.


He’s not too excited about the idea, but hopefully he’ll warm up.


We also told BM. DH sent her a brief text that said, “Prog is pregnant. Just wanted to let you know in case SS had any questions.” She never responded. She called hours later, super late at night, but didn’t leave a message or anything. DH text her back in the morning, telling her he missed her call and asking if she needed anything. She hasn’t responded yet.


Anyways, thanks for the congratulations guys! DH and I are beyond excited!

by on Jul. 26, 2013 at 10:53 AM
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by Bronze Member on Jul. 28, 2013 at 1:08 AM

my sd was 13 when i got my bfp i was 6 w 2d when we told her at first she seemed happy and excited but as my belly grew she started acting weird i think she got jealous of the attention i was getting .she started lying telling people who didnt know her she was pregnant .and i caught her rubbing her belly around me alot .it was odd she started lying about her sd(bm man) that he was hitting her but she was lying .after my son was born  she started telling everyone that i was a bad mom and that she was his mom and she was raising him (pure bullshit) im a sahm .i didnt even let her babysit till he was a year old and only for a max of the time it took to go get groseries. everywhere we went she tried to make it look like he was hers .e.g we went to the mall she pitched a fit if i didnt let her push ds stroller or walk around holding him ,she was all "look everyone thinks hes mine" ..she started controlling him taking over (except for the real work diaper changing feeding ) around my inlaws we told her it was not needed or wanted for her to take him over .so then she started telling my inlaws that im abusive to her because i leave my child with her "all the time" again bullshit .she put on the act she was doing everything for him around my inlaws so back up her claims .and now non of my inlaws talk to me .sd is 18 now still lies constantly acts jealous of me and ds has even admitted being jealous .

i think the attention was hard for her to loose .so shes done anything she could to get it back .and also make me look like shit prepared

by Gold Member on Jul. 28, 2013 at 10:40 AM
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SS just turned six. He’s not over the moon, but that’s okay.


He’s never had a positive opinion of babies. He has talked about wanting a brother, but he wants an older brother. While I’d like it if he was excited, his indifference was better than the reaction that we were expecting. I’m glad we told him early on, too, because now he has more time to process and accept that he’ll have a sibling.


While he obviously hasn’t warmed up yet, he has talked about the baby on his own. He’s asked questions about babies, and he’s mentioned our baby to the family. He’s also told us some names he liked, and suggested colors for the nursery. Also, this morning I wasn’t feeling too hot – SS came into the room and turned the lights on, which brought on a headache and nausea. I asked if he could turn the lights off, because I wasn’t feeling good. The first thing he did was glance down at my stomach, and rushed to turn the lights off.  


I think he’ll be an excellent big brother, but for now, we’re just letting the news sink in.

Quoting jules2boys:


by Gold Member on Jul. 28, 2013 at 10:43 AM

SS wants a brother. In fact, he wants an older brother. lol.

Quoting elisesmom922:

All the kids were happy when they were told.  They are patiently waiting 3 more weeks to see if it is a boy or girl, and the popular vote is boy, b/c there are already 3 girls and a boy between DH and I. DD5 is my hold out for wanting a girl b/c "brothers are NO fun, they touch ALL your stuff."

And congrats to you!


by Silver Member on Jul. 28, 2013 at 11:06 AM

Don't be too worried if he isn't super excited.  Doesn't tend to be as exciting for boys as it is for girls.  Congrats!!

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