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Per CO, BM is required to carry health insurance for the family, including DF. She pays no extra to carry him. Its been like this for almost three years. Today, she gives him paperwork that says her insurance company no longer will carry him. No reason, other than they are changing their policy. This is BayState health, which is craptastic to begin with.

Now, in the CO, it says if she is to drop him for any reason OR he gets a job where he must carry insurance, the CS is to be lowered (how much, I'm not sure, possibly whatever he has to pay out of pocket himself)....

So, BM is going to either have to find another insurance carrier who will honor the CO, or risk getting CS reduced drastically. This is set to happen as of Jan 1st. Is it safe to assume they will have to go back to court to have the CO & CS modified?
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by on Sep. 9, 2013 at 5:08 PM
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by on Sep. 10, 2013 at 8:46 AM
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 i don't either, but i don't think they even asked me if i do when i called. hmmm might have to look into it again!

Quoting ZennMomma:

I don't know. I checked online, I don't smoke.

Quoting lnr187:

 how is it so cheap?! i called about getting private insurance and it varied 400-600 or more!

Quoting ZennMomma:

FYI, try blue cross for private insurance, for just Me it would cost around $160-$240/mo.

i personally would cut that tie with the ex.

that is a weird situation...



by Gold Member on Sep. 10, 2013 at 9:12 AM

I agree he should try to get that switched. Based on everything you've said, BM should be the one paying your DH CS, and DH should be the one claiming kids on taxes - or at least some of them (not sure how many there are). 

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

BM claims kids on taxes. Maybe if DF did, that would make a difference. I think he should try to get that switched.

by on Sep. 10, 2013 at 9:28 AM
I think each of them getting a kid for taxes is fair. Only health issue for DF is obstructive sleep apnea.
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by on Sep. 10, 2013 at 9:29 AM
Exactly both ways!

Quoting jlg12678:

Can I just throw out there that if this was a sm complaining about her dh having to cover his ex in his insurance everyone would be saying get over it because it is court ordered and it is bm's right per the divorce decree. 

If bm is co'd to cover him and no longer can take it back to court and request a reduction in child support to cover for this new expense. Contrary to popular belief private healthcare is not remotely as good as employer based coverage and most pre existing conditions are exempt from treatment. And if your dh deals with any mental health issues check to make sure you live in a state that requires private insurance to cover mental health. The state I live in does not and there are quite a few that don't. While his premiums might be only $200 a month he is going to be paying a lot more should he need anything other than basic treatment. 

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by on Sep. 10, 2013 at 10:21 AM
Commonwealth care is after Masshealth. So if you make too much for Masshealth, they see if you qualify for Commonwealth. If you make 12k a year you should qualify.

Commonwealth care goes based on your income.

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

This will most likely go to court. And we both make too much to qualify (I make 12k a that is too much for MassHealth I don't know...). He literally cannot afford to buy his own healthcare, with what he pays in CS plus half of medicals a month.

I do agree the whole thing is bizarre, but Im interested to see what BM has to say to his email.

Quoting DeliteCrazy:

If he gets no health insurance benefit through his job. He will probably qualify through commonwealth care.

Why doesn't he just go to court and have that taken off the court order?

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

I chalk it up to annual policy changes and trying to cut costs. Insurance copays went up quite a bit, drug coverage got messy, and the fuckers can do whatever they want, basically. In MA you are required by law to have insurance, or you are fined $300.

Quoting amantonacci:

That's interesting... I wonder what the insurance company say as to why he's no longer covered. Could they all be being dropped?

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

As far as DF knows, it is the ins co itself, not the hospital.

Quoting amantonacci:

Is it possible the employer terminated the policy that allowed her to have him on it?

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by on Sep. 10, 2013 at 10:45 AM
Right, I understand that, nor do I make them.

I'm simply responding to the statement "you would think a co would override". It doesn't. And that is why.

It is one of the significant problems with that particular method of providing universal insurance.

Myself, I think society should agree on a very (and i do mean very) basic level of care and have insurance available to "step up" to a better plan. But I don't make those rules either!

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

I dont make the rules...

Quoting chanizen:

Why would a co override and insurance policy?

The policy is primarily agreed on by the employer and the health insurance company who set the boundaries of the plan. The employee has a choice to subscribe.

The co is between the two divorced people. Quite frankly, I think it is wrong for a judge to try to dictate that. It's like saying her employer must pay for him. Which is silly, right? Her employer should not have to support him nor be penalized by him if he makes bad health choices which they can in no way control. The employer's premiums go up in that case.

The home equity example is different, she was supposed to take his name off. That is appropriate.

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

True. But you would thunk a CO would overide the policy. Same thing w equity line BM didnt take his name off of as required by judge: she was found in contempt of accumulating debt in his name, to the tune of almost 7k. Bonehead...

Quoting chanizen:

This is typical in Massachusetts, though because of Romney.  Judges often order one person to carry the ex on their insurance.  

Personally, I would feel the same if the man was carrying his ex-wife:  I wouldn't like it.  I think both people should be required to make their plan for insurance upon divorce. 

She may be ok with getting less money.  If she is, so be it.  I doubt this would mean contempt especially if the insurance company is refusing.  If they're refusing, I suppose that he could petition to have his own independent policy through the insurance, but it may not be subsidized through her employer.

Quoting Amy1973Potts:

DF is a single employee for a remodeling company, and what it would cost to insure him would take such a chunk of his check, he wouldn't be able to survive, let alone pay CS.

This is the CO. Judge ordered this. Not like he asked for her insurance. And for those if you asking why a grown man is being carried.....if it was the man carrying the ex wife as part if the CO, would you feel the same?

BM was carrying DF on her insurance at time of divorce, custody is split 50/50, AND HE PAYS $700 a month in CS. BM makes over double what he does, it costs her nothing, judge felt she should continue to pay.

I just read the letter tha BM gave him from insurance company. It states they are not REQUIRED to carry an ex spouse - which now makes it sounds like they are mking a choice - and just don't want to anymore.

BM may not like carrying the insurance, but this was a judges decision, she signed off and agreed to it. Insurance is not offered thru my job, and DFs part time job does not offer it either. So between his full time AND part time job, no insurance that he can afford.

As far as CS being reduced, it would most likely be for the amount if his monthly premium. That being said, BM would flip her shit to get less money, so I don't know what she is going to do about it. His insurance gets dropped, she is in contempt, which sucks, but her optiins are limited. Get less CS, or find different insurance.

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