You remind me of Jay Z (yes, you heard me right): Ain’t nothin’ wrong with your aim, just gotta change the target. Your anger at the soccer mom is misplaced. She owed you no duty of fidelity; your husband did. And he breached it repeatedly, apparently. Think of it this way: Would one fewer extramarital affair in the series have saved your marriage? (Didn’t think so.)

Better to spend your energy dealing with your understandable feelings of betrayal by your ex-husband than fantasizing about withering takedowns of his irrelevant sex partners. You probably won’t be able to move on to a new relationship (or feel much peace) until you grapple with the emotional lacerations he caused.

I am not suggesting that you buddy up with your husband’s former lover. It is not a nice thing to sleep with someone else’s husband. But I suspect that a confrontation with her will yield only momentary relief. The real hurt lies elsewhere. And even though your husband may have disappeared from your life, the showdown you should focus on (with close friends or perhaps a therapist) is with his deception and your pain. (And if you disregard my advice and go for the takedown, please make sure that neither of the children is within earshot. They are innocent.)