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You're not really her mom, right?

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I'm 25, almost 26.  I look like i'm 15.  I get it all the time...not complaining, just saying.

So my SD wanted to go to my place of employment and take a tour.  Its a tourist location, and its historical, so I figured sure, why not.  My son is 2.5 and wouldn't do well on an hour long tour.  So I took SD and DH stayed with our son.

Because I work there, the tour guides know me.  Our tour guide referred to me, and my SD as my daughter.  (I've always referred to her in conversation as my SD, but he just called her my daughter.  She didn't mind, and I didn't see the point in announcing to everyone 'oh no, she's not MY kid. '  I know my SD and I think she would take that in a negative way).

So in the middle of the tour, a woman stops me and says,

"She's not really your daughter, is she?"

I was slightly taken aback at her confidence that SD could not possibly be mine.  I mean, she looks like she could be...(until you see her mom).  I would have been 17 when she was born.  So, its definitely possible. 

I simply said, "No, he's mistaken, she's my SD.  Great kid, huh?"


And then she said "Oh, well I'm really surprised.  Usually stepmoms are mean!  She really seems to like you."

She was very nice, and I could tell she didn't mean it in a mean way, but i was really kind of shocked that so many people think that!  I came home and told DH about it and he wasn't surprised in the least. 

Has this ever happened to you guys? 

by on Nov. 18, 2013 at 9:02 PM
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by on Nov. 19, 2013 at 8:55 PM

LOL - I think the funniest comment I've gotten since becoming a SM was when I first started my job and a pic came up of my DH and DSS.  Co-worker said, "Wow, it's amazing how much they look alike."  I said, "Yeah, they do," and she replied, "your son almost looks like he could be his child."  Apparently, I talked so nicely about my DSS that the woman thought he was my son and DH was the SP.  I had a good laugh over that one.

This wasn't the first or last time I ran into this either.  When we're out in public, DSS looks enough like DH and me that people assume he's mine.  If they find out DH and I married more recently, as many people have assumed DSS was my child as DH's child.  And often when they learn I'm not the BM, I get some sort of comment along the lines of I'm so nice or treat DSS so well or DSS is so sweet & respectful of me that they thought I was his mom. *shrug*  I guess I'm glad they don't see our behavior and automatically think, "she's clearly NOT his mom."

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