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Question about coupons.

Posted by on Oct. 10, 2013 at 12:38 PM
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So I've been trying to coupon but have some questions regarding it. First off: Do I have to buy food in bulk with coupons? I watched some show about crazy couponers and they always bought like 13 packs of hot dogs at once so they could get it cheap with coupons. The only problem I have with that is I don't have room to store extra food. I live in a single wide trailer and there is no room for excess food. 

Second: I plan on shopping at Aldis and Save a lot. I know Aldi's has mostly brands no one has ever heard of so do I need to coupon in the first place since Aldi's brands stuff doesn't have coupons? 

Third: How do you all save money if you have to go to 6 different store to get the best deals? Doesn't that just waste gas? I don't think I understand this approach. 

Thank you in advance for all your replies. I really need to get a handle on this saving money thing! Thanks ladies! 

by on Oct. 10, 2013 at 12:38 PM
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by Member on Oct. 10, 2013 at 9:54 PM
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I coupon but I don't go overboard what i do is focus on the stuff I use or want to try. I don't shop aldi so I don't know if they do coupons and you don't have to go crazy buying a million things. Just buy what fits your family. I typically shop Publix and Target. I don't run around to a million stores its not cost effective pick the stores that work for you and focus on them, hold the coupons till the sale comes around and then pounce. I have a grocery budget of $80 a month max and that includes toiletries, soda dog food, etc but my family is small. Most sales come back around in 6 weeks or so so if I find a great deal i will buy enough to last me those weeks. I have a small home too but I dedicate two shelves in my hall closet to overflow of things I know we will use.

by Member on Oct. 10, 2013 at 9:56 PM
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OH and most stores have blogs set up that tell you the good deals and where to get the coupons. I use them because lets face it they already did all the work why should I do it a second time. :)

by on Oct. 10, 2013 at 10:14 PM

Thank you so much for the tips. I'm so glad you responded because I was truly lost! I will definitely do as you say and find some blogs, look for deals, and focus on the stores that work for me. 

simple smile

by Member on Oct. 10, 2013 at 10:20 PM
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Quoting bloodytears1986:

Thank you so much for the tips. I'm so glad you responded because I was truly lost! I will definitely do as you say and find some blogs, look for deals, and focus on the stores that work for me. 

simple smile

Glad I could help. Believe me after the first few times you will become a pro. :)

by Bronze Member on Oct. 11, 2013 at 9:50 AM
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 I don't visit 6 or 7 stores but rather compare the ads. I then take the ads to the store that has the best deals PLUS price matches. Just be sure to circle the item/price and match it up for the cashier so you keep the line moving. Just be sure that what you're buying with coupons is cheaper then what you would buy with out them. I do a lot of non name stuff and it's usually a lot cheaper then the name brand with coupon.

As far as storage you'd be amazed at what you can find in your home. Empty space under the beds/dressers (You can put your bed up on blocks to add more room.) A tote in the bottom of the closet that you put extra tolietries in and your shoes can go on top. Get creative. At one time I did live in a trailer and found a super deal on soups. I ended up buying 4 CASES! When I got back I worried about where I was going to store them until I spoted a table cloth. Ended up stacking them in the living room and put the table cloth over them. Put a couple of pictures and instant end table. Of course it did get shorter over time but it was a solution at the time for a poor college student. No one thought anything of it. You could do this with canned veggies, fruits, etc.

I am one of those who has plenty of room to buy the 13 packs of hot dogs. I actually have a freezer that by the middle of winter has a whole hog, 1/2 steer, 8-10 chickens plus all the jam and lots of veggies & fruits. Now come August it starts looking a little skimpy but it fills right back up again. During the summer month I freeze ice chunks that go in my dh's cooler because he works outside and drinks lots of water.

by on Oct. 11, 2013 at 5:53 PM
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No, you do not need to buy in bulk. With some things if you can afford it, it may be cheaper for you, ex: paper goods. Second, I don't think Aldi's takes coupons, but I'm not sure, and I believe all they sell is their Aldi's brand of things, for which I have never seen coupons. Be careful what you buy @ Save a Lot, I bought a big bag of rice there, only to open it and find it full of weevils. GROSS! Their canned goods are OK, but watch expiration dates there. Sometimes they have good deals on produce, at least the one here did. I don't run around just to get the best deal, it isn't cost effective gas wise, unless it's a great deal.  I stick to one store for most of my items, and then stop at a couple more that are along my route that day when I'm out and about for deals. Trying to coupon like they do on T.V. probably will not work for you. Couponers like that is the reason many stores have instituted strict coupon policies on limits, etc. If you are unsure about any of the stores policies, etc. call first so you don't have to waste a trip.--Payy attention to prices and compare, just because you have a coupon doesn't mean that it's the cheapest deal.

by Member on Oct. 13, 2013 at 9:50 AM
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Go to Aldi's and write down the brand names and the contact info...write to those companies and ask for coupons for the products you use.

by Bronze Member on Oct. 18, 2013 at 12:34 AM
I work within 5 min of 99% of the stores I shop at. I plan my shopping for after work since I get done around 2:30/3:00. I do pair up my coupons with the ads. I live in a fairly small house, so my storage shelves are in the basement for extras. I don't go overboard and clear shelves. I will buy a little extra to tide us over until the sale comes back around.

Also, i am very close to an Aldi's and Save A Lot. I used to shop at Save A Lot until Aldi's opened. There things taste better, the employees are nicer, it is much cleaner.
by Member on Oct. 18, 2013 at 6:07 AM

You do not have to buy in bulk just purchase what the coupon calls for ( usually one or two of an item) .You should get the sales papers to see what is on sale at your local stores so you can match your coupons to it.  Also you can save money by getting your coupons through a coupon clipping service so you can get the coupons you want not just deal with what comes in the news paper.  I use http://roses-one-stop-coupon-shop.com/  Also be sure to check your stores coupon policy to see how many they take at a time and any other restrictions.  I alway check my sales online at the grocery stores website.  If you don't know them you can usually find them on yahoo or google.

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