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potty training? help and help wit getting him caught up on devlopment

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i have 2 kids one is 2 n the other is 1month old  n there is a long story behind my 2yr old but his development is rele behind bc of the imune disorder he has he may have brain damage n could b mentally diable we arent quite sure of it yet we r doing tests to find out if he is or not but he has difficulty tellin me the things he wants n isnt qute understanding the concept of wat a potty is n wat its for he sees it as a toy n wants to play with it n he is at the last size of diapers n is starting to get to big 4 the diapers idk wat to do im trien all that i can n my best to teach him wat the potty is n how to use it but it sems to not b working i cry sumtimes bc i c wat he goes thru wen he cant tell me wat he wants or wat is wrong n he get mad n crys to wen i dont understand wat he wants his way of tellin me is pointing n whining he knos some words but not much n he has this habbit of taken his diaper off n runnin naked but c wen he does that i catch him put it back on but wen he does it he cant tell me im wet n want changed or tell me he has to pee there is a reason y he does it but we cant figure it out bc he just does it n goes bout his activity like as if it wasnt done then sumtimes i dont catch it in time n i have pee or poop to clean up i just rele want to get him to start potty train so things r easier on me n him bc it hurts to c my son cry all the time bc he cant tell me  things we do have a development teacher that comes once a week he has learned sum but still hasnt accomlished wat he should have n if i could get advice on how to get him caught up a lill more that would help

by on Oct. 12, 2011 at 7:16 AM
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by on Oct. 12, 2011 at 7:01 PM
This is very true. I taught Lexi some sign language and it has helped tremendously with figuring out what she needs.

Quoting goddess99:

Some basic sign language wouldn't hurt either. My dd was using sign before she was speaking. Kids pick it up quick.

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by on Oct. 13, 2011 at 4:34 AM

you need to get ahold of eci and be very very patient with him. My 3 yr old does this too. he may not be ready yet. reward if he goes and if he makes a mistake don't punish tell him it is alright.  haveyou tried signing. if not signing time is a great place to start. or try pecs which is pictures of what he needs. you may have to adjust to what he is capable of saying. such as mine says cup when he is thirsty. he can't say drink, thirsty, milk, water or juice. so the word cup is a catch all for him. my son is 3 1/2 with developmental issues too and he still can't make that connection what the potty is for.  You just need to be patient and don't push it or it will take longer to train him. if he hates diapers buy some potty pants. you will still have messes but they will be contained at least the poop messes. and he can't put 2 and 2 together unless he makes the mistake. when you catch him put him on the potty. I use the sign sit to cover all potty issues. he cant sign dirty or wet yet but he can sign sit. so sit is my catch all for potty. to help with the communication fustration use one catch all word that means several things. cup for drink, thirsty, water, milk , juice, etc. cookie is his catch all for hungry. he can say cookie but when he says cookie he actually gets sandwiches or crackers or something like that. It is the only word related to hungry he can say. sit covers all potty issues.  byby means he is mad at the nurse or doctor or scared of what they will do to him or he wants to go somewhere.

You will eventually get a communication form with him but he will have his own language. it wont be like everyone elses. shirt to my son covers all clothes. except shoes. shirt is pants, shorts , shirt and jacket. shoes are shoes and socks. get down covers I want out of the bath tub. I don't like my situation, I don't want to potty. it also means I don't want to go to sleep. let him have words that one word has mutliple meanings it will eliviate some of the fustration tantrums which is what you are getting. He is fustrated that he can't communicate so he throws a tantrum. It is different than a temper tantrum. you can tell the difference. With my oldest when he was having speech problems I used show me. so he could show me what he wanted. It didn't work so much with my youngest son though. try it it might work with him. and if you use pecs (picture communication) and say show me he might be able to communicate better. I used pictures out of the paper and magazines for that. hang in there mama and be patient

by on Oct. 13, 2011 at 2:01 PM
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I think that you should put potty training aside for now. If he has other comunication issues he's trying to deal with, that's what needs to be the main focus.
He's frustrated that he can't tell you how he feels. Try and come down to  his level with a soft voice and totally focus on what he wants to tell you. You may not understand what he's saying but if you're calm and patient, he will see that you care and you want to understand him. That's all he really needs right now.
I have a 2 yr old son myself who has just started taking an interrest in the potty. I don't think it's something you can force. If he feels like he is being forced to go, he won't want to. Try and ask him randomly if he wants to sit on the potty (make it sound fun) suggest that after he goes, he gets to watch the water spin round and round when he flushes. You could also say "If you put your pee on the potty, mommy's gonna give you this (show him a piece of candy or marshmallow) If he still has no interrest, just say "O.K." whatever you do, don't ask again or beg! If he actually does go pee on the potty, make a HUGE deal about it. "Whoohoo I'm so proud of you! Look at what you did! You are such a big boy!" And have him tell others through out the day.( "Tell daddy what you did on the potty today")
I have been using these tactics with my 2 yr old and he is now telling me when he needs to go. Has been completely dry (including over night) for 2 and a half days now! I can't help but get excited :) Good luck with everything! Hope this helped.

by on Oct. 14, 2011 at 12:39 AM
I would suggest 1st teaching him some sign language, second sounds like he's not quite ready. Sounds like he doesn't like the feeling but is not quite at potty training level. My ds wasn't potty training until 2.5 and wasn't fully potty trained until 3. He still has accidents sometimes at 4 cause he doesn't want to poo at preschool.
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by on Oct. 14, 2011 at 12:46 AM
I agree, I just finished potty training my 2yr old daughter but she isnt in the situation your son is in. have the counsler help you doing it by urself is hard especially with a 1mth old. Good luck.

Quoting stormystar15:

He will potty train when he is ready you cant force him to do it. maybe yall need some type of counsler that can explain how to handle his behavior and how to help him more. a lot of kids dont potty train until 3.

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by on Oct. 14, 2011 at 2:26 AM

thanx everyone 4 the advice we do have a teacher that comes once a week 4 his development n he has gotten some what far but i was just concerned that he wouldnt make it n he does kno two words in sign language but ill c wat else we could do n put him wit another development class along wit the one that comes once a week n c if that helps ne n i kno that potty training will come wen he is ready but the reason y i asked bout it was bc i have been told by many ppl that they should b potty trained by 2 yrs n thats wat concerned me but hell since many of ur children hadent been trained till like 3 or 4 then i have nothing to worry bout but to wait till he is ready to do it on his own but i do thank yall 4 given me advice on wat to do bc we wasnt forcing him to do it or forcing him to catch up on development i just thought i was doing something wrong but now yall tell me that i wasnt then i feel so much better bout it but thanx n im sure his development will come around n he will potty train wen he is ready

by on Oct. 14, 2011 at 2:33 AM

ur guys advice rle helped me so much ill take it n try some of the sugestions n c wat happens

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