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nutrition and food problems at dinner time :(

 ok my daughter is 3 years old and when she was little she would eat anything we gave her. now she will eat fish very seldomly and other than that it is just chicken nuggets and french fries. it is getting to where she wont eat much at all- all day long. and when she does she complains about her stomach hurting and im thinking it is the grease. well the other night i fixed her chicken and french fries and not long after she started eating she got sick and threw up. as i cleaned her up i explained it was the chicken making her sick and told her she needed to start eating something else and seh agreed and went to bed. the next morning she got up and ate what i gave her and didnt say anything lunch the same and dinner the same. breakfast came around again and when it did she ate very little and started saying her belly hurt well she are a little lunch (2 fish sticks and a small and full of french fries *i didnt cook it she was with her gma*) and at supper she said she would eat what my husband and i were eating and when it came time she sat down and i finally fought with her long enough to try a bite and she liked it so i left her with her plate after a while she started cryin and said her belly hurt and after fighting with her for 20-30 minutes i finally left her to cry it out on her own.  After a while she called me and said she was a big girl and finally asked for her plate i gave it to her to eat and walked into the other room and after bout 5 or 10 mins she asked for me and as i walked in the room she said she was too sleepy to eat and so i let her go to bed **NOT GOING TO GIVE IN! **im trying to have her eat  what we do so we dont have to cook different meals. was a wrong for  this? what do i do to try and get her to eat meals? am i wrong for wanting her to eat other things?

am i the only mother with this problem? if not teach me secrets! 


by on Mar. 4, 2012 at 8:19 PM
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by on Mar. 5, 2012 at 12:45 PM

 Yes, I went though this and still going though it and my child is gonna be 9 soon. She is just now trying some new things to eat but it's not great. I think they go though phases and It definitly is something they have control over. So frustrating hope it improves for you :)

by on Mar. 5, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Let her cry.  This is a power struggle.  Make sure that everything you serve is what you want her to eat.  And let her just eat cooked carrots at one meal if that is what she will eat, even if she does not eat anything else.  She will get hungry.  When she cries about food send her to her room.  She can't eat till she behaves. She is manipulating you into making her special food.

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