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It's Coffee Break time! Hot Topic: Shooting First Day of School

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Welcome to Mom to Mom's Tuesday Coffee Break!

As you may know there was a shooting in a Baltimore County school yesterday. As always there are different stories floating around out there.

Here are the main facts:

1. A student posted on his Facebook page just hours before school started "First day of school,
last day of my life. t(~_~t), f*** the world

2. That same student took a "big gun" into the school which was said to have been in parts
and put together just before the shooting.

3. One student was shot in the back (currently NOT considered a target).

4. A Guidance Counselor restrains him, other teachers help until an on-school Police Officer arrives.

5. The shooter is in custody and is cooperating with law enforcement.
The victim is in critical condition.

6. School is in session today with enhanced security.

Live streaming was on CBS Baltimore yesterday
Most current information: 8/28/12 11:55 am - here

1. What are your thoughts on this and all school shootings?

2. Do you feel your child(ren) are safe in school?

3. What do you feel is the best way to prevent these kinds of situations?

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by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 9:17 AM
Replies (221-222):
by on Aug. 30, 2012 at 10:37 AM
I want to do the online schooling with my daughter when she starts kindergarten :) she will get social time with dance or gymnastics since there will be kids there. I don't feel any school is safe since children these days are growing up with violence everywhere around them. I wish it could be lime the old days of letting our kids grow up like we did, but sadly it's a different world now. I can only hope that my overprotection and guidance pays off in the long run lol but seriously kids are ruthless here in FL. They have set kids on fire, group beatings, group killings and horrible bullying. I just can't get right with sending my child off to a place where other peoples children are in control of her well being. I say that because the children are the ones who creativly get the kids to come over to smothers house and then do the horrible crimes they do. No shootings here YET but that's not to say there won't be :( I wish people would care about their kids more and be more active in what they are doing.

Just Believe.... LaDiosa

by Bronze Member on Aug. 30, 2012 at 1:24 PM

I think it's time that we as parents (general term there not meant towards anyone) start acting like parents. Instead of just praying or wishing. We should be paying more attention to our kids from the time they are born. Treating our kids with respect, and talking to them with integrity. They learn just as much if not more just from watching us and seeing how we handle things as they do from listening to what we tell them. Think it's time that we stop using the "Do as I say and not as I do" for everything. If we don't want them to be disrespectful to others or lie we shouldn't do that to them. Knock before going into their room just like we expect them to knock on our bedroom door before they enter it. 

I have nothing against people who belive in god. I'm not trying to force my opinions or beliefs onto anyone else. But to only pray that they will turn out alright when they have the teachers mainly to look up to. Which by the way most hate. Is like looking at a wall and telling it to change color from white to pink without getting any pain or a brush. I know they spend more time with teachers for a long time, however we as parents should be as involved in their lives as we can be. 

Oh and the reason for the quote:  The things I tried to get away with as a teenager wouldn't have killed anyone else, and only would have hurt me. If that. Nothing did. I snuck out late at night a lot of times. The reason behind it was to visit another friend and just be out at night. To see if we could. And back then that was a groundable offense. Now a days it feels more like nothing than something they do wrong. Kids talk back to their parents more and more. If I had done that I would have gotten slapped, hard. We learned really quick as kids that there is a difference between disagreeing with your parents and talking back to them. And learned really quick that disagreeing didn't get us in trouble. And that we actually did have a small amount of say in our lives.

I personally put the blame right where it belongs. With the ones that brought in the gun... mainly and then indirectly with those parents. 

Quoting MommyJo_2:

I'm not saying there isn't some parenting issues here...... But come on ladies, you mean to tell me that you never got away with anything as a teenager? My parents were spot on, but there are still things to this day that I did and they don't know.. Why does everyone say the parents had the gun and should have been safer? If the kids can get drugs they can get guns..... I think that the parents should have been more in time to what was occurring in their Childs behavior, but sometimes you just don't know. Kids are becoming better and better Liars and actors. I think the schools..... Ok MOST schools are doing the best that they can to keep our babies safe. We need to be more open to listening to what are kids have to say, whether it be words or body language or behavior. Kids say a lot without ever opening their mouth. Monitor and regulate their online/ social networking privileges. God entrusted us with his children, it's about time we start doing our job as parents. No body is perfect and i'm sure there are things we could all do better, I know there are somethings I can change and work on. I hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers...... My prayers and love go out to Daniel and his family, also to the poor child that chose to use the gun and his family. That boy and his family need love and prayers more than ever at this time. I can't imagine what his parents are going threw. You know the are beating themselves island feel like the worst parents in the world. DEAR GOD PLEASE KEEP THEM NEAR AND SAFE. FOR WE ARE ALL YOUR CHILDREN, AND WE NEED YOUR LOVE!

Oh..... Peppermint hot chocolate with extra whip;-) please!

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