In April, 7 bridesmaids and I helped to host a bridal shower for Alliemy top guest poster and also my MOH! (I was hers too!). I saw this concept on a Pinterest pin from this blog and instead of pooling our money to get her a large pot set, we decided to give her and her husband the gift of time! We bought them 12 gifts, which we labeled “A Year of Date Nights”. Here’s the opening letter Allie was allowed to open at the shower, which explained her gift:

“In just a few weeks, you will say “I Do.”
Then a fun year of marriage is in store for you.
Since finding alone time can be the hard part,
We 8 bridesmaids gave you a head start.

We call this gift “A year of fun dates”
For you to enjoy with your chosen mate.
On the first of each month, you can open the seal
And that month’s date, you will reveal.

Enclosed you’ll find alone time with Tim.
What date of the month? That’s up to you and him.
You may find outdoor adventures, activities or shopping,
Dinners, destinations and even bar hopping!

Promise us, right now and right here!
You’ll keep the suspense throughout the whole year.
Don’t peak at the date until the month arrives
So you can continue to keep it a surprise.

Make sure that you bring a camera with you
To document the fun activities you do.
Cherish this time with the love of your life,
Allie you will make a terrific wife!”

On the first of each month, Allie and Tim will be able to open that month’s gift, read what it is and plan a date to make it happen. Once I know they opened their gift for that month, I’ll post the details here to share.

Yesterday marked A&T’s one month anniversary! Let’s celebrate today with the reveal of the first gift!

This month, A&T opened their June box to discover a pizza box, with this message under the lid:

Inside they found the menu, flyer and gift card for a local pizzeria restaurant and a gift card to the nearby frozen yogurt place.