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How much homework is too much homework for a 4th grader?

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My daughter is not suffering in school. She brought home all A's and B's this last report card and in the communications I've had with the teacher have all been great reports about what a great student my daughter is. For the majority of the year the teacher has sent a homework packet home on Friday's and it is due back on the following Thursday. This packet consists of 4 pages of math work and three spelling assignments. That's it. She has a week to do all that and we haven't had any trouble with her getting her homework packets done on time. Once in a while if my daughter doesn't get something finished in class she brings that home and finishes it, but that's been rare until recently. Lately she's been bringing home several things a week that she hasn't finished in class. Oh, and she has to read at least 75 minutes a week and log that on the homework packet.

Well, tonight she had quite a bit and I asked why she didn't get it finished in class and she said her teacher had her help grade papers while the other kids got to work on their class work and as a result my daughter didn't have enough time to finish hers. I asked why the teacher had her do that and she said "My teacher says she doesn't always have time to grade our work. I asked my daughter if this is why she's been bringing so much homework home and she says, sometimes yes, and other times it's because the teacher asks her to help the other students who are having trouble understanding. I'm confused here. Isn't it the teachers JOB to grade the papers and help the kids who are having trouble with the material? I mean, I get when they all group grade an assignment, because that's something they're all doing and a single student isn't losing work time to help the teacher out.

Tonights homework, I kid you not, has taken my daughter almost three hours to do and now she's just starting her reading. I did give her a thirty minute break and she's not complaining, but I'm worrying. I have parent/teacher conferences on Friday morning, so I plan on bringing this up, but I wanted an outside opinion on this. On average when my daughter doesn't get work done in class she takes about an hour on top of the normal 45 minutes to an hour of regular homework she does.

by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 8:21 PM
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by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 4:40 PM

 I go online to and buy books through them. Generally you get really good deals like books that are $2.99 each for chapter books. Most of them are AR books too. So if you go to the library it's almost a sure thing if you pick up any scholastic book you'll be getting an AR book, unfortunately how do you know what reading level it is for? I found a website for that, too, but that's such a hassle! I know all the books in the school library are AR books, but my daughter is only allowed to check out one at a time and they've got a very limited selection for her reading level because it's higher than your average elementary student.

Quoting breebree04:

 Right, thats how I feel. I definately encourage my kids to read and they like too but we just dont have time to make it a priority every day on top of all the other homework and daily things we have to do. By the way I hate the AR program lol its so hard to even get AR books from the library, they dont have very many but expect the kids to read so many in a marking period


Quoting MamaMoopsie:

 Yeah, my daughter is in the AR reading program, too, but her teacher gives them time in class to read, too. My daughter is the second highest reader in the class and they keep expecting her and the other three high readers (we're talking 6th and 7th grade reading levels) to whip out at least a book a week and take tests on a book a week. I'm a big reader. I love reading and encourage it in my daughters as well, but on top of being in school from 7:50-2:45 every day and the hour + of homework every night my kid isn't going to read a book a week that is at her reading level.


Quoting breebree04:

My son is in 4th grade and has homework everyday on top of reading he "should" be doing. I say "should" because I always make him do his homework but dont make him do his reading. His reading is part of an AR program at school but they expect them to do all the reading at home on top of homework and they are all chapter books. We dont get home until 6pm every night so by the time we get home, have dinner, and take showers it is bedtime. We usually dont even get any family time which I think is ridiculous when they are already spending 7 hrs a day in school. I definately make my kids take school seriously and they know school is very important but it is just getting ridiculous. I want to have family/bonding time with my kids and think that is an important part of them growing up also






by Silver Member on Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:46 PM

I would go talk to the teacher, that is not right.   I remember as a kid helping the teacher with diffrent stuff a lot, but it was after I had all my work done. 

 My son is in 4th grade and brings home home work three days(10 spelling work and has to write sentences monday, write a paraghraph about a certain topic on tuesday, and a math paper wednesday) a week, has to read 15 minutes a day and study for his spelling test. They also have to write a speech each month that has to be 2 minutes long about certain topics.

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