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why am i so ugly? EDIT...took some advice, new pic.

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EDIT: well, i took a lot of your advice and changed things up. I switched to a more neutral eye-shadow shade, a pink gloss on my lips, more of a pink blush instead of a mauve, and only lined my top lid half way and half of my lower lid very softly. i also trimmed my hair up a bit so there is a little bit of style to it now. i am still not happy about it, i still think my face looks lopsided and i look old, but i at least i am making efforts to change it i guess. i put up a new picture at the bottom. if anyone else has any suggestions, i will gladly take them into consideration. sorry the pic quality sucks. just my crappy camera phone. i was stuck at a red light forever and figured i may as well do something. 

i dont get what happened. i have never been gorgeous by any means, but i had a period of time where i was at least "pretty". that was nearly 10 years ago, and i know i am going to go downhill as i age, but it is getting ridiculous.

I went from being average when i was just hanging out with no make-up and pretty when i was all dolled-up and trying, to being pretty un-attractive without make-up but at least average when all my make-up and everything was am repulsive without make-up on and average IF I AM LUCKY with all my make-up on. i think that most of the time i am still pretty ugly without make-up on and heaven forbid if anyone see me without make-up....seriously...i will go days at a time without leaving the house other than to take the kids to school becasue i feel like i am punishing people making them look at me. 

part of the problem is that i cant figure out what feature it is that is making me look so gross? i keep trying different things, but i just cant pin-point the problem! is it my eyebrows? my eye-shadow color? my eye-liner? are my lips too thin? my cleft chin? i just cant figure out what it was that has changed so drastically to make such a big difference. i am guessing that it is multiple things, but i cant figure them out. 

i need suggestions PLEASE. i know that this is likel going to get brutal and i am prepared for that. just please let the comments be constructive criticize and real advice on what you would change if you were me?

this is me at 19:

this was me today when i got home. neither photo is filtered or anything like that. i know the one from today is rough. i am very very tired from easter stuff. 

new pic taken on 4-4-13

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by on Mar. 31, 2013 at 8:30 PM
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by on Apr. 8, 2013 at 9:16 PM

i don't see anything wrong with any of the pics i think your really pretty in all 3

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