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At my breaking point. need advice.

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My three year old will not listen to me. I have tried everything. I have tried researching and appyling the methods. Nothing hs worked. I am so stressed. My 5 month old is sick, my husband is out of town for his yearly military training, I have no help. He refuses to do anything I ask, no naps, throwing things, hitting, cussing. I don't know what to do!!!

Right now he is shut in his room, screaming his head off banging on the walls and throwing things around. I had to put him in there in fear i was going to snap. He kept throwing things at his sister, hitting me, doing things i kept asking him not to do.

Here is the methods i have tried and the resluts... PLEASE if you know a diffrent way, advice is greatly needed!

1. Time out- This is what i've always used, it always worked until recently when he figured out how to open his door. And by open i dont mean just open it, i mean pick the lock and open. (Hes also taught himself to throw up! so if he cant get the door open he makes himself throw up!!!)

2. Corner- this is the method his dad uses, he claims it works, for me, Not at all.

3. Holding him down time out- I sit him on my lap where he cant get up, this resluts in injuries on me. He is getting to big and to strong.

4. Talking to him- I've tried calmly explaining to him what he is doing is wrong and why he shouldnt do it. SOMETIMES works, but not often.

5. Screaming- I mean scary top of my lungs screaming, he isnt scared, he just yells back.

6. spanking- I swore I would never spank my children but i ran out of ideas, and gave in. He cried for a second, still didn't listen then when i threatned it agian he laughed, bent over and said do it!


I dont know what to do, or why hes acting out this way. Nothing has changed in his life (besides new siblings, maybe thats it?) But hes usuaully really good with them, he loves, plays, helps them. But randomly in the day he snaps and goes on these rages!

by on Apr. 5, 2013 at 2:25 PM
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by on Apr. 6, 2013 at 8:21 PM

Get the books 1-2-3 magic and Have a New Kid By Friday. 

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