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Are your parents very involved with your children?

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One of my best friends was really surprised this past weekend when my parents showed up to take my son out for the day. They live two hours away and decided to drive up and spend the day with my son.

She told me that her kids haven't seen their grandparents in several months and they only live a couple of miles away. Growing up, she said she never really spend time with her grandparents either.

How involved are your or your SO's parent's with your children?

by on Jul. 15, 2013 at 12:57 PM
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by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:25 AM
Both my parents are very involved. My dad and stepmom take DS at least one weekend a month. They are taking DS to Florida and NC for 10 days in two weeks. DS and I live in the same house as my mother. He sees her every day. I have two grandmothers that are still alive and they see him a few times a month as well. DS doesn't see anyone on his dads side though. His sperm donors mom passes on when DS was 1. He had met her a few times in that year though.
by Member on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:31 AM
My parents are very involved. My in laws aren't as much.
by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:52 AM

When I was younger, I spent a week with my Grandparents every summer but they were retired. My Dad said when she is older (6-7) he will take her for a weekend here and there.. but I doubt it because my stepmom hates me. For now, its just me and my girl.. and I have no SO. My 18 month old only sees her father on Fridays and Sunday with no overnight and his parents take care of her when they have her.. he's 33 and can't do shit for himself. I chose a winner :-/

by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:54 AM

As involved as they can be. They live, with their slow ass driving, about 4 hours away. They make the most of their time with my kids and will gladly take them if/when I need someone to watch them. They also talk to my kids on the phone at least once a week.

by Member on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Well my kids andI live with my parents so yeah they are very involved with them lol. My kids also see my ex's parents quite a bit even though they live 2 hours away and even though we do not see my ex. His parents love my kids and I will not keep them from seeing them just because ex is stupid. We end up seeing them about once a month usually.

by Bronze Member on Jul. 16, 2013 at 11:01 AM

when my son was born my parents used to come visit at least once a month for weekend visits (they lived 15 hours away drive from where we were living). they did the same thing when my daughter was born and that was for around 2 yrs, after that, their visits became less and less frequent. we could never afford to go on vacations since my husband had the weirdess schedules and was not making much money at the time. my parents managed to visit at least once a year though until 1999, when we moved to my hometown for one year, after that we moved to Calgary, Alberta and the visits stopped since my parents could not afford the trip and also because my dad passed away in October 2000, a few months after we moved to Calgary. ever since that time we have moved back to Ontario and my mom has visited 3 or 4 times since 2002. her health does not permit her to go on long trips anymore. I have seen my mom 3 times since 2008 (daughter and I went to visit her twice and then the third time I saw her was during a layover while on a trip with my daughter in 2011. I have not seen her since that time. 

As for my MIL she used to live a few houses down from us, but she barely ever visited us since she could not understand why I never upkept my house the same as her. Also she always made promises to my kids and never kept a single of those promises which broke my kids' hearts and they remembered all of that still to this day. they don't like her very much and I don't blame them either. she has lived in Alberta for the last 23 yrs and has not been a big part of my kids' lives. My FIL lived next door to us for quite a few years and we saw him on a regular basis and he was a big part of my kids lives. he passed away in 2008. 

at the moment we have a long time friend who treats my kids like her own grandkids and they both call her grandma. 

we do talk to our moms a few times a year though and my mother always calls on all our birhtdays, on all holidays through the year. my MIL only calls on my husband's birthday when she remembers. she used to send things to my kids, but that stopped as soon as they reached the age of 16. she loves kids when they are very young and hates them as soon as they reach the age where they can make up their own mind about their style of music and clothing they want to wear. PRETTY SCREWED UP if you ask me. 

by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 11:03 AM
Both of our parents are extremely involved in our sons life. My parents live 5 min away and dh's parents live about 20 min away. There are times with ds doesn't see our parents because honestly I can't be bothered to entertain. Both of our parents see him weekly though!
by Silver Member on Jul. 16, 2013 at 11:09 AM

They are some what. My dad and stepmom take the kids occasionally and baby sit them. My mom and stepdad would more often if they didn't live 5 hours away. My MIl has taken the kids occasionally.

by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 11:19 AM
My parents live 30 minutes in one direction and my DH's parents live 30 minutes in the other direction. We see family pretty much every week. Our son is 2.5 now and we have started leaving him with DH's parents but not overnight yet. They love to spend time with all of us at their lake house.
I do not and will not leave my children with my parents. I do get together with my mom practically once a week for playdates with kids she nannies. We are usually eating dinner at my parents a couple times a month.
DS knows all his grands by name and is quite fond of all four of them. He asks to call them or go see them all the time :)
by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 11:30 AM

My mother in law was our primary caregiver during the day until this year when she took a promotion at work, now she has them a 1/2 day weekly and 1 day every other week.  It bothers her that she doesn't see them as much anymore.  We probably get togehter with her at least one other time during the week most weeks for a quick meal or just to let the kids play outside or swim at their house or something as well. We only see my father in law in passing or at a planned get together though.   She comes to all the events and takes the kids to do stuff often or will have them spend the night.

My  Dad and step-mother don't babysit on a regular basis but usually help out a day during school breaks and a few days during the summer.  They come to all events and we get together for numerous family events. They will get my kids and some of the other kids to do group outings or fun stuff on occasion too.

It helps that we all live in the same area.  My parents live in the boonies but still it's just 20 minutes or so to their house.

When I was a kid we saw my maternal grandmother at least once a month, she lived about 1 1/2 hrs away but she would visit or we would go there for the weekend.  Just us kids would go stay with her for a weekend or on school breaks sometimes too, and she would come down to see us at events sometimes.  We only saw my paternal grandmother and that side of the family at the holidays or maybe one or two other times a year at most.  My Dad didn't have a great relationship with his parents because his step father was absuive but of course back then it was accepted.  I never knew my grandfathers or step grandfather they were all dead before I was born.

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